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True Christianity and who is God


God is the Creator of all of the universe and beyond. God created the the big bang that created the universe and the world we live on.  God created the Sun, the Moon and all the plants and beyond and where does the universe end, we will probably never know. His divine plan has placed us in the exact place to support our life and that of our world.

 God is not a man, but we were made in His image, as in, we resemble His likeness. The people who lived in the Middle East at the time of Christian foundation were European, Arab Caucasian people. The Christian religion beliefs were founded in the Middle East and people believe they were created in god's image. The founders of Christianity did think of black Africans and Asians as part of the Christian religion and therefore did not think of writing about them in god's image.


Read the Bible (especially the New Testament) understand what God expects of you. Jesus said "The Truth will set you free."


"Wherefore take unto you the WHOLE armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand!"


 The majority of Christian churches in the western world are in favor of allowing millions of people from Muslim countries to invade European Christian countries, and in many Muslims countries many Christian have been killed because they are Christians. The Islam religion does not believe in free speech and are against the very foundation of the Christian religion.  Muslims in the United States want to remove the United States constitution and remove free speech and replace it with Islam Laws. We should not allow Muslims into or to live in Christian countries and as Christians are not allowed to live in many Muslim countries. 

If you look throughout history you find that many of the current Middle Eastern countries were once Christian nations including well-known Muslim-majority countries such as Turkey and Lebanon.  

There is evidence today that many of the Christian churches choose not to follow true Christianity and they now promote a number of ideas that will in actual fact lead the very destruction of their own faith and their own Christian followers. They also do not put much effort into campaigning to stop the persecution and killing of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa and do not campaign against Muslims grooming Christian girls in western countries for sex.

When you consider that Christianity historically campaigned against Islam and from invading into Christian majority countries, you could argue that today's Christian leaders are actually betraying all those who fought and died to stop Muslim from invading Europe in the past. The Christian leaders do not care about people who died for Christianity.

The Middle East and the Bible

US Christian Churches Back Muslim Invasion

Christians "Losing Everything" to Islam

We understand that faith is an important part of life for many Europeans.  For those that wish to see Christianity endure this latest crusade against its very ideology and faith, we urge you to fight back against Islam and its growing pressure on the West and make sure we preserve our culture and history for future generations.


Strengthen Your Armour by Gaining Knowledge

The greatest friend of mainstream media (television, radio, newspapers), multi-nationals, liberals and communists is the citizens' ignorance to current events and history.  There is no substitute in this battle for accurate and precise knowledge.  To know the enemy, his methods, the law by which he operates, is to have half the battle win in our favor. 


The article below was published in Australia in Queensland Immigration Control Association News Review, March 1979:

The Catholic Commission for Justice and peace has already submitted to the sub-committee on Defence and southern Africa that white Rhodesians not be granted refugee status - "they must not see Australia as a way out" said Father Buckhorn, he is Chairman of the Commission. 

The background on the Rhodesian problem was detailed and complicated however there is no denying that the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace was strongly against supplying refugee or immigration arrangements to a small number of white Rhodesians left in a precarious position of persecution. 

This is another religious organization that is there to represent the values of Christianity, it preaches 'love thy neighbor' in a multitude of situations and religious sermons however when its time to put these ideological beliefs into practice it turns a blind eye to killing white Europeans.  They most certainly failed the white Rhodesian population who were desperate to come to Australia and feared for their life and safety during uncertain times.

In the book of Ephesians 6:10, we read: 

Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.  Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wilds of the devil.  For we wrestle off against flesh and blood, and against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness and high places, wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand.

In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:3, from the chapter 'A Time for Everything' we read:

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
There are many versions of this quote from NKJV Ecclesiastes 3:3. New King James Version 2000 Bible.



When it comes to politics the majority of so called Christian ministers have a very vague understanding of the various political ideologies.  This is one reason why ministers have become tools of international Communism, Zionism, Liberals, and Multi-Nationals.  There are good arguments as to why politics and religion should be separate and many people believe that religious ministers should simply not be involved in politics, because they are so dumb.  Regardless of this known need for separation history has shown that throughout all time, religious leaders and ministers invariably got themselves involved in order to promote their agenda and ideas. 

In Christian history, there are many pivotal points where monarchies and governments made many decisions in consideration of the Christian church.  In the Middle Ages especially it was monks and other religious figures who were known as the learned men and it was expected that they would be consulted on national affairs.

During the Christian Crusades, religious ministers were not found in offices but were taught to fight and stand up for their convictions both with words and swords.  They were for the most part highly respected people.  The role of a religious minister today is much different and some could argue that it no longer garners a reputation for knowledge but instead attracts to its cohort those who easily believe the religious propaganda and revised histories that it promotes.  It is most disappointing to discover groups such as the World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) who talk on one hand about 'love thy neighbor' but then turn around and give money to known terrorist organizations.  

Christianity in the Middle Ages was the zeal that imposed 200 years of Crusades to the Holy Land from Europe, between the 11th and 13th centuries.  They fought under the Red Cross of the Crusades.  The soldiers were workers and noblemen.  Their goal was to march to the Holy Land and rescue the Holy places of the Christian faith from the Muslim Turks.  It would be very doubtful if Christians would do that today.  This is because of the distorted teachings of the Bible, and misinterpretation of different factions, which is creating a false attitude about 'love thy neighbor'. There are sections of the Bible which say to kill your enemies.  It seems we must go back to the fundamentals of Christianity if we are to beat the enemy.    

The first military expedition, led by Europeans from France, Germany, and Italy, began the movement to the eastern regions in 1096.  After a great loss of life because of disease, they captured the Holy City of Jerusalem in 1099 after a forty day siege.  Many Muslims and Christians, during the battle, were killed.  

The item in quotations was taken from the New English Bible printed in Britain by University Press Oxford, by Vivian Ridler, in the years 1961 and 1970.  

The Bible states, Leviticus 24:17 - 22: 

"When one man strikes another and kills him, he shall be put to death.  Whoever strikes a beast and kills it shall make restitution, life for life.  When one man injures and disfigures his fellow countryman, it shall be done to him as he has done, fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; the injury and disfigurement that he has inflicted upon another shall in turn be inflicted upon him. 

Whosoever strikes a beast and kills it shall make restitution, but whoever strikes a man and kills him shall be put to death.  You shall have one penalty for alien and native alike.  For I am the LORD your God.
Thus did Moses speak to the Israelites, and they took the man who blasphemed out of the camp and stoned him to death.  The Israelites did as the LORD had commanded Moses."

The Bible Teaches to Preserve Race

The following information was published in Britain in the book called The Bible, Science, and Race by K.R. McKilliam, B.A. published by the British Board of Deputies, P.O. Box 112, London.

European Adamic forbidden to cross-marry other races.  The Bible teaches that the Adamites, The White Race, were created as God's deputies to have control over the rest of creation.  They were forbidden to interbreed with the pre-Adamites.  They did mate with the pre-Adamites causing corruption of the flesh both of their own and of the pre-Adamites.  For this reason God brought upon them the Great Flood which destroyed them all except Noah and his family who were of pure adamic stock.  After the flood Noah and his family were told to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" with Adamites.   However inter-breeding began again and so Abram, a pure blooded Adamite was chosen upon whom God would build his servant nations.  Ishmael, Abram's son by an Egyptian woman, was rejected and Isaac, a pure blooded Adamite was chosen; Esau who had married a Canaanite woman was rejected and Jacob who had married pure bloods, was chosen.  From Jacob-Israel (ruling under God) were descended the Israelites who were forbidden to intermarry with any other people and upon them, redeemed by Israel's Redeemer, was to be built the Kingdom of God.  

Is Race Mixing a Sin?

St Paul wrote (1 Cor. 15:39):

"All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one flesh of men, another of beasts, another of fishes and another of birds."

There are three orders of Creation: - 1. Matter (Genesis : 6 - 9)  2. Mind (Genesis 1: 20 - 25) and 3. Soul (Genesis 2: 7 & 1 Cor. 15:45).

God made the four-footed animals and the Living Creatures (Chay).

Genesis 1: 24 - 25:

"And God said, let the earth bring forth THE LIVING CREATURE after HIS KIND, the cattle and creeping things and the beasts of the earth after their kind; and God made the beast of the earth after HIS KIND and the cattle after their kind and everything that creepeth upon the face of the earth after his kind."

The word translated 'Cattle' is BEHEMAH, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, number 929; a dumb beast; especially any large quadruped or animal (often collective), beast, cattle.  The word translated 'Beast of the Earth' is Chay, 2416 and Chayah, 2421 and 2423, a wild animal, beast, a living creature. 

In Daniel 4:25 we read:

"That they shall drive thee (Nebuchadnezzar) from men and thy dwelling shall be with the CHAY, and they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen."

The BEHEMAH and the CHAY were made after their kind and the names are in placed inter-changeable.  Murrain was inflicted on the four-footed animals (Exodus 9:)) but boils becoming blains on man and beast (Exodus 9: 3-4). Beasts were inhabitants of cities (Jeremiah 31: 6), they had hands (Exodus 19: 13) they had feet (Ezekiel 29: 11).  They could wear sackcloth and ashes and had the powers of speech (Jonah 3: 7 -8), they were servants (Jeremiah 28: 14), they honored God (Isaiah 43: 20).   

The Rev. Prebendary E.K. Victor Pearce, B.Sc., Dip. Anth. (Oxon), has shown in his book "Who was Adam?" that there were pre-Adamites, the Old Stone Age Man, the hunters and gatherers, many of who are still in the world to this day. 


The Creation of Adam - God's Deputy

Genesis 1: 26:

"God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him, male and female created He them"

God created male and female; other living creatures were made after their kind.

The word translated "Man" is AWDAM, 119, to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy, and AWDAWN, 120, from 119, ruddy, i.e. a human being (an individual of the species mankind):- therefore a white man: see also Genesis 25: 25, Psalm 45, Jeremiah 8: 12, Acts 7: 20, 1 Sam 16: 12, 1 Sam 17: 24.

The word translated 'Image' is TSELEM, 6745, from an unusual root meaning to shade, a phantom, illusion, hence a representative figure.  

God breathed into Adam and Adam became a LIVING SOUL (Genesis 2: 7 and 1 Cor. 15:45).  

Adam was to breed from his own kind

Genesis 2: 20:  All the animals and living beings were brought to Adam to see what he would name them - But for Adam, there was not found a help meet for him.  So God made the woman Eve from the body of Adam as a helpmeet for him.  Man was endowed with a soul, the parents Adam and Eve transmitted this to their offspring, therefore the sexual act for the Adamites is a sacrament - a relationship with God in which the soul is transmitted to the children (see Luke 3: 38).  Therefore shall a man (Adamite) leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh (AND ONE KIND OF FLESH 1 Cor 15:19), to which Our Lord Jesus Christ added (Matthew 19: 6), Wherefore they are no twain, but one flesh, what therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.



Exposing so called Christian lies about where the races came from.

Some so call Christian people say that all races come from 3 people because it said so in the Bible. God did not write the Bible, people wrote the Bible on their point of view of their Christian beliefs.

God made Neanderthal people and God made them Neanderthals.

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage


The different races were made by God and they live in parts of the World where God made them.

Blacks Africans - central Africa, Asians in Asia, Arabs Caucasians in the Middle East and White European Caucasian in Europe.

White European Racial Pride

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US Christian Churches Back Muslim Invasion

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