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Rothschild, Connection To Black Slavery

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Israel Sex-Slave Trade


"Two of the biggest names in The City of London England were revealed in the Financial Times.

"Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the banking family's 19th century patriarch, then James William

Freshfield, founder of Frestfields, the top City law, benefited financially from slavery." (1) will bank: Lehman Brothers 

Wachovia Bank

J.P. Morgan

Bank of America (2)

Aetna "Remarks delivered by John. W. Rowe president and CEO, Antna IncScreenshot 1jews ships

" In early 2000, the fact that Aetna had written insurance policies on slaves more than

140 years ago" (1).

1. Additional information: Rothschild and Freshfields founders had links to slavery, papers revealed

by Carola Hoyos

1. (2)

" The Aetna of today is a place for the by integrity, fairness and a commitment to equal

opportunity. Diversity is embedded in this companies that use"(2).

1. Information: Aetna; slavery repatriation issue (2)

Comment: Civil rights people have used the word equal. It is a code word to practice racism against whites and Jews and other races except black Negroes.

Another code word is “diversity”.

Rothschild and enslavement of African people"



 Rothschild the banking family are Jewish.

Lehman Brothers are Jewish.


Lehman Brothers - Wikipedia

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc was a global financial services firm. Before filing for bankruptcy ... Hong Kong and Australia, as well as Lehman Brothers' investment banking and equities businesses in Europe and the Middle East. ... In 1844, 23-year-old Henry Lehman, the son of a Jewish cattle merchant, emigrated to the ...

 JPMorgan -gentile



Report: JP Morgan Chase Allegedly Closed Bank Accounts of ...

May 29, 2019 - JPMorgan Chase is alleged to have shut down bank accounts belonging to customers in the conservative movement – and others on the right ...

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"Several institutions have apologised for, or acknowledged, their links to slavery including:

●In March 2002, Deadria C. Farmer-Paellmann, a lawyer and activist, launched an unsuccessful legal action against Aetna , a healthcare benefits company, and others for unjust enrichment through slavery. Legislation in California and Illinois prompted several companies to research their past and some to apologise and make atonement gestures.

●In mid-2000 Aetna, prompted by Ms Farmer-Paellmann, was one of the first to apologise for insurance policies written on slaves 140 years earlier.

●In 2002, New York Life, the insurer, donated documents about the insurance it sold to slave owners in the 1840s to a New York library. It also backed educational efforts.

●In 2005 JPMorgan, the investment bank, apologised that two of its predecessors in Louisiana Citizens Bank and Canal Bank had mortgaged slaves. The bank made its research public and set up a $5m scholarship fund for African- American pupils.

●Lehman Brothers apologised in 2005 for its predecessors links to slavery, while Bank of America said it regretted any actions its predecessors might have taken to support or tolerate slavery. Wachovia Bank, since acquired by Wells Fargo, also apologised for its predecessors having owned and profited from slaves. It set up a programme offering $1bn in loans for black car dealerships. ●In October 2001 students at Yale University pointed out its past links with slavery. The university noted it had already founded the Gilder-Lehrman centre for the study of slavery. Brown University has set up a commission to look into links with slavery and how it should make amends.

●In 2006 Tony Blair, prime minister, expressed deep sorrow for the UKs role in the slave trade.

●Last week the US Senate unanimously passed a resolution apologising for slavery and segregation."



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USA Today reported that Wachovia Corporation (now owned by Wells Fargo) has apologized for its ties to slavery after disclosing that two of its historical predecessors owned enslaved Africans and accepted them as payment.

“On behalf of Wachovia Corporation, I apologize to all Americans, and especially to African-Americans and people of African descent,” said Ken Thompson, Wachovia chairman and chief executive officer, in the statement. “We are deeply saddened by these findings.”

Rothschild group

N M Rothschild & Sons Bank in London was linked to slavery. The company that was one of the biggest names in the City of London had previously undisclosed links to slavery in the British colonies. Documents seen by the Financial Times have revealed that Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the banking family’s 19th-century patriarch, made personal gains by using enslaved Africans as collateral in dealings with a slave o



"This will surprise those familiar with his role in organising the loan that funded the UK government’s bail-out of British slave owners when colonial slavery was abolished in the 1830s. It was the biggest bail-out of an industry as a percentage of annual government expenditure – dwarfing last year’s rescue of the banking sector."...[quote]

That this might conceivably surprise anybody is in its turn surprising. Rothschild was busily working to increase the indebtedness of the British Government since the introduction of the iniquitous "income tax" introduced as an emergency measure to finance the napoleonic war. Rothschild financed the campaign of the Duke of Wellington, which no doubt we are still paying for today as these "loans" are set up with the purpose of bogging countries down in never ending interest payments. Said interest compounding without end. The state of emergency is likely renewed secretly in the yearly budget so that the indecent income tax might be extended. This "loan" is entirely in character with the Rothschilds business plan to slowly extend slavery to the general population.

Think about it for one minute. In the year 1931 the gold standard was ended until resurrected by royal proclamation. The crown was hijacked by the parliamentarians and now resides in Downing Street. This tells us the gold standard will not be reactivated: The political and banking and corporate elites are business partners. Their business is debt.

Because Great Britain is operating in bankruptcy every means of legal tender is actually debt.

This means we have no real way to pay for anything of real value. Herein lies the slavery. For most of us there is no way to fund the cost of living without borrowing: Yet when we borrow we are not actually lent anything. Because of the rules of money creation it is our signature on the contract that creates the credit the banker lends to us. He then leverages it and the same cycle is endlessly repeated until POP the ponzi scheme collapses.

So we work and borrow and worry endlessly, while creating the wealth for the elites who exchange this debt for things of real value, like infrastructure, land, gold, silver etc. It is a fact that we are in slavery, by every definition of that term. They just swapped the whip for the uniform commercial code.

Now that standard is being changed to carbon trading and green taxes and de-industrialisation, and dumbing down right along with prison labour and the bar raised ever higher.

The people surely will not stand for such treatment indefinitely?

I certainly hope not.


Well then, go read what the Nation of Islam wrote "The Blacks and the Jews" - it's all documented. And Yes, it was the Jews that owned, bought, brought the majority of ALL black slaves in the Americas. You seem to forget basic European history, the majority of ALL white people (80% or more in each kingdom) were "Serfs" -- tied to the land as CHATTLE. They were slaves, "serf" is just a nicer name, because they could only be sold with the land. Slave comes from the word SLAV, from Central Europe.

So wait? What about the fact that the "commoners" in the UK were serfs - as well in almost all of Europe - which is a nice term for slavery. It was the Jews who owned the majority of all black slaves, not "white Christians" - to say otherwise is to lie. Even the Nation of Islam has published their findings "The Blacks and the Jews".. Just sayin - if your going to lay blame at someone's feet, get the "ethnicity" right - they have different DNA strains than "white" European (Caucasian) peoples.

The Jews (Rothschild's) were the largest instigators in the slave business. However, they could not have even got started in the industry had it not been for the Africans themselves enslaving one another, selling slaves to other tribes and any person who looked white who had money. Very soon, the upper echelon of blacks had large groups of black slaves on the shores waiting for pick up and a voyage to the UK.

 Many blacks owned slaves themselves


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