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Reflections on 'Sapiens' & 'The Strange Death of Europe'

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Reflections on 'Sapiens' & 'The Strange Death of Europe'

 I have just re-read יובל נח הררי Yuval Noah Harari​'s bestselling book 'Sapiens' and finished reading Douglas Murray's (from the The Henry Jackson Society​) new, excellent and already bestselling book 'The Strange Death of Europe'. Both have something very important to say about the state of our world. Here are a few thoughts of my own about the books and the work that needs to be done to protect our society.

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Tony Blair and Barbara Roche should be put to prison for the crimes they commited against Great Britain.

totally agree, we're seeing the collapse of western civilization as an attack on our biblical roots

Europe never wanted multiculturalism. It was a trick done behind our backs.

I had hoped that it would be a Jew owning up to their role in the decline of the West but Alas NO


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