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Article 13 & 11 Copyright European Union Laws





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Explained: Article 15 and Article 17 of the new EU copyright laws ..

 In this video, we take a look at 2 controversial topics, articles 11 and 13 of the European Copyright Directive, and how they may affect your internet useage.

I think it's quite simple really. Anyone who publishes anything on the internet, should do so knowing that they will automatically forgo any right to any kind of copyright law. Once it's on the internet in a public access domain, it automatically becomes public property. In effect, '' If you don't want it stolen, don't put it on the internet'' E.g You would'nt leave your wallet, car keys or cell phone in an obviously easy place for them to be stolen, would you?

Without relatively free and open access to information, the internet may retreat into a situation that requires a black market. The Dark Web exists to give access to content that is usually considered illegal, but with the actions of hackers and creative engineers there may be a situation where internet users switch their online habits to extra-legal (aka illegal) browsers, defying control, and making copyright laws useless. The tighter governments squeeze, the more tech savvy people will find ways around the situation, but without open content the attitude of users will become darker and more rebellious. Governments want more control over opinions, controlling the narrative and access to embarrassing information, but technology has made it impossible to put the genii back into the bottle. And the harder people have to work to get this content, the more hostile they will be to the gatekeepers.

I was introduced to the internet in 1987. Then years passed, as I did not care to own a computer, nor did my parents. But I was around many friends that owned computers and had internet throughout the 90's. In 2004 I got a computer as a present, along with internet. I can honestly say that the internet has become very much like television. I can literally see the decline in the freedom within it. I got rid of cable four years ago. It might be the internet next. The golden age of the internet to me was the later 1990's up to around 2005. After Facebook it has slowly declined. Try to find raw amateur footage of a catastrophe, let's say..and all you'll find is major news corporations flooding pages. Ads and more ads....pretty soon, it's like what's the use of having this internet anymore.

Parodie's and fair use for Journalism are still safe, so is comedy.


California and Indiana have laws to Copyright Faces to prevent society from placing them on any media publicly, including Youtube. Simply don't expose anything which is not your own work, even a Logo on your keyboard, or computer, or a picture in the background, or a T-Shirt design. I'm new on Youtube, and hope to start a channel, and since the passing of Article 13, I'm fully aware of this. We all have about 2 years to adjust. Personally, I don't care or require to show other's materials, and nobody has a right to show mine without my permission.


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How does ARTICLE 13 affect YOUTUBERS? - VisualPolitik EN

 "This is a special video. Here we are talking about a topic the affects, one way or another, all the YouTube channels, including, of course, VisualPolitik. We are talking about Article 13. This is a piece of EU legislation that might make all of our viewers from European Union unable to watch our videos. But What is, exactly, Article 13? What does it really mean for us? Is it really such a big threat for the online content creators? In this video, we will answer all of this questions".



Content Creators Lobby

As a former lawyer at the European Commission who is now a YouTuber, I have to say that this is a great video explaining the European legislative process and the need for a content creators' lobby in the EU. Let's discuss how to push this forward. My email is



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