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Farmland (Killing Whites in South Africa)

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FARMLANDS (2018) | Official Documentary

Pinned by Lauren Southern
Thank you so much for watching everyone... this documentary was created thanks to your wonderful support and donations. I've uploaded it totally free to watch, so if you can do one favor for all the effort everyone put into creating this - please please share it with at least one person. Spread the word so these stories are not forgotten.
Published on Jun 25, 2018
Thank you for watching! Please share to spread the word.
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 Lauren Southern
I see two brave ladies, who have put themselves in harm's way, to stand up for their beliefs and justice. Much respect to you both.
  Has anyone else noted that the same people who think that illegal immigrants from Mexico who come to the United States must be allowed to stay because they've been here 20 years but that Boers should have no place in South Africa even though they've been there 400 years?
The only racism existing today is the racism against Whites also in Europe in the name of our anti white government,in preferring non Europeans for welfare,support and others extra benefits we are only second class citizens now in our own countries it's the real racism which is obviously.Thank you Lauren and Brittany for bringing the TRUTH ???
Brittany and Lauren, you are lights in the darkness of this weird and sick era. ❤?
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Published on Jan 23, 2018
Jonas Nilsson from Boerproject interviewing Lauren Southern about her own documentary reagarding the farm attacks in South Africa.
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