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This generation might actually do it. They might finally free the United States from the Jewish And Christian zionist mob. Registering "foreign agents" would actually unravel the whole plot.

The problem is not actually Jewish "lobbying" as much as it's the criminals running the show with dual-loyalty or no loyalty. The US might not have to sink with the apartheid regime after all.

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 Raz Segal is Jewish, he is saying Israel is Committing Genocide.
  We speak with Israeli American Jewish scholar Raz Segal about the University of Minnes
ota's move to rescind a job offer over his comments early in the war on Gaza, when he characterized the Israeli assault as a "textbook case of genocide." Segal was set to lead the university's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, but after two board members quit in opposition to Segal's selection and a smear campaign led by the pro-Israel group Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), the school revoked the offer. Segal says he has been "targeted because of my identity as a Jew who refuses the narrowing down of Jewish identity to Zionism" and calls the JCRC-led opposition a "hateful campaign of lies and distortions" and "crude political intervention." "This was a completely legitimate hiring process," states Segal. He says rescission of his offer "spells the end of this idea of free inquiry, of academic freedom, of research and teaching — and all in the service, of course, of supporting an extremely violent state."
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IDF Documents Show Israel Had Detailed Foreknowledge Of October 7th Attack
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Former white blond goyim now dum female Jew Zionist.

A blonde, a woman and a zionist, that's like a triple stupidity buff


Hassidic Jews are still Zionists, they just believe they can’t return to Israhell until their Messiah comes


Those are religious Jews,  believe atheist Jews control Israel the same as atheists control the USA.


Its still ALL Jews. Even these "anti-Zionists" go to a Synagogue & follow the Talmud. They believe there is a different way to reach ruling the world, & enslaving all goyims. They still believe they are "chosen", & that all goyims ( all non Jews will be slaves of Jews.


Problem is, its not the whole truth .. The reason why is because they're prophecy of the destruction of the goyim and enslavement of those who live, cannot be fulfilled until there are no jews in israel.


ZIONISTS ARE KHAARIAN/FAKE 'j'0'0'z', or their meat sacks .. i know my ex is one, brainwashed, a total mess, married one!

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Miko Peled is Jewish Anti -Zionist.

'The potential for the end of Zionism is there and the recognition around the world that there should be zero tolerance of Zionism because it is a racist, genocidal ideology that produced a racist, genocidal state.'

-Miko Peled, grandson of one of the signatories of Israel's 1948 Declaration of Independence, on whether the Gaza genocide marks the beginning of the end of Zionism and Israel


Rabbis explain jews created christianity and tricked the goyim into participating in the jewish cult
Rabbi explains christianity saved jews
Rabbi explains christianity spread the jewish cult for them
Rabbi explains christian antisemitism makes jews stronger
Rabbis love that christians worship jesus

This all comes from the torah. The talmud is the oral law explaining the torah written law. Judaism is zionism. And jews created christianity and islam as controlled opposition cults. All christians and muslims are zionists.

Not just Zionism, the whole Talmud is racist and genocidal.
The Talmud promotes Paedophilia. Look what it says, quoting from the Talmud:
“Sanhedrin 55b: A maiden aged 3 years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband's brother cohabits with her, she becomes his.
”Kethuboth 11b reads:
“Kethuboth 11b: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, 6, it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.” (End quote.)
If you want to burn paedophilic material you’ll have to burn the Talmud and ask why people and institutions like synagogues harbor the Talmud in their libraries, both digitally and in print.
Imagine what they have in store for you if this is how they treat children? But according to the Talmud and Jewish mythology, you don’t have to imagine: in the Jewish ideal world heralded by their messiah, you either get to be one of 2800 personal slaves allotted to each Jew or all the rest of humanity must be killed.
Comment: The Talmud is a man written by people who hate other races, it is racism.

It's not a bad thing though, think about it. Once US and Europe collapses, so goes their military. No more wars around the world for centuries to come.


While the fake news carries stories about Palestine the Jews are doing this to the entire world with the support of the brainwashed, moronic "Christian" religion. By the way "Christians" if you worship their god Yahweh you are worshipping Satan. WAKE UP.


Balderdash. Why was Harry Truman the first national leader in the world to quickly recognize "Israel" in 1948? Because Jews already ran the US. And why does the US need a "fortress in the Middle East"? We don't - the House of Rothschild wanted it, and they controlled the US through the Federal Reserve.


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Jewish Bafrayung Fund as the largest funder of college pro-Palestinian protests.
A report by the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy named the Jewish Bafrayung Fund as the largest funder of college pro-Palestinian protests. Ana Kasparian discusses on The Young Turks.



The best way to control the to be the opposition -Lenin ( Communist Jews).
Screenshot 1bt jew


Jewish people can be against Israeli genocide. This shouldn’t be a big surprise


"Bafrayung" is a transliteration into English of the Yiddish pronunciation of the German word "Befreiung," pronounced B'-FRY-ung. It means "Liberation." Thank G_d that there are still compassionate Jews! Your interpretation of "From the River to the Sea" is beautiful, but you yourself admit that it is so remote from current reality that I think it should not distract from work on a two-state solution.


The far-left and radical ideas have always been strong in the Jewish community. All that bullshit in the US student's heads is put there mostly by radical Jewish left professors who were taught by radical left Jewish professors when they were young and so on it goes back 100 years.
The first violent clashes in British Mandate Palestine were not between Jews and Muslims but between Jewish settlers with communist ideas and capitalist ideas, in one of the first such clashes between Jews also some Muslims got killed as collateral damage, and all relations between Jews and Muslims went downhill from there.
Capitalist ideas eventually prevailed in the Jewish community and many communist Jews moved to the US where they established strongly as part of the US Universities, they hated Israel and the US foreign policy which was fighting communists all over the world, and loved the Soviet Union and now they love Putin or at least they think Putin had all the rights to do what he did because of ''NATO and the US imperialists' threat''—generation after generation of radical red Jewish communists teaching the US youth in US universities. Susie, Michael, and Rachel Geldman are products of that generational brainwashing.



The Jewish Bafrayung Fund has provided $298,000 in funding to Critical Resistance, an organization that has taken part in multiple events expressing support for Hamas. These events include protests that temporarily disrupted operations at the San Francisco International Airport, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and the Port of Oakland.


If Ana or anyone really thinks that "from the river to the sea" implies to anyone a nice one-state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians get along - just muck around on the internet a bit more. 99% of Palestinians are vehemently opposed to Israelis even being there. (Except, of course, for the Arab Israelis in Israel proper who have a good life there. Who are proud voting Israelis who appreciate democracy, freedom of religion, the right to be gay, etc., and are grateful. Who enjoy a much better life than they would under Hamas in Gaza or the PA in West Bank territories.)


Hmm. Jewish people funding Palestinians to protest against Jewish rule of Gaza, in America.



All leftists Jews hate America, Australia, Europe, Britain, Ireland, !! Is it any wonder that at least one Jewish family hates Israel ??? Get real , it's one family for gods sake, not a Jewish uprising



The best way to control the to be the opposition -Lenin ( Communist Jews).



Zionists run most of the main stream media are undermining what little democracy we have and curbing free speech,not just in the USA, Canada, Australia, Britain, Europe but all over the world.


George Soros funds the Protests who is a Jewish Billionaire, who is also an American-Hungarian.



Everyone gets so surprised and excited when they discover the zionist hegelian dialectic at work. It can be applied to any disaster they have ever caused. As far back as the French revolution, where they bought tons of food and created an artificial food shortage, caused a revolt, and put their puppet leader in place. 9/11 Same thing, create the problem provide the solution, control the outcome. They fund both sides of every war ! They funded the north and the south of US Civil war through the Rothschilds (Jewish) who you let walk around freely in your country. The Warburgs (Jewish) funded Hitler they live like kings in your country! The US is a breeding ground for zionists.


boring .... Israel / philistine conflict same as it has been since 1940's .. this newly interest in what is going on , is a cover distraction for loser white kids that don't even know how to communicate face to face , because they have a smart phone .. to determine the next cause that gives these retards a reason of being alive ... it goes from BLM, , defund the cops , me too movement , gay rights , police brutality , sexism , religion , russia , Trump derangement syndrome , Biden voting regrets , , drag show story hour , voting rights , white supremacy . taxes , housing , student loan debt .. what ever the news media . tik tok and retards from Facebook declare is the new flavor of the month to get pissed about is the state of dumb ass college white kids ...led like a pack of wolves .. without knowing WTF they are even doing .
jews against jew is
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Didn't Trump (Jewish Zionist) move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Sounds like something the Anti-Christ would do. Trump also got millions of people killed though promoting the covid jab Warp Speed.

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ICC Prosecutor A. A. Khan has asked for arrest warrants against Israeli PM Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant for alleged war crimes for overseeing the ‘widespread and systematic attack against the Palestinian population’.

‘Those who do not comply with the law should not complain later, when my office takes action, based upon solid evidence’, Khan stated.

He also accused the Hamas leader in Gaza, Al-Qassam commander-in-chief and Hamas Political Bureau chief of suspected criminal responsibility for war crimes.

John Morley

You can't slaughter 30,000 civilians because of what hamas did on 7 Oct. And think you're going to get away with it, it is GENOCIDE thats what hitler apparently did ..Hitler and Netanyahu are no different.

John Morley
No criticism for Hamas though because they are not doing anything wrong unlike all the terrible stuff that dishonest muslim propagandists claim the Jews are doing.
These are the same jokers who accuse Putin of the war crime of stealing children.
It takes just a minute of this bullshit for you to herald them as paragons of honesty and virtue.
I said at the start that Biden only pretended to be on the Israeli side and would eventually claim his hand was forced ad he had to cut them loose.
You Jew haters are unknowingly allies of Biden.
Unknowing is the basis for most of your opinions

You might want to fix the title of this video: Netanyahu is a Jewish terrorist, not POLISH. Cheers!


"Polish terrorist's" original family name is Mileikowsky from Warsaw.Both,father and sons were/are terrorists ,followers of another Ashkenazi terrorist Jabotinsky.

The Matt Mettler Podcast!

People may not understand but the ICC is in many respects a barking dog with no teeth - they attempt to usurp sovereignty and issue edicts as though they are a governing body overseeing all of the countries of the world and this is why the U.S. doesn't even recognize their authority.

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  ICC prosecutor files arrest warrant for Israeli and Hamas leaders over Gaza war

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, and Hamas leaders in Gaza for war crimes and crimes against humanity related to the October 7 attacks and the ongoing conflict in Gaza. RT Middle East bureau chief Maria Finoshina brings us the latest updates.


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Israel's status as a bona fide democracy is often taken to be a self-evident truth, but a more critical look at the history and reality of Zionism calls this into question. After all, how can a democracy exist in a country constitutionally defined as an ethnostate that can only exist through the suppression and gradual elimination of its Others? Israeli historian Ilan Pappé joins The Chris Hedges Report for a discussion on Israel as an inherently colonial, and therefore anti-democratic, project.
Ilan Pappé is a professor with the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the UK, where he directs the European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-directs the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. Prior to coming to the UK, Pappé was a historian and politician in Israel. He is the author of several books, including The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.
Studio Production: Cameron Granadino, Adam Coley Post-Production: David Hebden
Watch The Chris Hedges Report live YouTube premiere on The Real News Network every Friday at 12PM ET:
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Let us analyze Zionist policies, since the beginning, the 1920’s, a quote from Israel Shahak, former Professor in Organic Chemistry and human rights activist: “Let us begin with Israel itself. The laws of the State of Israel pertaining to the use of land are based on the principle of discrimination against all non-Jews. The State of Israel has turned most of the land in Israel (about 92 percent) into ‘state land.’ After those lands are defined as owned by the State of Israel they can be leased for long periods only to Jews. ..placing all state land under the administration by the Jewish National Fund, a branch of the World Zionist Organization, whose racist status forbid their long-term lease, or any other use, to non-Jews.” (an estimated 70 percent of land in West Bank is state land). Shahak, former Professor of Organic Chemistry, courageous defender of human rights, who came to Palestine in 1945, from Nazis camps in Poland, with his mother. Above quote from his book: “Open Secrets- Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies” (1997).
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Thank you for this report, it literally brought tears to my eyes to know about the integrity of the Palestinian people that behaved in this manner towards the people they were guarding. Despite 75 years of the most atrocious behavior towards them, to behave in this manner is admirable. Also, brought tears to my eyes for the captors to have the integrity to tell the truth about how they were treated.
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  Why Oct 7th REALLY happened? Because Israel ignored every warning and allowed the attack to take place.
Because Netanyahu funded and supported Hamas.
Because Israel could use this attack as an excuse to further its genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Because Gaza has huge gas reserves and the proposed Ben Gurion canal project will ship the gas.
Because the attack makes the planned war with Iran seem inevitable.
Because the forever war machine needs forever wars.
Sources (Israeli media) "For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces." (Times of Israel 2023) "Money to Hamas part of strategy to keep Palestinians divided - Netanyahu." (Jerusalem Post 2019) "Why Did Netanyahu Want to Strengthen Hamas?" (Haaretz 2023)
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Vtoday in “historical context you won't get from the Race Lady at MSNBC or former AIPAC intern Wolf Blitzer at CNN” – providing that is the value of independent outlets like Armageddon Prose – via Jewish Virtual Library :

“Haavara [was] a company for the transfer of Jewish property from Nazi Germany to Palestine. The Trust and Transfer Office Haavara Ltd., was established in Tel Aviv, following an agreement with the German government in August 1933, to facilitate the emigration of Jews to Palestine by allowing the transfer of their capital in the form of German export goods . The Haavara Agreement is an example of a situation where the issue of Jewish rights, Zionist needs, and individual salvation were at odds with each other. Jewish organizations outside Germany had declared a boycott against German goods and hoped to delegitimize the Nazi regime. The Zionists saw this agreement as a way to lure Jews to Palestine and save them from the Nazi universe, even if it meant collaborating with Hitler. For a time, the Nazi program to make Germany Jewish and the Zionist policy of seeking out Olim coincided. The amounts to be transferred were deposited by prospective emigrants into the account of a Jewish trust company (PALTREU – Palestine Treuhandstelle zur Beratung deutscher Juden) in Germany and used to purchase goods, which the Haavara then sold in Palestine. The proceeds, in Palestinian currency, were paid to the emigrants living in Palestine. The exchange rate was adjusted from time to time by the Haavara to the discount necessitated by the subsidy granted by the Haavara to Palestinian importers to compensate for the steadily declining value of the mark, so that German goods could compete with other imports. The resulting discount, borne by the emigrants, accordingly rose from 6% in 1934 to 50% in 1938. Most of the transfer proceeds provided the 1,000 Palestinian Pounds (then $4,990) needed for a “capitalist” immigration certificate from the Mandatorial administration, but also for other immigration categories such as Youth Aliyah, students and artisans and for the transfer of public funds. The transfer weakened the boycott of German goods declared by many Jewish organizations around the world and was therefore met with much resistance. The controversy was settled at the Zionist Congress in Lucerne (1935), which decided by a large majority in favor of the transfer and placed the Haavara under the supervision of the Jewish Agency. The Zionists wanted to attract immigrants to Palestine, especially the prosperous German Jewish immigrants, and the Germans wanted to get rid of their Jews, increase their exports, and gain a propaganda victory by dividing the Jews over the boycott.The Haavara continued to operate until World War II, despite strong attempts by the Nazi Party to halt or curtail its activities. The total transfer amounted to 8,100,000 LP (Palestinian Pound; then $40,419,000), including 2,600,000 LP (then $13,774,000) provided by the German Reichsbank in coordination with the Haavara. The Haavara transfer was a major factor in enabling the immigration of some 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in the years 1933–1939, and together with the money invested by the immigrants themselves, in providing an incentive for expansion of agricultural settlements and for general economic development. It also served as a model for a similar arrangement with the Czech government and the immigration of several thousand Jews on the eve of World War II.”

The Haavara Agreement has long been a thorn in the side of the Zionist historical canon because of the obvious narrative difficulties it poses. As a result, pro-Israel media are forced to come up with rational arguments for how the Third Reich's funneling of money to finance the creation of Israel (the literal definition of Zionism) was not actually a Zionist enterprise, writes Ben Bartee .

Resistance fighters force Israeli tanks to withdraw from the outskirts of Gaza City

Via The Independent :

“Claims that Hitler was a Zionist, or supported Zionism, before his anti-Jewish policies turned to murder and extermination flare up regularly. They usually cite the controversial Haavara Agreement (transfer agreement) of August 1933 as the strongest evidence of deliberate collaboration between Hitler and the Zionist movement. If you look at it one way, on the surface this agreement seems to show that Hitler's government endorsed Zionism – but the fact that it was a mechanism to help German Jews move to Palestine does not mean it was 'Zionist'.”

The salient point here is not to conflate Zionism and Nazism – which are clearly different ideologies – or the Israeli state and the Third Reich, or whatever simple reactionary nonsense you might expect from the American mainstream media for highlighting such unsavory historical facts as above.

Clearly, Nazi Germany and the Zionists of the day had only briefly intersected political agendas in the early to mid-20th century - the superficiality of which was evident from the controversial nature of the agreement among the rank and file of the relevant factions .

The relevant revelation is one I've tried to make before: Zionism is a political project that ultimately has only a superficial relationship with Judaism. The alleged relationship between the ancient Abrahamic religion called Judaism and the political project called Zionism is being promoted for practical and ideological purposes by many parties, both hostile and friendly to the State of Israel.

"A colossal war crime"

The Israeli propaganda machine is adept at confusing criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, a tactic it has lately been using more forcefully – but fortunately less and less effectively – than ever before in a veritable PR blitzkrieg as it scrambles to drum up international political support. to drum for his campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Israel is, and always has been since it was first conceived in Europe hundreds of years ago, an explicitly political project.

In general, the field of Armageddon Prose is geopolitical, not ancient theological quarrels. No amount or intensity of accusations of “anti-Semitism” or censorship at the behest of the Israel lobby will distract me from recognizing reality.

*Note: As you may have noticed if you follow the news closely, you probably won't get the kind of perspectives on the Israel-Gaza conflict offered on Armageddon Prose by the state media or, unfortunately, even by much of the independent media, much of which, for whatever reason, aggressively promotes the Israeli state narrative.

Copyright © 2023  translation  by Frontnieuws. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a direct link are given.
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Rabbi Schneerson planned the Russia Ukraine War in 1994. Gog and Magog. Russia is doing God's work.

Screenshot 10guilty of genocidem
 Ever since conflict in Gaza erupted in October, politicians and protesters alike have used the word 'genocide' to describe actions by both parties. Washington, however, has strongly opposed using the term in this case. RT's Chay Bowes explores the details.

What more needs to be said that what is below to understand the jews mindset? Besides, their actions towards Palestinians, Whites, Blacks, Asians PROVES their genocidal nature. EVIL.

"jews may use lies to circumvent a goy gentile." - Baba Kamma 113a

"All property of other nations belongs to the jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to jews in general." - Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348



The only genocide taking place in Ukraine is the one being conducted by the by Globalist run US as they supply weapons to further the slaughter of an entire generation of  White gentile young Ukrainian men, and now women, as they are sent unwilling to the front to fight a superior force in a battle which cannot be won.

People are blind. Israel knew Egypt warned Israel 10 days before invasion. Not one Israeli IDF for 9 hours after invasion. Benjamin allowed this to get boots in Gaza.Oil Gas trillions He have Palestine license to BP Oil for Gaza drill. Come wake up US wants Iran uranium has for decades

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Lee Camp is Jewish.
You would think US corporations would not want their brand name slapped on top of the rubble that was once a school or a hospital. But that would suggest some sort of conscience. In a new series, America Inc., comedian Lee Camp exposes the corporations that are perfectly willing to sponsor Israeli apartheid and genocide of Palestinians.
bae systems
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Boycotting these products WILL save us money and avoiding these packaged foods will keep us healthier as well. We need to spread this awareness so that the boycott is done permanently: Domino's Pizza, McDonald's, KFC, Coca Cola, Nestle, Nescafe, Marks & Spencer, Pizza Hut, L'Oréal, PepsiCo, Starbucks, Hewlett Packard, Unilever, Mars, Nike, Papa John's, Burger King, Puma, Carrefour, Ahava and Sodastream.
Screenshot 10in thename of jews in a j

‘Let Gaza live!’

Hundreds of thousands American Jews are against Israeli war crimes.

Screenshot 10gaza srael
 The history of the Gaza-Israel conflict dates back to the 1948 War, which saw the defeat of Arab armies along the coast of what is today Israel. Gaza was part of the UN partition plan of 1948 for the Palestinian people; however, the Palestinian territory was captured by Israel during the June Six Day War of 1967. While Israel returned the territory to the Palestinians in the early 2000s, Gaza continues to be a major issue for the Israelis, as the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is in control of the area. Direct Impact’s Rick Sanchez hosts part 2 of a panel with Dr. Norman Finkelstein and Steve Malzberg to discuss the history of the Gaza-Israel conflict and why it remains a hot topic in the present day.

Under international law israel as the occupier does not have the right to defend but rather the occupied have the right to resist.


Sanchez Says Jews Run Media, Is Fired

Tablet Magazine › sa...
4 okt. 2010 — Conan O'Brien may have had the best take on the affair: “CNN's Rick Sanchez says the Jews run CNN,” he Tweeted. “Ah, so that's who we blame for 

Sanchez Says Jews Run Media, Is Fired

CNN host is Elders’ latest victim

Marc Tracy
October 05, 2010

I’m late to the Rich Sanchez story, because Rick Sanchez chose a day when this more explicitly Jewish-run sector of the media was observing Simchat Torah to say a stupid thing and get canned. The CNN host former CNN host told a satellite radio host late Thursday afternoon that “everybody that runs CNN is a lot like [Jon] Stewart;” this shortly after his interlocutor had noted that Stewart was a Jew and therefore, like Sanchez (who is Cuban-American), a minority, to which Sanchez had responded, “Yeah. Yeah. Very powerless people.” On Friday, CNN announced that Sanchez was “no longer with the company.”

It’s worth noting that Sanchez’s main patron at CNN, who gave him more airtime even as others called for him to get less, was the also-recently-fired Jonathan Klein—who is himself, shall we say, “a lot like Stewart.” Stewart will reportedly address the whole thing tonight: 11 pm E.S.T. on Comedy Central.

Conan O’Brien may have had the best take on the affair: “CNN’s Rick Sanchez says the Jews run CNN,” he Tweeted. “Ah, so that’s who we blame for Rick Sanchez.”

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Lee camp is Jewish.
 LIVE: Netanyahu Said This Was The Plan For Years! (& much more)
 Screenshot 10lee camp papers
Screenshot 10its intenional
 Lee delves into reports that indicate Israel is responsible for most deaths, including those of its own citizens and Palestinians as well. #gaza #israel #idf #warcrimes #humanrights #comedy #news
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 Screenshot 10lkoiuy

he Hamas attack on Israel was an “inside job” carried out with the full knowledge and support of the Israeli government, according to an Israeli Defense Force veteran who served on the Gaza border.

“We're all trying to understand what happened on October 7, when we all knew that Gazans came in and basically slaughtered a thousand Israelis and kidnapped a group, all in about 7 hours,” says the veteran, before unleashing an astonishing outpouring of truth that tears the official narrative to shreds, message

“So I want to back this up a little bit to help you understand why I believe this was an inside job.”


“First of all, we start with September 1st. The Israeli government confiscated weapons from security teams in communities in the Gaza belt. This happened against the wishes of those security teams. No one knows why this happened.

Fast forward to September 10, the municipalities received reports, these are civilians, they received reports of increased tensions at the Gaza border on Jewish holidays. These range from Yom Kippur to Shemini Atzeret, which was on Saturday.

The same municipal leaders asked whether they should cancel their festivities in light of warnings about increased tensions at the Gaza border. The military said no, don't cancel anything, it looks like we're going into a period of calm.

Now you can assume that the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) was not aware of this attack. But that is highly unlikely. The State of Israel is probably the most advanced surveillance state in the world. The border with Gaza is probably the most heavily guarded. The Shin Bet, which somehow knew about a man who had corona in a toy store and followed him all the way to a football stadium during the days of corona, somehow did not know about this massive attack planned by thousands of Gazans on pick-up trucks and hang gliders.

Do you really believe that? Are you really that stupid? If so, I can sell you a bridge.

Do you know how long it takes for a helicopter gunship to activate and blow up one of those pickup trucks or hang gliders that invaded Israel? Less than 5 minutes. It could all have been over. It could have been a matter of 5 minutes. Instead, they had 7 hours to kill thousands and bring hostages back alive, unopposed.

This is not a burglary. This is an inside job.

And if it's not an inside job, that's even worse. Because that means the IDF is the most incompetent army to ever walk the earth. And now we have to trust these people to invade Gaza. Commanded by an army that a) didn't see this coming and b) was too incompetent to respond to a bunch of pickup trucks invading Israel.

Tell me what's worse. That it was an inside job? Or that it was incompetent?

And oh, by the way, now that America is coming with help, do you really think Israel needs American help to invade Gaza? Gaza? Their air force consists of hang gliders, their ground forces are pick-up trucks. They don't even have a tank. And Israel needs American help to fight them. Are you serious? Don't you think there's something strange going on here?”

Screenshot 10roku
Shimon Yanowitz from Israel.
 The launch of our first broadcast of ‘World War Zeee’ on Brighteon TV features Shimon Yanowitz from Israel, who now faces potential JAIL TIME and seizure of property for speaking out against the tyrannical Israeli government and asking genuine questions about the war. Shimon, like many Israeli’s, is calling for peace but unfortunately, the powers that be don’t want peace.
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Screenshot 10princ childs
 Author and investigative journalist Leo Zagami's unique occult and geopolitical analysis from his books and
Screenshot 10holust hjuy
 Israeli historian on the Holocaust says it’s Genocide in Gaza.

“Raz Segal is an Israeli historian residing in the United States who directs the Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies program at Stockton University.”

Artie Effem

Reenforces the idea it's not "the" Jews..but a small globalist group calling themselves Jews, aided by continuous propaganda aimed at actual Jews. And if their unconditional support never wavers, this group, government, will let something happen , or just create it outright, to retain their control.

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 Screenshot 10the first jew
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 Screenshot 10t came to
Screenshot 10people theresd
 Screenshot 10god gavethem landg
 Screenshot 10lebnes nat
Screenshot 10times of imn
 Screenshot 10kill all tri jews

Well he should have gone further, the israelites, the one and only "Jew" bloodline is only in 15% of those who "identify" as Jews today .. So who are the rest of them? Well they are White European goys and share no relation or ties to Israel. They converted to Judaism which according to the Torah is impossible. One needs a Jewish mother to be cursed with kikery . So not only do they have no ethnic claim to the land, they have no religious one either.


First, semantics. "Jew" and "Hebrew" have precise definitions and are not the same, even if both are derived from the same bloodline. From that perspective, there are a few things to consider:
- The tomb of Amenemhat I, founder of the 12th Dynasty, whom most consider to have been a usurper, is the only tomb permanently closed to the public, almost since its discovery. My bad that i don't remember his name but the Brit who discovered the tomb was murdered shortly after releasing his findings. Among these, he most significant was that the names "Abraham" and "Amenemhat" are used interchangeably in the tomb. Since pharaohs adopted a name upon taking the throne, it was concluded that the name, Amenemhat, was taken after his ascension, and that Abraham was his birth name.
- In a letter to the reigning pharaoh, carved into the walls at Karnak, the 18th Century BC Egyptian governor of Canaan described the Hebrews as invading "Asiatic" thugs armed with Aryan weapons. At that time, anyone or thing from east of the Tigris.was considered "Asiatic". It was from his description of their weapons, the crossbow and horse-drawn chariot, never before seen in Canaan or Egypt, that it can be ascertained they had Aryan weapons, with which they marauded across Canaan, pillaging and laying waste the countryside.This is where it gets interesting. As the Bible indicates, drought drove the Hebrews down into Lower Egypt which, at that time, was divided from Upper Egypt. What the Bible doesn't mention is that they usurped the crown and ruled as the Hyksos, the Shepherd Kings.
The Hebrews launched a war against Pharaoh Ahmose, of Upper Egypt, ostensibly over continued bull and calf worship in the new Age of Aries the Ram. Ever heard of using religion as a fig leaf for military aggression? Ahmose defeated them and then, granted them exile in his province of Canaan, provided they agree to act as his mercenaries, keeping rebellious Canaanite tribes under firm Egyptian rule.
In fact, the Bible is an accurate historical account only the authors chose to hide the real identities of the cast of characters. "God gave us this land". Not quite. Ahmose, aka Yahweh, granted them exile in return for mercenary services. That might explain why Yahweh was such an angry, vindictive, foreskin-coveting piece of work.
The fictional Kings David and Solomon were based on the real historical Pharaohs Psusennes and his son, Siamon. Psusennes ruled at the same time as David, for the same # of yrs, and he fought the same Canaanite tribes as David. His emblem, found on his cartouches, was the Star of Remphan, aka the Star of David.
Strip away the magic, the miracles and the myths, and apply the all-too-common appropriate human traits, such as greed, ambition, cruelty, lust, passion, and that Biblical cast of characters can be seen to morph into the real historical record.. This could explain the unbridled hubris and sense of entitlement displayed by this particular tribe.
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Screenshot 10israel racist hjk
 Screenshot 10we will kill you all
 Screenshot 10land for people
Screenshot 10jas white
 Screenshot 10kill arabs b
Screenshot 10kill die
Screenshot 10no arab fri
Screenshot 1088inb
 Screenshot 10nakba law
Screenshot 10town laws
Screenshot 10human animals

Comment: Many Jews call all Blacks, Asians and White gentiles human animals and their Globalist masters believe most Jews are human animals.

Yes Zionist sounds very Nazi to us

All wars are started by jews


All Abrahmic religions in its core ar extremely hateful towards other to the extent where it calls for a open genocide.

Some Jews call non-jews Goyim and believe it is okay to kill all the goyims
Some Christians call non-Christians infidels and Christians killed half of the planet at one point of time in the name of Jesus Christ.
Some Muslims call non Muslims kafirs and they too want every one to either become Muslim or it is okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims.


Read Jesus in talmud !!!!


Why many jew wants to kill Europeans (Whites) even their kids ... jews explain why !

The video its restricted. But its no surprise . Jew agents are "helping" "refugees" boats to come into Europe. They even instruct "the refugees" what to declare to enter Europe. Jews are starting the wars in Middle East and arabs hate Europeans . Arabs invade Europe and jews are very happy with this ethno genocide. Lets not forget ...all hate Europeans (Whites). It doesn't matter who they are. Arabs , jews , Asians ,Latinos , Africans and any combination between them. . Europe its doomed . In 30 yrs you won't find white people in Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada. Two plans exist to destroy Europe. One its using colonialism to destroy the West and the other plan its for East Europe because East can't be blamed for slavery and colonialism. So, they are using war , depopulation , poverty , low birth rate, inflation etc. This is what is happening in Ukraine. Jewish globalist control all the main media in white western countries.

Israel is a sick evil toothless puppy but has the entire Anglo/Zionist Globalist "west" by the...wait those$$holes have no balls.
This Egyptian comedian rips lying trash sack Pier$ Morgan a new asshole


Comment: Jews are told by their Globalist masters they are not white, this is a lie because the majority of Jews are white gentiles who converted to the Jewish man made faith.

If you repeat a big enough lie, people will come to believe it

What planet do you live on?

Comment: Jewish organization only allow white Jews to join. When white gentile’s organization only allows whites to join, Jewish Globalist calls them racist.


Yet Israel has White apartheid had the "chutzpah" to lead a world boycott of  White apartheid South Africa (<1994)


No country has been more condemned by theUnited Nations than israel for its SUPPORT of apartheid south africa... fact


Was the League of Nations, the failed forerunner of the United Nations, created by the Globalist Zionists/freemasons/committee of 300 as a step towards their one world satanic government to be ruled over by the pathetic Lucifer, he who is worshipped by many Jews and silly gentiles Freemasons and all of the other garbage of this earth?


Screenshot 9f z con
They want you to pick a side and kill each other but we can always choose peace and learn to love our neighbors.
Screenshot 9rothschilds ppal
 Screenshot 9lea of nat
There is something most important I need to say at this point. It is not the Jewish people that are any part of this conspiracy . We are all just people, and we did not choose for ourselves which family we would be born into. I say this for the protection of the innocent. The apostle Paul said, at Romans 11 28… 28 As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers' sakes. He himself was a Jew, as well as all the apostles of course. And Paul was not speaking of all the Jews, by any means, but only the religious leaders who had Jesus killed out of envy. And in fact even then, many priests repented and became believers! Remember,the Jews are beloved for the Fathers sake. Jesus is their savior, he came to them to teach. They are precious in the Father’s eyes, and never forget that. God loves them immensely.. For God is love.Today, many many Orthodox Jews do not agree with the occupation of Palestine, as well as others who are not religious at all. Let us not be bigoted or stirring up hatred for a race of people that are beloved in the Fathers eyes and one’s he had chosen so long ago. I for one certainly want nothing to do with this or any hatred for peoples who were created in the image of God, for God is love, and it is God who has mercy on all of sinful mankind, including , thankfully both you and me! May all turn away from wickedness and be saved! 11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. Romans 14 My prayer is that God will protect his children from all harm and violence, and from wicked men who would seek to harm any one of them. If we hate our brother in our hearts, then we are murderers, and. No especially any of his dear children whom he loves so much! Let us walk in love for all men, displaying the joy that such love brings to us, and that will one day cover the earth. This is my prayer. InJesus’s name. Ame

This could be like Pearl Harbor where the Roosevelt administration permitted a Japanese Naval strike not expecting such severe damage. Benny Yahoo wanted an excuse for war to eliminate Hamas and maybe Hezbo and Syria also.


yep it is a complete betrayal of the tax payers when their government do things like what happened in Israel and Gaza. People in good faith contributed their time and labor to governments in taxes, every government in mankinds history have repeatedly throughout history have wasted the time and labor of the people of their nations. Time is life so when the government takes peoples time they are taking peoples lives when they take their time in taxes and then betray them by permitting attacks the government could have prevented or perpetrating attacks to manipulate the tax payers the governments are doubly degrading the tax payers.

The false flag gulf of tonkin incident, the 9/11/2001 stand down of the trillion dollar us air defense network and emergcy drill of building collapse, the c19 narrative, the 2003 iraq war babies in the incubators, the ww2 pearl harbor stand down, USS Liberty incident, etc etc etc etc, human history is basically primarily a list of times when governments behaved badly

Governments take what they want whenever they want from whomever they want, then pretend like their is justice and liberty and freedom in their societies because people work harder when they think they have a chance than when they know they are being degraded by their governments.

Both events benefitted Bolshevik Israel. On the night of 9-11 Netanyahu was asked how the event would effect relations between the US and the Zionists and he said it will be very good - it will generate immediate sympathy for the Zionists.


everyone knows Hamas is creation of Israel like ISIS, that people are coming out and saying this means the whole thing was a hoax, imo. This is part of their disinfo strategy to create "noise" that leads to crippling confusion in the targeted populace.


Screenshot 9inhgt

19 YO Israeli Survivor of Hamas Attack on Kibbutz Has Message of Peace for the World

She’s right and Christians of America should be ashamed of themselves calling for blood. First of all they are ill informed, and secondly they didn’t learn a damn thing from the 911 atrocity propaganda that was used in that government sponsored event brought to us by the financial elite who have bribed, cheated, cajoled, intimidated, coerced, insinuated, blackmailed and assassinated their way into controlling our government and mechanisms of power from the headquarters of the International Bureau of Usury abroad; accelerated since the installation of the Federal Reserve (kabbalistic Jewish banking witchcraft syndicate) in 1913 to encourage and invoke war for profit and thin out the Christian population. Thirdly they learned nothing from the lurid poisoning attack by the same mass murdering psychopaths beginning with MRNA vaccines of 2021. No revelation from God coupled with bad information equals imbalanced advisors. So Christian leaders are actually paying more attention to those who oppose multiracial expressions of sympathy and respect for Jesus and the Christian ethos than to those who are neutral or sympathetic and in so doing are misleading mass numbers of people just like the media we should never pay attention to again. God knows what is going on. If you have never heard the audible voice of God yet would have like to, chances are you are believing something that is wrong. God does not dwell in blessed ignorance or reward generationally entrenched religious pinheads that stubbornly take offense at someone like Jesus.


Gentile are viewed as subhuman impure filth. They can kill with impunity. Rabbis explain why they can kill and destory all gentile nations -

Screenshot 9war on po
Screenshot 9pal native w
 Sorry Ben, Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings
Screenshot 9brown wnm
 Screenshot 9 france ban mm
Jewish Globalist control the United States, Europe and France.
Facts don't care about your feelings --- until it involves Israel. And if you're not emotional about Israel, you're a Hamas supporter! ^^ This basically sums up the past week.
Screenshot 9jews runf emn
Screenshot 9hzbol
 Lebanon’s militia group, Hezbollah flaunted its arsenal in a two-hour-long exercise in Aaramta village in Lebanon on May 21. During the drill, masked fighters jumped through flaming hoops, fired from the back of motorcycles, and blew up Israeli flags posted in the hills. The exercise came ahead of Liberation Day, the annual celebration of the withdrawal of Israeli forces from south Lebanon on May 25, 2000. The drill comes amid rising tension between Israel and Iran. Watch the video to find out how did Israel react to hezbollah’s drill. #iranisrael #hezbollah #worldnews
CORRECTION: The Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990 and Hezbollah was a minor faction during that conflict. This military drill in May celebrated Hezbollah's victory in an entirely different war that ended in 2000, which marked Israel's first defeat to Hezbollah and saw Israel leaving occupied Lebanese territory. That's why it's called Victory Day. Israel's second defeat to Hezbollah was in 2006 which saw another Israeli retreat.

Jewish Rabbis explain why Europe, USA and the rest of the gentile world must be exterminated. Their god 'Hashem' commands them to.


look at all the nazis here, Israel going to carpet bomb gaza and we going to have a bunch nazi sooks around here!

Screenshot 9no gaza

Must Watch: What Pro-Zionist Demonstrators in NYC Are Advocating


If they want me to believe that they were gassed and killed y the germans in the Second World War to the tune of 6 mill they just lost all credibility by acting like savages for the last 70 years against the Palestinian people. People who suffered great pogroms will never do the same on other people.


Zionism is a jewish version of German nazism... The same Übermensch bullshit. Many jews were (and are) against creation of so called state of Israel..



They are nothing alike. You've been fed Government bullshit education.
The destruction of the financial and social institutions of Germany is why they hated Jews.
Jews did to Germany what they've done to the US today. Infested every institution and turned the country into progressive liberal shithole, and leeched it dry.
The Jews also declared war on Germany in 1933 at the height of the its depression in an attempt to destroy the people who were already starving.

Scotch Mist ConCeption

Zionist and Jew are two different things...
But they have You where they want you, or you are complicit in the distraction/cover up..
It's a Masonic Control System, The Scottish Rite and Swiss Octogon being the top of that tree, one War (BlackRock/MIC), one Financial (Vanguard/BIS) and both everything in-between...
Listen to an actual Jew, go in @02:08
and while you're at it check this out, because i know what you're gunna say... and if that's not enough, check where The Scottish got their inspiration from.... and check for yourself where the Templars base/homeland actually is.. Nothing Jewish about them...
Tip of Iceberg.


Retired IDF soldier interviewed on bitchute tells how he witnessed fellow IDF soldiers RAPING Palestinian children and then killing them ...DONT TRY TO TAKE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND YOU FUCKING EVIL CUNT.

Screenshot 9peace forland

  Reports Of “40 Babies Beheaded” Circulates Online, RFK Jr Blames Palestinians For Their Living Conditions On Fox

Screenshot 9terror fgh
Screenshot 9no water v
Screenshot 9leecamp
 Lee Camp is Jewish.
Screenshot 9women fo e peace in is
 Hundreds of women from women's rights associations rally through the streets of Jerusalem demanding a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Screenshot 8zionist ter
 Israel founders.
Join Richard and Tony as they delve into an intriguing exploration of the London School of Economics (LSE) and its connections to the influential Rothschild family. In this thought-provoking video, they uncover compelling insights into the LSE's historical ties, revealing how the Rothschilds' Zionist beliefs intersect with their pursuit of power. Gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating nexus, as Richard and Tony unravel the intricate web of influence and ideology that surrounds one of the world's leading institutions. Don't miss this captivating analysis that sheds light on the hidden forces shaping the LSE's trajectory. Maximize your knowledge and watch time by tuning in now!
the rothschilds are SABBATEAN satanists! NOT JEWS!
 Screenshot 8milner group
 Screenshot 8map names etcv
Screenshot 32jew leader new w o
Screenshot 32pfizers p
Free Palestine
My Palestinian ancestors have been living in Palestine long before any religion. In 1917 the UK announced the Belfour Declaration to Rothchild, stating they will destroy Palestine my home and replace my people. From 1947-1949 over 520 Palestinian villages were destroyed. At the time, most Palestinian were farmers who couldn't read and write. My family are still in camps around Bethlehem and we want a Constitution and voting to decide our fate and have 2nd and 1st Amendment.
This creature is a liar and a murderer. Total disinformation and false stats to deflect away from the disproportionate jewish involvment in the trojan horse injection ("vax") and plandemic. Big Pharma is jewish. The central banks are jewish. The fake media is jewish. The central banks are behind this plandemic and genocidal trojan horse injection, and they're using their one arm (Big Pharma) to institute the depopulation shot, and using the other arm (media) to keep the masses ignorant and deceived. The central banks own and control Big Pharma and the media.
Jesus Christ told the jews, "You are of your father the devil. He is a liar and murderer from the beginning."
Screenshot 32jews lie
 Israeli health reporter reveals a shocking story about the data governments around the world used to justify vaccine mandates.

Israel reportedly had no effective monitoring system for adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine in 2021 when the world relied on their data to guide vaccine policy, including mandates.

Israeli health reporter Yaffa Shir-Raz told Rebel News that “Israel was Pfizer’s laboratory” and the FDA’s decision to approve the booster shot was based on Israeli data.

“But what the world did not know is that almost for the entire year in which all the population was vaccinated two, even three doses, Israel did not have any functioning monitoring system,” she said.

Shir-Raz said the Ministry of Health lied, to its own people and to the FDA, when it claimed side effects from the vaccine were minimal and short term. They had no way of knowing, she said.

The journalist claims that it wasn’t until December 2021 that a six month study of reactions to the vaccine was properly conducted, the results of which completely contradicted advice the Ministry of Health had previously given.

“Those results actually contradict the entire narrative that we were told and the narrative was that side effects are mostly mild, if any,” she said.

“They found new side effects not listed by Pfizer, including very serious ones such as neurological ones … and menstrual irregularities.”

Shir-Raz says that when results of the study were presented in May of this year the Israeli Ministry of Health stopped the research.

The journalist, whose mother was a holocaust survivor, says she was shocked that their own government had betrayed them by recommending and mandating vaccines using falsified information.

Check out for all my latest reports from Israel.

Screenshot 32leader b in p israel

Avi Yemini is venturing to Israel to investigate how right-wing politician Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu returned from defeat to bury his political opponents

The country dubbed 'Pfizrael' for its insane COVID-19 response just voted in the most right-wing government since her rebirth in 1948.

But what really happened in Israel during the lockdown, and how did one of the world's harshest COVID-19 leaders win back the people?

Rebel News Chief Australian Reporter Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) is going on a fact-finding mission to Israel to expose the truth about who followed the rules and who didn't.

You can follow all our in-depth coverage investigating how Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu returned from defeat and donate to support our work on this page.

5 bombs
 Screenshot 30j t
Screenshot 30temple
 Screenshot 26z j

Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews.

Henry Makow

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Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

June 27, 2004

by Henry Makow Ph.D

In 1935 the steamer "Tel Aviv" made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party. A passenger described the spectacle as a "metaphysical absurdity."

Actually it made perfect sense.

The ship transported German Jews who had taken advantage of the "Haavara" program, which allowed them to exchange their money for its value in Germany products in Palestine. As a result, the fledgling Jewish colony received about 70,000 highly educated German Jews and 140 million Reichmarks worth of German industrial equipment. This laid the foundation of Israel's infrastructure.

The arrangement also boosted the Nazi economy at a time when Jews worldwide were boycotting German products. (My main source is "The Secret Contacts" by Klaus Polkehn a prominent German journalist. It is included in Olivia O'Grady's The Beasts of the Apocalyse, 2001, 421-447.)

Why retell this story of Zionist-Nazi cooperation now?

Because "Jewish" leaders have been exploiting their "lesser brethren" for a long time, and are doing so today. Ordinary Jews pay the price and this price could rise.

In my opinion, Zionism is a movement to deceive Jews into advancing the objectives of British imperialism. (See, "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism") Zionists who have built their lives on a false premise naturally will reject this view.

Specifically, Jews helped the British-Jewish elite colonize the oil-rich Middle East under the pretext of Jews needing a national home. Despite the appearance of neutrality, the British (and Americans) financed, trained and equipped the Jews. (John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception p. 107.)

The "British" are really the London-based international banking cartel associated with names like Rothschild and Rockefeller. It doesn't answer to any government. Its goal is to colonize the world and everyone in it. Jews are a means to this end.

As seen in Iraq, Zionists (a.k.a Neocons) play a major role in the colonization of the Middle East. The important thing to remember is that Israel is the creation of this cartel; both Israel and the US are its tools.

Iraq is only a phase in the emerging New World Order, which represents a continuation of the goals of "British" imperialism. John Kerry would take up in Iraq where George Bush left off. Democracy is a charade.


In 1925, Germany's 500,000 Jews were overwhelmingly indifferent or actively hostile to Zionism. The German Zionist movement had only 9000 members.

The "Central Union of Germans of the Jewish Faith " represented most German Jews and favored active participation in German life. Its main focus was combating anti-Semitism.

Zionists, on the other hand, welcomed the Nazis' anti Semitic policies. Like the Nazis, they believed in race-based national character and destiny. Like the Nazis, they believed Jews had no future in Germany.

The Zionists did not protest Nazi persecution such as the removal of 2000 Jewish scholars and scientists from German universities in 1933. The Nazis rewarded this "restraint" by allowing the Zionists to go about their work unhindered. All other Jewish and anti fascist organizations were disbanded and their leaders imprisoned.

The Nazis required all Jews to join the Zionist-led "Reich Union" whose goal was emigration. Jews were to be converted to Zionism at any cost. The Zionists were able to publish books and newspapers critical of the Nazis so long as the audience was restricted to Jews.

The cooperation extended to political and economic spheres. Adolph Eichmann set up agricultural training camps in Austria to prepare young Jews for Kibbutz life. He visited Palestine and conferred with Zionist leaders who confessed their true expansionist goals. There was even talk of a strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and Jewish Palestine. His report is in Himmler's Archives.

[For more on Zionist-Nazi cooperation, see online Lenni Brenner "Zionism in the Age of Dictators" Also, Lenni Brenner, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis (2002)]

The cooperation may have extended to the Jewish Holocaust and explain why most Jews passively accepted their fate. In his book, "The Holocaust Victims Accuse" Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld claims that Zionist- led Jewish Councils ("Judenrats") collaborated with the Nazis and deceived non Zionist Jews. See my "Zionism: Compulsory Suicide for Jews."

Europe's non-Zionist Jews were worth more dead than alive to Zionists and their financial sponsors. The Holocaust provided a political and moral rationale for the establishment of the Jewish state.


In 1919, Hitler was an Intelligence Officer with the German Army assigned to spy on the tiny German Labor Party. He became its leader. Max Warburg, brother of Paul Warburg, founder of the US Federal Reserve, was the chief of German Intelligence. Both were executives of the I.G. Farben conglomerate. There is no record of when Hitler stopped working for these Illuminati figures. (See also Be Afraid: The New World Order's Fascist Pedigree )

Hitler was sponsored by the banker oligarchy, and may have been their pawn.
Certainly the Nazis received millions of dollars from New York and London. See "Hitler Didn't Want World War."

Ernst ("Putzi") Hanfstaengl was close to both the bankers and Hitler and funneled money to the Nazis during their formative years. See also Antony Sutton "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" Chapter Eight

But when Hitler began to print his own money, he may have alienated these sponsors. See "Rothschild Conducts Red Symphony"

The bottom line is that both Nazism and Zionism were sponsored by the same banking cartel and had complementary goals. The rise of anti Semitism in Europe served to create the State of Israel, which President Assad of Syria described as a "dagger in the heart of the Arab nations."

Think about it. Hitler could have just confiscated all the Jewish wealth. Instead he used the "Haavara Program" to help establish the State of Israel. According to Polkehn, Hitler personally guaranteed this program in the face of opposition. It lasted until the beginning of the war.

This cartel, which controls the world today, has no compunction about using Jews (or anyone) as a means to an end.


All money is created in the form of debt to the privately owned banking cartel.

Imagine if you could create money out of thin air. Imagine you have the credit cards of all the nations in your pocket.

Your first impulse is to lend money to your nominees so they can buy most of the world's real wealth for you.

Your second impulse is to establish a totalitarian system ("world government" "globalization") to prevent any nation from challenging this system or defaulting on their "debt" to you.

To make nations accept "world government," you need to weaken them by having them fight among themselves, run up huge debts for armaments (which you will sell them), kill off the cream of their manhood, and become demoralized and decadent.

You accomplish this through your ownership of politicians and the press and your control of MI-6, CIA, Mossad who carry out terror and assassinations for you. This is the real history of the last 300 years.

"World government" is really about using debt to enslave us; it is an international loan collection agency. Naturally they shroud this with talk about tolerance, human rights, fighting poverty and preventing war.

A quote from a 1924 edition of the American Banker's Association Digest sums up what is currently happening. Keep this in mind when you vote.

"When, through the process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. "

Now consider the words of an Illuminati defector, Svali.

"The conflict in the Middle East is only to the advantage of the Illuminists. They HATE Israel, and hope one day to see it destroyed, and are biding their time. One of the olive branches offered by the UN when it takes over is that they will prevent war in the Middle East, and this will be greeted with joy by many.
At the same time, the Illuminati covertly supply guns and funds to BOTH sides to keep the conflict fuelled. They are very duplicitous people...These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating an order out of chaos."

In a personal email, she added:

"I have always wondered this, though, why some of the highest ranking financial families in the group (Baron Rothschild of France is one of the 13 European lords, or "kings" that run the group in Europe, and sits on the World Council) are Jewish, yet the group espouses hatred of their own race."


Ben Hecht said that reading the daily news to understand current events is like telling the time by looking at the second hand. You have to look at the decade and century hands to see what is really going on in the world.

The Rothschild-Rockefeller banking cartel is behind most political (and cultural) trends and its goal is to destroy the nation state, true democracy, religion, culture, marriage and family, in order to degrade humanity to animal status in advance of totalitarianism.

In the "war on terror," they have created a bogeyman to establish a system of repression to be used when they call in their "loans."

I was once a Zionist who believed Jews needed a homeland because of anti Semitism. I realize now that, like most of history, this view was mostly contrived. Anti Semitism is caused because many Jews serve (consciously or unconsciously) the bankers' harmful agenda. Zionism, Communism and Feminism are a few examples.

Most Jews are now totally identified with Israel, which is a tool of the Rothschilds' demented megalomania. If past is preface, this cannot end well for Jews or anyone.


See Barry Chamish on the Sabbatean Heresy


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Henry Makow © 2020

Screenshot 19israel dt s

WOW! Israeli Vaccine Director SPEAKS OUT! - Blows Whistle on Mass Murder & Monkeypox!

 Absolutely correct. There is NO SARS-CoV2 virus. There is NO HIV virus. Fauci is running the same playbook with COVID that he ran with HIV/AIDS. The medical community and the general public worship at the shrine of medical tests. I donated blood in 1990 and my blood was "tested for HIV" and I got a letter from the Maryland state health department that I had tested positive for HIV and needed to immediately see my doctor. If I had done that, I would have been put on AZT and would have been dead in 6 months. Needless to say I ignored the letter and still am in perfect health 32 years later. DO NOT take any COVID test. If you get sick from any illness TREAT THE SYMPTOMS of that illness. Taking a COVID test and getting a positive result could land you in the COVID ICU and being killed by REMDESIVIR and the VENTILATOR. An unsuspecting friend of mine was murdered by the COVID PROTOCOL in just this manner.

just found out Tanzania have 0 vaccinations I wanna move to Tanzania now.




Screenshot 15israel arming nazies

Israel Is Arming Ukraine's Blatantly Neo-Nazi Militia the Azov Battalion

Screenshot 15us arming 

Screenshot 1540 times elderly

Episode 65: Ardern's COVID Narrative Collapses

Screenshot 15nazies of the west

The Nazification of the West

And what it really means to be a NAZI

Screenshot 15rr

Screenshot 15support nazies was b

 Screenshot 15kock b nzie

 Screenshot 15chase helps

 Screenshot 15sandard



Screenshot 15haavara




Some of what Greg said in this video is taught in high school back in the 90's like at the school I attended. If schools still teach those points of history about the attempted coup of the US, then people would understand who their enemy is and not people they call right wingers. That is the problem. They are being taught to go against their own people in this nation and in others. When I tell people that the leadership in Ukraine are Nazis and can be directly linked to Hitler's Nazi party, they laugh it off. I do not understand. Project Paperclip was taught in high school, and the Soviet's version. Did schools cease teaching about the world wars and their consequences that still cause ripples in water as they do, today? I really wonder. What are people thinking, if they were taught this stuff? I mean that Harvard grad that claimed she had a masters degree in history and said that to Jay Leno on his old Jaywalking segment of the Tonight Show. She claimed that George Bush Jr. was the first president in history. Are these people so bad at knowing any history that they make things up to make themselves not look ignorant or bad? I do not know, but people who do not study the past are doomed to repeat history. That is taught in all schools. Problem is that we have been repeating history since 9/11. And these people just do not get it that they are doing that. They did not study the past.

Screenshot 7j f

VACCINE RECKONING: More than 66% of “fully vaccinated” Israelis are now suffering adverse reactions

Screenshot 13s m t eat

Jews Must Submit Vaccine Pass To Eat In Israel

 A viral video exposes a McDonald's in Israel where vaccine passports are now required to eat



Screenshot 13israel no jap no food

 Screenshot 13exploiting

What no one noticed is that he gave them his fingerprint when he said no to the green pass. Get ready the system will gather all of this information into your social credit score, so saying no at McDonalds means you won't be able to buy a home, or drive a car, etc.
you cannot even own a fire arms in Israel so who is surprised about the country not caring about freedom.
The same in Australia, we cannot travel interstate, eat in a restaurant go into a bar, a swimming pool or gym or keep employment without having had the jabs. They say we are free to make our own decisions but withhold our freedoms from us if we don't. Bring on the Nuremberg 2 trials, please save us as they now start pushing boosters every 4 months.

Screenshot 13israel is police state

Israel…now a police state?

Screenshot 127 jabs for jews

  Thursday LIVE: Evergrande’s $300 Billion Default Signals MASSIVE Collapse In China’s State-run Economy – FULL SHOW 12/9/21

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Fauci wants all little kids, babies “vaccinated” for covid by Spring 2022




Screenshot 11third wave covid

  Emergency! Watch General Flynn Predict Omicron Variant, New Lockdowns, And Controlled Economic Depression

Screenshot 11israel killing jews

Screenshot 10jews dying in israel



Screenshot 8israel killindg jews by jews

Israel’s covid vaccine efficacy data FAKED: Group of Israeli scientists blow the whistle with “severe concerns,” warn FDA about covid “vaccines”


Are Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” safe and appropriate for humans, and especially young children? According to the Israeli Professional Ethics Front (IPEF), the answer is no.

The group of independent physicians, lawyers, scientists and researchers says it expressed “severe concerns” to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the reliability and legality of official Israeli covid vaccine data, which has more than likely been tainted by Big Pharma to support its profit agenda.

Recognizing that the Jewish state of Israel has largely been “the world laboratory” when it comes to the Pfizer-BioNTech injection specifically, the IPEF wants action to be taken to at least protect the youngest and most innocent among us from these questionable injections.

“We believe that the significant failures underlying the Israeli database, which have been brought to our attention by numerous testimonies, impair its reliability and legality to such an extent that it should not be used for making any critical decisions regarding the COVID-19 vaccines,” the IPEF’s letter to the FDA reads.

You can read the full letter at

Screenshot 7pseson fron israel

WARNING!! From an Unvaccinated Person in Israel.

WARNING!! From an Unvaccinated Person in Israel



The Testimonies Project

The Testimonies Project

Jewish testimonies about Covid jab results.  The testimonies project - the mo...






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Claim COVID-19 Is ‘Here To Stay’ — Only Defense Will Be A Vaccine

 Rothschild-Funded Israeli Researchers Claim COVID-19 Is ‘Here To Stay’ — Only Defense Will Be A Vaccine

Christians for Truth

Rothschild-Funded Israeli Researchers Claim COVID-19 Is ‘Here To Stay’ — Only Defense Will Be A Vaccine


Despite the mounting evidence that COVID-19 is not much different from the seasonal flu, Israeli ‘researchers’, funded by the Rothschilds, are telling Big Pharma exactly what it wants to hear: COVID-19 is ‘unique’ and isn’t going anywhere, and the only way to avoid getting infected is to submit to their experimental vaccines:

The novel coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon, suggests new research conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which centered on the study of the new virus’ structure.

Prof. Michal Linial, professor of biological chemistry at the university, together with Dr. Dina Schneidman from the Department of Biological Chemistry and the School of Computer Science at the Hebrew University and Postdoctoral Intern Ester Brail, said that each strain of the virus holds different “offensive capabilities” used to bind itself with human receptors, while the method of binding varies from virus to virus.

The researchers claim that this new virus strain, named COVID-19, bears a striking 72.8% resemblance in structure to the SARS strain, and so the researchers tested the way in which COVID-19 attaches itself to the ACE2 enzyme, which is part of almost every cell in the human body and is known to serve as an entry point for the SARS virus.

According to the research, SARS attaches itself to human cells in such a way that researchers found easy to break using medicine.

Unlike SARS, the COVID-19 strain attaches itself to human cells in a much more aggressive manner, meaning that its removal from a cell is much harder when compared to SARS.

Due to that fact, researchers and doctors will find it substantially more difficult to develop a cure for this latest coronavirus strain, meaning that a cure could still be a ways off.

Furthermore, the researchers believe that even after a vaccine is developed, COVID-19 will still be a part of our everyday life.

Once a vaccination is found, those who will vaccinate themselves will be immune to the disease, while those who won’t, will continue to spread it,” said Prof. Linial. “I assume that in the future when we will understand the virus’ effects on our immune system better, a vaccination will be given at schools or in any other way in order to protect us from our new ‘friend’.”

Isn’t it interesting that one of the ‘researchers’ who made this spurious claim works at Hebrew University, which just received a huge grant from the Rothschilds to ‘study’ COVID-19.

The media, from the beginning of this manufactured ‘pandemic’, have been very careful to constantly remind the gullible public that this virus is ‘novel’ or unique, a one-of-a-kind, something we’ve never seen before.

All coronaviruses are unique — they constantly mutate, which is why the flu vaccines never work.

But the CDC and the media want everyone to think that if you are merely exposed to this ‘deadly’ virus, you will get the disease and die without a vaccine — which is why the media has buried the story that everyone in a homeless shelter in Boston tested positive for the virus but none of them showed any symptoms of the disease.

Yet we know that COVID-19 destroys hemoglobin in the red blood cells, which causes oxygen deprivation and difficulty breathing, which is why a common, cheap, and widely available anti-malarial drug is so effective against COVID-19.

These Israeli ‘researchers’ obviously didn’t bother to consult with the Australian researchers who, well over a month ago, announced that hydroxychloroquine ‘cured’ COVID-19 infections.

People in malaria-stricken regions of Asia and Africa have been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative for the last 50 years with minimal side effects, but the FDA just got around to approving a study to test its ‘safety’ to treat COVID-19.  What a crock.

But if this cheap drug works as both a preventative and a ‘cure’ for COVID-19, how will Big Brother and Big Pharma convince the public to take their dangerous and experimental mRNA vaccines grown on cell lines of aborted human fetuses?

 Screenshot 7finial recolution for jews

Why Didn’t Jews Object To Bill Gates Calling COVID Vaccine ‘The Final Solution’ To The ‘Pandemic’?


Christians for Truth


Sherlock Holmes once solved a criminal investigation using the concept of “the dog that didn’t bark.”

When the guard dog doesn’t bark, then those committing the crime are very familiar to the victim.

For example, last year when a newspaper in Norway used the term “the Jewish Question” in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jewish organizations went ballistic and forced a public apology and retraction.

Clearly, Bill Gates used the term “final solution” deliberately as a nod to his kosher cronies in crime — and the fact that Colbert immediately brought up “conspiracy theorists” shows just how scripted this exchange actually was, including the fake joviality.

Of course, “the final solution” is not a phrase coined by the “Nazis”, but rather by the founder of Zionist Movement, Theodor Herzl, who said that the Jews moving to Palestine and establishing a Jewish ethno-State would be the “final solution to the Jewish question.”

And Karl Marx once described his “final solution” in these terms,”Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution.”

So there you have it — the “final solution” to the Jewish Question is the establishment of a worldwide communist system ruled over from the rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem — and this plandemic is being used to take a quantum leap forward toward that goal.

Marx knew this wasn’t just an economic war but also a racial one as well: “The classes and the races, too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give way….they must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.”

And speaking of Sherlock Holmes, we would be remiss not to point out another astute observation he once made: “It must tend to some end, or else our universe is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable.”



Laramie in WY

The Jewish controlled media made a huge headlines when the number of so-called corona cases reached the magic 6 million number–clearly a signal to their judeo-masonic brothers that their hidden hand was at work:



Well here you have it genocide with impunity…….”FDA Says Yes to Coronavirus Cure From Israel; US Gov’t Ready to Test Trial Medicine Starting Next Week”……

Israeli Biowarfare Institute Seeks FDA Approval For COVID-19 Vaccine For U.S. Market….


Screenshot 7ffgghhjkl

In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new “delta” infections are occurring in “fully vaccinated” people

In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new “delta” infections are occurring in “fully vaccinated” people
08/01/2021 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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According to reports, out of any country in the world, Israel is seeing the most compliance with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine push. As a result, Israel is also seeing a “spike” in new cases of the “delta variant” among the fully vaccinated.

The situation is so bad there, according to government and media talking-heads, that officials are, like dogs to their own vomit, reinstating mask mandates and other authoritarian provisions that they claim will help to “save lives.”

As many as 90 percent of all new infections with the Chinese Flu are occurring in people who got jabbed in obedience to the medical fascists. Only a minute few of all new “positive cases” are occurring in the unvaccinated.

Even so, the Israeli government, like many other governments, continues to push its non-jabbed citizens to roll up their sleeves and comply already, or else even worse restrictions could soon be on the way.

In order to buy and sell in Israel, Israelis are required to get the Trump Vaccine. It is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world right now, and it wants other countries to follow suit.

“The entrance of the Delta variant has changed the transmission dynamics,” announced Prof. Ran Balicer, the chief innovation officer for Israel’s largest health management company, Clalit.

Vaccinated people are the new pandemic

First discovered in India, the “delta variant” was not, according to government officials, supposed to be a problem in vaccinated people. Getting jabbed, we were all repeatedly told, was supposed to provide “immunity” against the disease.

We now know, however, that most new infections are occurring in people who got the jab. These same people are also spreading the variant to others, making them a public health menace.

The problem is prolific in Israel, and we are also now seeing it here in the United States where fully vaccinated people are getting sick and dying, many of them flooding into emergency rooms where they now occupy scarce hospital beds.

What were supposed to just be rare “breakthrough” infections are quickly becoming a new pandemic of the vaccinated, just as we long warned our readers.

As of this writing, more than 80 percent of Israelis over the age of 16 have received two doses of either Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA (messenger RNA) injection, which permanently reprograms human DNA and turns people into spike protein factories.

“Our goal at the moment, first and foremost, is to safeguard the citizens of Israel from the Delta variant that is running amok in the world,” proclaimed Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in a recent statement pushing for more Israelis to get the Mark of the Beast injection at “warp speed.”

As admitted by The Wall Street Journal, at least half of all new delta variant infections in Israel are occurring just in people who were injected with the Pfizer vaccine.

“Why is this genocide taking so long to get to Nuremberg?” asked one of our commenters.

“The Final Solution vax is doing what it was intended to,” wrote another, drawing from World War II language about the “final solution.” “The vax’d should work their bucket lists while they still can.”

Others pointed out that they are growing weary of hearing the term “fully vaccinated” used by the government and the media to describe people who have received all of the injections demanded. It is a propaganda term used to suggest that the non-fully vaccinated are a danger to society when the exact opposite is true.

The latest news about injuries and deaths caused by Trump Vaccines can be found at

Sources for this article include:


Screenshot 6israel 4 does

Dr. Peter McCullough of joins The Alex Jones Show in-studio to destroy the official COVID-19 narrative.

  Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys the Official COVID Narrative In-Studio with Alex Jones

Screenshot 6genetic eng

 Screenshot 639


Screenshot 6rightwing

Fake News Hit-Piece Against Ivermectin Collapses Spectacularly As More Americans Reject COVID Shot FULL SHOW 9-5-21

Fake News Hit-Piece Against Ivermectin Collapses Spectacularly As More Americans Reject COVID Shot

 Screenshot 6hasidic dr

Screenshot 6virus

They used to sell Ivermectin on Amazon. Was on there just the other day last I checked. They took it down just recently I guess lol..It's not on there anymore. Not surprised that Amazon would take it down. They are 100% a globalist corporation.

Screenshot 6freedom israel

Leaders of FDA Vaccine Program Resign Over Biden Move to Inject Children with Deadly COVID Vaxx Breaking: Democrats Announce Plan to Forcibly Take Children From Parents For Possible Contact With Covid Carriers – FULL SHOW 9/1/21

 The plan has always been to give UN-controlled contract tracers total martial law powers over every nation & individual on Earth, the images from around the world of "medical" SWAT teams dragging crying children from their homes is now coming to America. But the house of medical tyranny cards is coming down! Both of the FDA's top vaccine experts have resigned, citing the dangerous political move by the White House to push the deadly Frankenshots on children and "Covid boosters."


Screenshot 6third dose

Dr. Lee Merritt Exposes COVID-19 Bioweapon Agenda


Screenshot 6lockdowns i israel

PRISON STATE: Israel warns of more lockdowns if vaccination rates don’t increase

An Israeli health official has warned that a new post-vaccine strain of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) could force Israel back into lockdown. At the same time, the Israeli prime minister said the only way to avoid another lockdown is to continue vaccinations.

COVID-19 cases in Israel are still rising, despite it being one of the most vaccinated nations in the world. Around 60 percent of its population is fully vaccinated, and another five percent has received one COVID-19 vaccine dose.

As of Wednesday, Aug. 18, Israel has 59,218 active COVID-19 cases. Of these, 991 are hospitalized, 600 in serious condition and 103 on ventilators. These figures are from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Since the release of that government data, another 4,583 confirmed COVID-19 infections were detected, with 5.39 percent of COVID-19 tests coming back positive.

Screenshot 4the israel f f f

Hordes of jabbed people all throughout the promised land are dropping dead.

New COVID-19 deaths now exploding in the most heavily vaccinated country in the world: ISRAEL

The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” push in Israel is failing to “save lives” as hordes of jabbed people all throughout the promised land are dropping dead from getting their genes modified.

According to data collected by journalist Alex Berenson, Trump Vaccines are failing to protect against not only mild infection with the Chinese Virus but also severe infection.

“That’s a theory,” Berenson tweeted about the government claim that Fauci Flu shots somehow prevent serious infection, adding that “the clinical trials didn’t (and couldn’t) prove it.”

Government data out of Israel shows that 81 percent of all new Chinese Virus deaths and 65 percent of all “severe” and “critical” hospitalizations are occurring in people who received the shots. Only a miniscule percentage of unvaccinated people are experiencing any health problems.

Israel’s Ministry of Health has since admitted that the so-called “vaccines” are only about 39 percent effective, whatever that means.

“Israel’s new government is proving to the world today without a shadow of a doubt that they’re soldiers of the new world order, promoting modern slavery by dividing, spreading hate and panic, coercion and discrimination,” tweeted one individual about Israel’s system of medical apartheid, which is dividing and pitting against one another vaccinated versus unvaccinated citizens.


Screenshot 4israelheart att

Emergency Broadcast! Opposition To COVID Measures Defined As Terrorism By Biden DHS


Screenshot 3israel 90 invax

Jerusalem Hospital -85% to 90% cases are people who are vaccinated.

  Global Bombshell! Israel & Australia Report All Covid Hospitalizations Are Vaccinated – FULL SHOW 8/6/21

Screenshot 390

 Screenshot 3pfizer dr

Screenshot 2jeffrey

 Screenshot 2infowars




   Amazing Israel



 Screenshot 1israel national anthem

 Hatikva-The National Anthem of ISRAEL

 HATIKVAH with English & Hebrew Lyrics plus Musical Notes


 We support the country of  Israel and have been wanting to write this article about Israel and the way this country is governed. The reality is, Israel is established and is not going to disappear or submit to pressure to relinquish land to Palestinians at any point in the near future. We do support a Palestinian State. While we support the people of Israel, we do not agree with every facet of the Israeli government.  There are many concepts that work very well in Israel and we think Western countries should consider adopting, and we will write more about Israel sometime soon.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Israel (/ˈɪzriəl, ˈɪzrəl/; Hebrew: יִשְׂרָאֵל; Arabic: إِسْرَائِيل‎), also known as the State of Israel, is a country in Western Asia, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea. It has land borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan on the east, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip[18] to the east and west, respectively, and Egypt to the southwest. The country contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area.[19][20] Israel's economic and technological center is Tel Aviv,[21] while its seat of government and proclaimed capital is Jerusalem, although the state's sovereignty over Jerusalem has only partial recognition.[22][23][24][25][fn 4]

Population: 8.712 million (2017) Trending, World Bank

Israel is a constitutional Republic

Israel is a constitutional Republic- not quite on par with the USA, but way more good than bad- a mixture of American and British systems and there are Muslim members in the Israeli Parliament. 

Constitution of Israel)


Screenshot 168 facts

68 reasons to celebrate Israel: diversity, hi-tech, fun, delicious snacks and much more.

  68 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Israel

Screenshot 1small b

  Israel - Small but Outstanding

Published on Apr 29, 2012 Israel, a small country of outstanding beauty, is so many different things: It is a bridge between Africa, Asia & Europe, It has pulsating urban life, breathtaking nature, an abundance of plant & animal species, Thousands of years of fascinating history, a rainbow of cultures and traditions. Israel offers an energizing experience with a vibrant cultural scene, and is proud to be an innovative leader in science & High-Tech. Sounds too much? you'll believe it when you see it. Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - Twitter - Please credit the MFA and the creators of this clip for any use of this video. Photographer and Editor: Eyal Bartov Additional Photographs: Samuel Magal After Effects: Gili Ittah Original Music: Israel Kasif



Screenshot 1israel tanks

 Israeli Tanks

  Secrets Of War, Deadly Intelligence 02 Shadows Of The Six Day War


Published on Jul 6, 2017
A well made doc of the 6 day war with emphasis on the intelligence aspects. These include the only capture by the West of a complete MIG 21.

Golan: Yom Kippur, 1973 - IDF Tanks defeat Syrian force 7 times its size

 From "Greatest tank battles" TV show. In 1973, Syria launches a surprise attack against Israel in the Golan Heights.This is a story of survival, where a few out-numbered tankers manage to hold off an enemy of overwhelming size in one of the greatest tank battles ever waged.


Screenshot 1effective

" Why is the Israeli army so powerful? What are the key elements explaining such a military success? Today we are going to tell you the 5 key facts that explain this".

Why is the ISRAELI ARMY so POWERFUL? - VisualPolitik EN




Army Conscription

Israeli Female Military

Since its early days as a fledgling State, the Israel Defence Force was given authority to enlist any citizen from 18 years of age.  Under their law, both men and women had to serve for a minimum period.  Men - 3 years and 2 years for women.  There are a number of reasons Israeli citizens can be exempt from service which include medical problems, religious study and criminal records to name a few.  Today, many citizens choose to stay after their initial conscription and the military becomes their career and livelihood.  

Upon evaluation, each person is given a medical profile which determines where they will serve.  The highest grade profiles are placed in one of five infantry brigades, field, and combat intelligence units or can serve as combat engineers.  Other roles include artillery, military and border police, Aman, logistics corps, adjutant Corps and more.

Women in the Army

Israel is one of the few countries that has mandatory conscription for women into their armed forces.  While it is still mandatory, there are more reasons for an exemption available to women including religious conscience, pregnancy, marriage and motherhood.

Currently, 65% of women serve in the army, 25% choose to opt out on religious groups and the remaining 10% are exempted due to marriage and family or physical/emotional reasons.


Ex-Mossad Agent

Ex-Mossad Agent Victor Ostrovsky Interview


Religious Divide

 Judaism Divided (1998) - The gulf between ultra-orthodox and secular Jews is threatening Israel’s stability more than their conflict with the Arabs. Subscribe to Journeyman for news and science reports every weekday: In a suburb of West Gaza, an orthodox community are outraged by the habits of their secular neighbours. “They walk with cleavage in front of people who need to observe modesty.” Liora and her secular neighbours complain of a recent incident when a Rabbi barged into her house and broke her stereo. The tension peaks at the Western Wall - an unholy battleground wher

Israel's Dangerous Religious Divide Within Judaism


Jews Have Right to Self-Determination



Only Jews Have Right to Self-Determination’—Jewish State Bill Passes First Reading in Israeli Knesset

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history


Screenshot 7law of return

 Screenshot 1 snow in israel

Golan Heights winter 2013


 Screenshot 1ski

Highway 98 Majdal Shams - Mount Hermon ski resort


Screenshot 1mark tine

Gordon Robertson looks at Israel's remarkable agricultural innovation, with special focus on the role of the kibbutz in Israel's agricultural success, growing crops and orchards in desert, rocky land and swamps with hard work and ingenuity.

Made in Israel: Agriculture


Screenshot 1made in israel

Because more than half of Israel is desert, the lack of clean water is a life-or-death issue. Gordon Robertson examines several of the ways that Israel conserves water, including desalination, drip irrigation and recycling.

Made in Israel: Water



Screenshot 1push back desert

  Planting Trees - Pushing Back the Desert

How do you push back centuries of desertification? Through planting trees in the desert, of course! Learn how KKL-JNF helps trees survive in the desert. Find out more about 'Green Sunday', a JNF Australia initiative that encourages Jewish Australian youth to get involved in planting a green belt around Beer Sheva.


Goats & sheep are part of the cause of desertification. The shape of their mouth lets them nibble exposed plant stems down to the bare soil, and it can not recover and dies. Need to put an end to free-roaming sheep/goats, and enforce managed rotational grazing with permanent fencing, so protected fenced plants have time to recover after grazing.

If left unchecked, the sheep will eat every little sapling that ever tried to sprout.

A problem with mass plantings everywhere is that only one or a very few different types of trees are planted. When disease hits, most of the trees are lost in that kind of tree. Plantings should be of every sort of tree feasible in any given area where they can grow. Through diversity of trees, wildlife does much better. Where only one or a few kinds of trees are planted, food sources for birds and other wildlife often do not do well. I don't know about what kind of trees are being planted here, but the pictures all looked the same. I will look it up and see what it is from the comments.

When the grand turk of Turkey realized rebels were running into the forests to hide, he ordered a tax on every non-food producing tree. All across the empire, trees were burned off. the Fertile Crescent had good grazing for two years, then the rains stopped. When the Jews came home to Israel, they realized for the first time why Moses was told, when you get to your new land, plant trees. Before the Turk, the forests were so thick, a man had to walk sideways at times to get between them. You're bringing back the trees, something sacred to God. Be forever blessed for that. You walk in beauty.


Screenshot 12000 years date palms

  2,000 year-old seed brought back to life

 Methuselah, the Judean Date Palm – links the past to the present through agriculture and archeology. One of the world's most ancient species, it is being revived after 2,000 years at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Israel.



Prevention of Infiltration Law



Pro Israel ProtestThis controversial law was originally enacted in 1954 with the express purpose to prevent the entry of Palestinian refugees and sympathizers into Israel due to fear of terrorism.

In 2013 the law was amended due to huge increases in the number of illegal immigrants ( infiltrators ) coming in from Africa.  These amendments included limitations on the amount of time an infiltrator could be detained as well as increasing the number of anti-infiltration enforcement officers.  Israel also has an ingenious scheme where they will compensate detainees if they agree to go home.

The new amendments enable the Israeli government to give jail time to migrants on temporary visas for any criminal activity regardless of its severity as a way of ensuring a zero tolerance attitude of African attitudes towards women and rape.

All detainees are put through an identification process and medical examination.  Those who file for asylum are given temporary visas allowing them to remain in detention or in the Israel community for up to 3 years.  Anyone who aids migrants via smuggling, providing shelter or giving them with weapons are also up for lengthy harsh sentences.  People from Sudan and Eritrea are under no circumstances allowed to file for asylum.  People from these nations are given options of cash and a ticket home, or to be taken to a detention center.

In 2015, 45,000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugee were sent letters informing them they had 30 days to accept one of 3 options:
•   Israel’s offer of $3,500 in cash and a one-way ticket home
•   A one-way ticket to an unnamed third country in Africa
•   Incarceration at Saharonim detention center


Only 190 asylum seekers have been granted refugee status in Israel since it signed the 1951 Convention in 1954.

Israel grapples with wave of north African migrants | ASSAF - Aid ...


Screenshot 1want africa out


Israelis Want Africans Out



Israel Egypt BarrierIsraeli-Egypt Barrier

Since building a barrier between the Egypt and Israel border, the number of people seeking to enter Israel illegally has significantly decreased. 

It should also be noted that a number of countries, including India and the United States, has sent officials over to Israel to review and learn about their successful barrier technology.


Israel Enacts Law Allowing Authorities to Detain Illegal Migrants for Up to 3 Years

The leftwing News HAARETZ promotes Israel should allow Illegal migrants to live in Israel.


Screenshot 1haaretz

Screenshot 1white man


Israel's Anti-infiltration Law Is a Disgrace

Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison


Israel Deporting Dreamers to Africa

Screenshot 1infowars


Screenshot 1sudan money



Some Jews promote third world invaders into Europe

Israel Directly Helping Muslims And Africans Invade Europe

Ellie SearIt was reported at the beginning of April on RT news that the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sent letters to half of the black population saying either go to Africa or go to jail. After a quick re-think he decided he could create more mayhem by dumping them on to white countries. He then decided that they should be sent to Canada, Italy and Germany and got the United Nations to support his "RACIST" decision. Why can't Europeans make the decision to make all unemployed blacks return to Africa? This is common sense considering the rising number of street killings and our unacceptable drug problem.


Screenshot 10gaza jews

Gaza: The Fight For Israel (Middle East Documentary) - Real Stories

 In the summer of 2005 the Israeli government attempted to remove 8,500 Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip. The operation split Israel down the middle, between those who see settling the land as a religious duty, and others who believe the settlements are a barrier to peace. This observational documentary follows the General in charge of the operation, himself the son of one of the founders of the settler movement.

Screenshot 10change must

 Screenshot 10no change to killing


Coveners League has many articles, here is a small sample, please check them out.

Screenshot 2big picture ice men

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

 White European Racial Pride.   What Race Are You ?

White European Racial Pride. What Race Are You ?

 Alternative News Sites

Alternative News Sites

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

 Whites Fight Back Against  Racism &amp; Bigotry

Whites Fight Back Against Racism & Bigotry

European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 Screenshot 2coudenhove

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - To Genocide Indigenous Europeans in Europe

 Screenshot 2us constitution

US Constitution & Bill of Rights. Article…

Europe &amp; Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Screenshot 2second try

Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

 Screenshot 2keep fredom free

Freedom of the Internet

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In Europe

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In

 Screenshot 2gencide

Genocide Whites & all Races

Screenshot 2white indigous laws

White Indigenous Rights

Screenshot 2big family 2

Promoting Large Families

Screenshot 2farmland

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

 Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

New World Order Globalist. Update 2

New World Order Globalist

 Screenshot 2picture of dead people

The European Holocaust

 Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice. Update 2

Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice

Fighting Genocide Worldwide

 Bankers Control the World

Bankers Control the World

 White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

White Gentile Organizations & Jewish Community Based Organizations

Screenshot 3picture

White & Jewish National Congresses

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Orania White Afrikaner Community

Orania White Afrikaner Community

 Screenshot 7white s

Helping Whites. South African Family Relief …

 I try to use copyright free images at all times. However if I have used any of your artwork or maps then please don't hesitate to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to give the appropriate credit.




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