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The White Afrikaan History in South Africa.

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The Money Power, Stephen Goodson tells us, and wanted to achieve independence for South Africa. He commissioned the Hoek Report from Professor Piet Hoek of Pretoria University, and the report showed that the Anglo American Corporation controlled the English language newspapers and 70% of all companies in South Africa, while paying 10% of the tax.

Anglo American PLC is a multinational mining company. It’s products include: copper, diamonds, iron ore, metallurgical coal, nickel, platinum and thermal coal. German Jewish émigré Sir Ernest Oppenheimer founded the Anglo American Corporation in 1917 in South Africa, with significant financial backing from the American bank J.P. Morgan & Co. It became the majority stakeholder in the De Beers (Diamond) company in 1926, a company formerly controlled by Alfred Beit, also a Jewish-German émigré. Via Wikipedia and Daily Mail.



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Whites in South Africa are 10th-14th generation South African and only about 10% of Blacks can say that.

Steve Hofmeyr - Discrimination?

Steve Hofmeyr recorded a brilliant message in which he challenges the apparent oppression black people experience. Here's the truth. Black people (in the West) are not oppressed, and to say they are, is cultural Marxist nonsense. Sure, there are oppressed black people, but you'll need to look at central to northern Africa. And the oppression is not committed by white people. JERM WARFARE SPONSORS Dear SA - Southern Cross - Buffelsfontein - Forklift Direct - Caloroso Coffee:


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Steve Hofmeyr Crucified, yet Julius Malema Still Allowed to Participate in Elections??!

I wanted to show a comparison of how unfairly Steve is judged. Julius Malema can sing "Kill the Boer" and not be considered a racist or guilty of hate speech. On the other hand, Steve Hofmeyr speaks truth to help his people, is proud of his heritage, seems to long for a time before ANC reign of terror. The atttack's against Steve are so disgusting and biased. He has used his platform to try and tell the world his people are a dying tribe, yet he is crucified at every turn. Their government nor media want us to know the truth. This is why they attack him so viciously and try to humiliate and destroy his reputation. Do not beleive the fake news. Why is Malema not all over the media as an evil racist? Why has the ANC allowed him to continue to hold a place in politics? Why has he not been removed for being a genocide inciting, racist? None of this makes sense does it? That's because it's insanity of the highest order and I needed to speak the truth. If you would like to contribute to this cause and help us to keep making an impact for the white minority in South Africa, we appreciate any help we can get. Many small costs add up to large costs. It is impossible to maintain everything without outside help.



The White Afrikaan History in South Africa.


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Jan van Riebeeck by Charles Bell

 History of White South Africa


History will tell you that many whites in South Africa are 10th-14th generation South African and only about 10% of Blacks can say that - most of them are 1st to 6th generation South African.

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  White Genocide in South Africa


White killings in South Africa.

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  The TRUTH about apartheid | Paul Kruger and Jonas Nilsson

 Paul Kruger the lawyer from the VVK, is the author to the Memorandum The book can be purchased on:


White people know they didn't steal the land, what blows my mind away is where the black people get that idea from? Funding from a corrupt organisation with a clear agenda, to create chaos for their own purpose. To enrich themselves more and cripple the people even more without them knowing it. Everyone focus on RACISM these days but fails to ask why these people do this. Cyril Rhamaphosa is stinking rich, so is Zuma, Malema well on his way. ....and the people are to stupid that these people they are treating as gods, are the ones who are going to rob them blind without even knowing. ZUMA all over.

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For more information on the white killings go to the following link:

 White European Holocaust, Update 2


"Karin Ann Smith is an expat South African living in Texas. She studied Nursing at Grey's Hospital in Pietermaritzburg and worked in the Casino industry and for the biggest supermarket chain in South Africa, both upper management positions dealing with the Unions. She has been an activist calling for world attention to the genocide of the Boer people in South Africa for at least 10 years. Her family fled the civil war in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and eventually settled as farmers in South Africa, where her family of 5 siblings and both parents have suffered attacks by AK47 wielding gangs twice in the last 3 years, resulting in the death of her father last September. Karin talks about the history of South Africa during the days of the Dutch East India Company when the Cape of Good Hope was developed. She explains the early clash of the nomadic Boors and the African Zulu Nation along with the British colonization of the mineral rich region. We discuss the 1948 establishment of the Republic of South Africa by the National party, when apartheid laws were instituted as a way to maintain the peace between the minority White Afrikaners, the ruling Boers and warring indigenous Black tribes. Karin explains the political interests of the African National Congress (ANC) and underscores the track records of its communist faction, Joe Slovo, and the founder of the Armed Wing, Nelson Mandela. She also gives details related to the slow decline and decimation of the once predominately White South Africa, where taxpayer dollars cannot support the globalist takeover of a country lacking viable commerce from its majority population. Karin highlights some of the post-apartheid sanctions instituted by the ANC, along with the bigger picture of hatred towards Whites that has been stirred up by the ANC and their allies, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), led by Julius Malema. We consider the unique situation of present-day South Africa, where the reality of its brutally anti-White environment is strangely left out of any mainstream global report. We discuss the dire circumstances of Afrikaner squatter camps and government edicts that keep White citizens jobless, uneducated, and under the constant threat of illness and violent crimes against them."


Karin Smith - The Real Story of South Africa



"South African history on this first settlers to migrate north from the English ruled Cape Colony at the most southern tip, before becoming the South African republic."

South Africa - The Battle of Blood River - 16 Des 1838


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These video carries forward memories of Afrikaanse defence forces


Wars Against Whites in South Africa

"Its funny how many wars white South Africans fought for this country... but its all forgotten, my dad was here, at the age of 16... remember him having nightmares about this."

"Online history video on the battle of Spion Kop, the bloodiest battle of the Anglo Boer War in South Africa 1899 - 1902, where Winston Churchill reported that up to seven bombs per minute were landing on top of the Spion Kop mountain with massive clouds of orange lydite and that the British soldiers in the trenches were being blown to atoms. Known as the 'Acre of Massacre', it remains the smallest piece of ground on which more men lost their lives in a single battle than any battle fought anywhere in the world… and it is here, witnessing what the human race was capable of, that the seeds of Mahatma Gandhi’s passive resistance took root. Leading up to this moment in history are some of South Africa’s major historical events going as far back as 1652, including: The arrival of the first settlers in South Africa and the origins of the Afrikaner people Conflicts in the history of South Africa: 1652 – 1902 Black/White and British/Boer conflicts in South Africa: 1652 – 1902. Presented by South African Military Historian Ray Heron from Spion Kop Lodge and produced by Tekweni TV Productions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

South African History 1652 -1902 Culminating in the Anglo Boer War & Battle at Spion Kop


First Boer War

First Boer War - From Bronkhorstspruit to Majuba 1880-81


Songs in memory of White European Afrikaan defense forces

Steek die Vure aan - Bok van Blerk


"From 1966 to 1989 The South African Defense Force (SADF) fought a war on the border between Angola and South West Africa (today known as Namibia). This 23 year conflict is today referred to as the Forgotten War".

"During this period every single white South African son was forced, through the Conscript System, to serve at first, one, then later two years as soon as they left school. A total of 715 South African Soldiers gave their lives to protect their country."


Screenshot 7afr yearsSuid-Afrikaanse Weermag: Ons was goeie kamerade

For twenty-three years, five western nations, members of the Soviet block and two superpowers were locked into a war never formally declared. The South African Defence Force and the CIA backed UNITA pitted against communist Angolans, SWAPO, Cubans, and Russians.

ANGOLA THE WAR Documentary Teaser

South African Boer War Documentaries

The Battle of Bronkhorstspruit was the first major clash of the First Boer War. It was a battle between a British army column and a group of Boers, fought by the Bronkhorstspruit River, a few miles east of the town of Bronkhorstspruit, Transvaal on 20 December 1880.

Battle of Bronkhorstspruit

ANGOLA THE WAR Documentary

Into Angola - AL J Venter (1981-82)

South African Army vehicles

 F.W De klerk  talks about South African Nukes.

F.W. De Klerk: On Nukes

 Boer Battlefield




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Helping Whites. South African Family Relief …






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