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Blacks Fighting For Our Rights update 10.

  • Saturday, 19 February 2022 04:29
  Critical Race Theory creates race hate.  George Soros is Jewish Globalist.   Operation “Israel Cyber Shield” Operation “Israel Cyber Shield” Exposed: The Attack on Black America... How Cus D'Amato made Mike Tyson champion How Cus D'Amato made Mike Tyson champion   TO KILL & CONTROL –…

The United States Globalist Run.19.5.2022

  • Wednesday, 18 May 2022 07:38
  Interesting Things Still Being Discovered In Azov Bases Of Mariupol   "HALO Trust and PMC "Blackwater Ukraine" prepared the terrorists of "Azov" - an exclusive report for SIGNAL from Akim Apachev.Soldiers from 384 OMRP Special Forces discovered interesting finds in the Mariupol office of the "charitable…

White European Holocaust, 3/5/2022

  • Monday, 02 May 2022 00:32
WARNING GRAPHIC Shocking TORTURE of Whites and other Races   The United Nations is working toward a Communist World Government and is promoting the multicultural multiracial society to destroy all the different cultural and racial groups by encouraging countries to take non-natives into their countries to destroy…