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Japanese Killing In World War 2. Update 6

Screenshot 13white sex for japans

Sex Slaves - Japanese Military Mistreatment of Dutch Women Prisoners

 The Japanese military routinely abused civilian women across the Occupied Territories of Asia. Hundreds of thousands of local women were also forced to become 'Comfort Women', or forced prostitutes. Among this number were several hundred white Dutch women and girls interned by the Japanese in the Netherlands East Indies. This is their appalling story.

Thank you, Dr. Felton. The scope of Japan's militarized sociopathy is difficult to fully comprehend. This story needs to be told as it is a part of WWII history that few authors could (or would choose to) write about. I appreciate the well-done, objective research that is evident in all your stories as well as your willingness to not shy away from any part of WWII history, regardless of the country of focus.
Thank you Mark for posting this documentary about one of the most forgotten chapters of world war two... In contrast to the German policy of penance and compensation and self reflection after the war. And the ability to rebuilt a good relationship with its neighbouring countries in Europe and Israel in particular. The Japanese have never apologised or even properly compensated the victims of the atrocities committed by the imperial Japanese army. To give an example, when Hirohito visited the Netherland on a state visit in 1970 he never mentioned the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese army and to make matters worse the Japanese government found it suitable to grant a one- of payment of 50 guilders (+/- 23 euros) per person to all the men and women that had been held as prisoner or forced labourer... A typical example of making apologies the Japanese way... Needless to say, that most of the victims were disgusted and would never talk about their experiences...  Let alone except the money!
I remember seeing an interview with a Japanese soldier, who dispassionately described how an old Chinese man begged for his life before the soldier beheaded him, for no reason than he happened to be there. Sickening.

Screenshot 13fleas infected with the plague

The HORRIFIC Executions Of The American Victims Of Unit 731

 During the Second World War, many war crimes were committed by different nations. However the Japanese became known for their horrific treatment of civilians and Prisoners of War that had fallen into their custody. They were responsible for crimes such as the Death March of Baatan, however there was one sick element of the Imperial Japanese Army that focussed on biological warfare. Unit 731 has gone down in History as a sadistic centre for human experimentation in which the Japanese designed biological weapons that could have decimated world populations. They deployed chemical weapons and even the plague during the Second World War, and this was all designed within Unit 731.

The experiments inside of Unit 731 were barbaric, with many prisoners being dissected alive and also being subjected to horrifying ordeals such as being forced to get frostbite. They also routinely executed prisoners to carry out weapons tests, however there were a few American prisoners of war who were subject to the horrors of Unit 731. One former researcher who worked there noted how one evening a few prisoners were brought in under upmost secrecy and were subject to horrifying experiments. It's believed that these prisoners were from a B-29 SuperFortress that crashed days before inside of Japan, and the crew were all captured, executed and imprisoned. It's claimed that one of the American prisoners was injected with salt water which killed him, and also another had their lung removed in sick surgery.

The crimes of Unit 731 were extensive and huge, and much was covered up after the Second World War with no members of the barbaric establishment being brought to justice. There is evidence of their crimes which can be seen, but the stories of the American prisoners who were subject to these medical experiments deserves to be told. For they were prisoners of war who were barbarically executed in the hands of the enemy.

So join us today as we look at, 'The HORRIFIC Executions Of The American Victims Of Unit 731.' Remember to support our channel, please make sure to subscribe.

So these were covered up after the war. Who was occupying Japan at the time these cover ups were being done? Why, I do believe it was the Americans! Therefore it's reasonable to assume that the Americans covered up the crimes committed on their own servicemen during WWII. Of course, the USA would never do such a thing on its own soil, except the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Maybe you should do an episode on that?
Birger Rieb
The Americans took over Unit 731 and used it for further development of their own torture methods.
They chopped off limbs of prisoners with newly forged swords before they were considered worthy of battle.
Like most big powers, the U.S. govt does not give a hoot about it's own citizens. From it's treatment of the natives, the quiet Lusitania cover up before U.S. WW1 involvement, the Pearl Harbour set up, the so called "accident" of the " USS Liberty" in 1967 and the death of 34 U.S. naval personnel, and so on. It's just the way big govt in any nation operates. It's citizens are all expendable, and that's the way it is.
Mike West
Crazy to think an accountant at camp in Germany gets the death penalty and unit 731 walks free!!

Screenshot 3bio warfair

The true story of Japan's creation of a bio-weapons stockpile and a diabolical plan, using gigantic submarine aircraft carriers, to destroy the US West Coast.

Operation PX - WW2 Japanese Bio-Weapon Attack on America (Episode 2)

Cody Bailey

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; The Nazis didn’t have anything on the Japanese when it comes to their absolute depravity. The fact that the US overlooked Unit 731’s war crimes in exchange for their research is almost equally despicable.
Considering that they used the biological agents against China, I doubt that they would have made the decision not to use them in the U.S. if they hadn't already feared that they were losing the war. At this point, they had to be thinking about the punishments that they would take if they lost after having used those agents in San Francisco.

Screenshot 3prisoners fofwar

What happened to the US Navy and Marines who survived the Battle of Wake Island in 1941 - this is the story of how some made repeated and daring escapes from Japanese POW camps in China.

Wake Island Escapers - US Heroes in Japanese Occupied China

Robocam 01

If the japanese forces actually had any honor they all would have fallen on their swords after LOSING the war. For beating torturing and killing unarmed Pow's, for forcing women captives to become comfort women and for the atrocities against civilians, the Japanese forces are cowards in my eyes.


Screenshot 1ww11 japanese


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. This film contains images of war atrocities and may not be suitable for viewers of all ages.

This 1944 film, RETURN TO GUAM, was produced by the U.S. Navy about the taking and recapture of the island of Guam. The film also shows the history of U.S. involvement in Guam, including the participation of native Chamorros in the Navy and in defense of the island. Aside from showing the invasion and recapture of Guam, the film shows the horrific massacre of the Chamorros conducted by the Japanese -- with many of them executed by firing squad and their bodies desecrated by the occupiers.

The film begins with the rescue of George Tweed, the only survivor of the original U.S. garrison of Guam. Tweed was discovered when a convoy of American ships neared the island and saw lights flashing from the island in Morse code "information". Tweed relates his harrowing story of how he survived in the bush for 31 months with the help of the natives, Chamorros.

The narrator then explains that the island of Guam means much to the people of America, none more so than the Chamorros sailors on the convoy. The film, through the voice of a Chamoro, relates how good life was on the island, how the US had opened schools and clinics for the natives, and trained them for self-government.

Then, on 11 December 1941, the island is assaulted by a huge force of Japanese planes and ships. The outnumbered garrison of about 500 men defends the island, but to little avail, and contact is lost with the mainland within hours. The American people and Chamorro diaspora don't know what happened to the friends and relatives on the island.

So the long process of industrial rearmament and "island hopping" begins with each element being scorned by a "Japanese" man with a radio speaker in silhouette behind a curtain. And then the island is taken. Surprisingly little is actually shown of the battle, but Tweed is shown talking to some of his superiors about the experience of the Chamorros on the island, the brutality and torture that the Japanese inflicted on them, and several photographs of Chamorro severed heads are shown, with the narrator explaining why each was decapitated.

The Second Battle of Guam (21 July – 10 August 1944) was the American capture of the Japanese-held island of Guam, a United States territory (in the Mariana Islands) during the Pacific campaign of World War II. After the battle, Guam was turned into a base for Allied operations. Five large airfields were built by the Seabees, and B-29 bombers flew from Northwest Field and North Field on the island to attack targets in the Western Pacific and on mainland Japan.

We encourage viewers to add comments and, especially, to provide additional information about our videos by adding a comment! See something interesting? Tell people what it is and what they can see by writing something for example like: "01:00:12:00 -- President Roosevelt is seen meeting with Winston Churchill at the Quebec Conference."

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD and 2k.

For more information visit

 Lynn Robinson
I taught school on Guam during the Vietnam era. My landlord shared his experience with the Japanese during WwII. His whole family and all Guamanians were virtually starved by the Japanese..were tortued numerous times. He had the scars to prove it. The Guamanian people were forced labor for the Japanese..many Guamanians were murdered, starved, mutilated, beaten and tortured. It was an awful time for these island people. They prayed everyday that the Americans would come back and release them. Many didn’t make it to the end of the war.

Joseph Aubuchon

I lived on Saipan, around 78 miles to the north of Guam, for several years (Guam is the southernmost and most populous of the Mariana Islands, while Saipan is second). I've spent a lot of time on Guam and have friends there today. One of my friends had an uncle who was a Catholic priest there, and who was beheaded by the Japanese early in the occupation. It's a beautiful place, and has thrived as an American possession.

James Armijo

I knew a woman whose uncle was beheaded by a Japanese officer. He was holding a small American flag and would not drop it. So he was executed. She grew up and married a Navy man. Well they was stationed on Japan. She told me she never left the Base. She hated the Japanese. She is from Guam.

No Land for Peace

I'm from that time period, the Japanese marched men to death, starved men, hung men, dipped some in ice water, beheaded some, and even performed live dissection on some!





Screenshot 1brutality

WW2 Japanese Military Brutality Explained


Mr Thompson
>video explaining Japanese war crimes >it’s over an hour long Makes sense.
Japan got away with extreme war crimes! I cant believe its all brushed under the carpet!
Richmond Wald
I'm Japanese, and I can tell you that there is great emphasis on educating people about the atomic bombing in my country – on how "inhumane and atrocious" it was – but little to no effort at all on the crimes that our own people have committed. And if I were to ever promote videos of this kind to my people, I will be called a "traitor".

 Screenshot 2jape

A young Japanese solider is seen waving his rifle in the air while a baby hangs lifeless upside down as the bayonet end of the rifle is pierced through the baby's chest, the soldier's facial expression appears neutral.

The picture from video. Rape of Nanking

The genocide and Holocausts have been caused by just a small handful of elite groups in the world and Europe.  It is worth remembering that Holocausts occur all over the world and to create a balance here, we have a list of Holocausts which have occurred in other parts of the world which are completely unrelated to Europeans.  You will not see these mass genocides on your Globalist controlled media sources, but these atrocities have occurred throughout history caused by Africans, Asians, and  Muslims.



Genghis Khan


 This Mongol destroyer set in motion the conquest of a quarter of the world's population with a body count in the millions. Genghis Khan (/ˈɡɛŋɡɪs ˈkɑːn/ or /.

Genghis Khan One of History's Great Destroyers FULL DOCUMENTARY

"The Mongols were basically more like a criminal gang than anything else. They murdered, raped, stole, destroyed for profit and the sheer joy of it. They weren't motivated by politics, ideology or religion just money and brutality for brutality's sake. they destroyed civilizations and depopulated large areas of Eurasia. some estimate they wiped out 10% of the World's population making the conquistadors, Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like amateurs. Genghis was no different than any mob boss or leader of a drug cartel. the attempts to make him into a grand leader are silly. Mongols are still hated in many places in Eurasia with good reason. in China in the 60's tens of thousands of Mongols living in China were killed by angry mobs."
 The Japanese Second World War

The globalist controlled media is always talking about the gassing of the six million Jews, but rarely or never talks about the millions of gentile Europeans that was killed during the war. They also rarely or never talk about the horrific genocide practiced by the Japanese against their enemies. Adolf Hitler's Germany was not brutal like the Japanese. Many Japanese soldiers gave no mercy to Europeans, Chinese, South East Asians, and many others. Many Japanese had no remorse when cutting head off with a sword or putting their rifle bayonet into live person.

 Screenshot 2cut s
The Nanking Massacre is too singled out in this video. A lot of Chinese people hate Japan not just because of the one Massacre, but the whole invasion. During those years Japanese soldiers basically marched over Chinese territory and they tried to kill everyone they saw. There are still chemical weapons found underground today in northeast China which still get people sick and killed. And the worst thing is Japan is still trying to deny all this. I'm just saying, if a Chinese hates Japan, it's probably not only because of a single massacre.
It's actually 6 to 10 million Chinese that were brutally murdered by the Japanese during WW2.
By now, Japan still refused to acknowledge the brutal massacre of Nanking. What's worse, in order to combine South Korea as an ally, they apologize about comfort women to South Korea, and refuse to do so to China. It's pathetic to treat these human tragedy as political tool, they just lost basic humanity. 
I don't hate Japan. They did bad things to Chinese because they followed Japanese emperor's thoughts in WW2. Japan hasn't reflected on history, which makes almost Chinese people don't like Japan.
Not to mention all the atrocities Japan has done to other countries like Korea, Philippines and so many others. The whole world knows about the Nazis and the Holocaust but almost nobody recognizes the Japanese for doing all these crimes. The worst part is that the most Japanese wont acknowledge their wrongdoings either.
 Screenshot 21907 for war us

Going back in history the Japanese had already made the plans to attack the United States, as the official plans were in fact made in August 15th 1907. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor 7:48 am (Hawaii Time (18:18 GMT) on December 7, 1941

 Screenshot 2many dead
Screenshot 2more dead
Screenshot 2dead heads
Screenshot 2small stone

The Japanese called a Chinese person a "colo" a small stone. Many Chinese were kicked because of this.


Screenshot 2emperor

 The Japanese emperor was involved in promoting the war, he wasn't prosecuted after the war.

The Road to War - Japan

To be fair though I believe that the 2 atomic bombs should have been aimed at more military targets like the Japanese fleet, I also think that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima was necessary to get Japan to surrender. Had the invasion did happen (as opposed to the bombing of Hiroshima) millions of Japanese troops, Japanese civilians and Americans alike would have died hence the atomic bombing of Hiroshima was necessary. I'm Filipino and also remember the Japanese killed many in Nanking & Manila.

Not true. The Japanese killed American civilians too at Pearl Harbor. Also, they slaughtered over 100,000 people just for the fun of it in Nanjing. With out the bombs the war would have kept going. The Japanese war council was split even after the 2 bombs. The generals wanted to fight to the death. And they thought we had over atomic 100 bombs. There was even an attempted coup by a Japanese Major to keep fighting.


Screenshot 2kill 100

The two Japanese soldiers shown in the picture standing proud with their swords as they advertise for a competition of mass killings, the game was who can kill 100 people with a sword in a certain amount of time, after the war this advertisement got them convicted and they were both executed.

10 Worst Japanese War Crimes


Screenshot 2731

Japanese members of the Unit 731 Practice and experimented on live prisoners.

Is Japan Trying To Hide Its War Crimes?

i'm Japanese and i was studying abroad in America for 1 year till this year May. There i met so many people and many of them told me about what we did for China, Korea and many other East Asia countries during the war. i was so shocked bc i didn't know most of the stories what they told me. Seriously we really don't have chance to learn about them at school. we don't learn history emotionally. we just learn a part of the WWII history and don't put an emphasis on modern history. rather we study many old things such as Samurai. Anyways it's so sad that Japanese young people don't know, think well, and show remorse about what we've done. the Government has apologized several times. but it doesn't matter. bc what foreigners need is not Government's apology. they want Japanese to change. we need to change our attitude. we need to learn more. for some reasons Japanese Government doesn't want us to know our cruel actions during the war. i really hate Japanese Government..... we need to change now. otherwise we can't have a good relationship with Korea and China.

Millions of men were tortured and executed... but let's focus on comfort women, that was especially terrible! In fact, let's make a whole separate video about it!


Unit 731 Documentary:  Japanese Invasion of China 1937-45

Screenshot 2jap p

Screenshot 2sores

Many prisoners developed large sores, a variety of diseases and died from a number of horrific deaths.


Screenshot 2hin m 2

The Japanese gave no mercy to the Chinese people and prisoners of war. Prisoners of these camps got little to no food and were no more than skin and bones as you can see in the picture above. Many surviving prisons said during their intense labor; if you fell to the ground from exhaustion you would be either clubbed or Bayoneted to death.


Screenshot 2dead people

Japanese World War II Crimes

The Hidden Truth of World War 2 (Luzon) - Full Documentary

The Rape of Nanking Documentary




Screenshot 2 head c off

 Above you can notice the Japanese solider just finished cutting off a man's head while on he's knees.


Screenshot 2 cut head with baby

You can see the horrific image of a mother and her child having a sword cutting their head off in a single blow.


Screenshot 2 gene

Screenshot 2rape d

Screenshot 2killing and killing

Screenshot 2 kk

Japanese use live prisoners for bayonet practice.



Screenshot 2 k s

Many Japanese soldiers appeared to get a great enjoyment cutting people's heads off as seen in the pictures


Screenshot 2 jap with head

A pile of lifeless bodies lay dead as Japanese solider smiles to the camera while holding a victim's head that was likely to be chopped off with a sword he's holding.

Rape of Nanking


Is Japan Trying To Hide Its War Crimes?

Japanese POW

 In 1972 my great uncle sat down and wrote an 80 pg. handwritten personal history of his time in World War II as a prisoner of war of the Japanese. From May of 1942 until August 15th of 1945, 1200 days as a POW, he survived one day at a time.

Over 1200 Days as a Japanese POW of Robert Enson Russell pt.2 of 2

The Japanese public during WW2 were told by their govt. they had won at Midway, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, every battle, they were told they won.  They created their own hell. The Japs, Upon retreating in Manila, killed 100,000 filipinos, men women and children as they were beaten out of the country.

I'm sick and tired of the constant reminding of the Jewish Holocaust, when the truth is that our own people were treated equally as badly by the Japanese. We don't have a special day that is remembered worldwide, or museums testifying to the illtreatment of our troops.

“Prisoners Of The Japanese” by Gavan Daws. American civilian contractors captured on Wake Island by the Japanese military. This book details prison life under the savagely brutal Japanese and Korean guards during WWII. Many American do not realize the extent the Koreans played in the brutal and savage treatment POW’s in the Pacific endured at their hands. The Germans were monks compared to these twisted primates.

Why didn't he mention the baby tossing and skewering with their bayonets, and the sadistic experiments on Chinese civilans to devise more painful, slower deaths, for their amusement. Japan's refusal to admit this happened and to apologize is proof that they are still the same today. They haven't changed at all.
My great grandubcle was tortured to death by the Japanese, not killed but instead couldn't handle the torture and passed my grand parents and mother will never forget that. I'm just unhappy that the Japanese government will not apologies to China even till now, that is beyond childish
 Screenshot 2hirohitos
Wow, Charleton Heston as the narrator. That's impressive. This vid is important because it shows a part of Japanese history that few know of. Hitohito played a defintie role in the perpetuation of Japanese war intentions and should have been prosecuted. It was only due to McArthur's insistence that Hitohito not be tried that he was able to escape justice. Sadly, that is how history played out. Could it happen again? Maybe not in Japan but in another country it could. When people are brainwashed and unable to hear both sides of a problem, they tend to go for personal protection. That is what happened in WWII in Japan.

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