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Instructional Bushcraft

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Surviving to Thriving: First 20 Primitive Months

From cave to house. Nature provides all the materials we need to live. We just need to learn how. Long ago our ancestors knew the primitive skills and technologies for survival in the wilderness. In the Primal Tendencies series I show my journey exploring this land and learning what to eat and how to build a functional adobe hut to go from surviving to thriving in the wild during a period of 20 months.


Screenshot 32mud oven in europe

Cooking Whole Sturgeon Fish in Mud Oven

Screenshot 32lam in bum oven

Cooking 15 kg of Stuffed Lamb in Mud Oven

Screenshot 17sitat

SURVIVAL IN THE ARCTIC TUNDRA - C-119 Flying Boxcar 21890


Screenshot 17archic live of


Land and Live in the Arctic for World War 2 Airmen - 1944 (Restored)


Screenshot 15wild pig h in j

capture the wild boar alive hunting

In the old days, eating was something you had to do for yourself; it was a way of life. I started hunting when I heard that word from Kunio Katagiri, a trapper in Shizuoka. I accompany a local hunter's hunting in the first year of the hunting season, and from the second year, I am hunting live by myself while referring to Kunio Katagiri's animation.

This is the third hunting season of the year. I make a living going into the mountains for my family and the people I care about. The trapped leg was aching in the flesh, so I originally wanted to trap it on the front leg, but it was trapped on the right hind leg.

The traps were shallow, so the photographer and myself had to keep in mind that they could have come off at any moment. If you watch the video for yourself, you can see the impatience. I would like to refer to Katagiri-san's way of calming down the feeling that she can approach the beast while talking to it, as if she were admonishing it. He was a wonderful boar with gentle eyes, but very strong and beautiful fur.

Translated with (free version)

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Screenshot 15j c dear


Screenshot 2slikshot

Squirrel Hunting with Slingshots

Chad meets up with Jim Harris in attempt to take squirrels using a unique method of sling shot hunting.

Screenshot 2old school

Old School Slingshot - Medieval and Roman style

About using Roman and Medieval slingshot; how to load, swing and shoot them through plywood and a quick calculation of their power.

Units of History - The Balearic Slingers DOCUMENTARY

Screenshot 6pritive s

Primitive Technology: Sling

Ancient Slingshot Was as Deadly as a .44 Magnum

On a fortified hill in Scotland some 1,900 years ago, a Roman army attacked local warriors by hurling lead bullets from slings that had nearly the stopping power of a modern .44 magnum handgun, according to recent experiments.


Screenshot 2plumbata

Plumbata 2 - Bigger, Better and thrown every way!

Plumbata are substantial war darts that have their origins in Ancient Greece and were favoured by late Empire Romans. In my first video here, I experimented with them and following more thought and your amazing comments I have come back to experiment more. Longer shafts, more fletchings and thrown everyway I could, by hand, by throwing strings and with a staff sling.

Just how far can you throw them and which way get them the furthest?


Screenshot 1spear in b

Screenshot 1atlai

Hunting the Ancient Bison. Primitive hunting with the Atlatl & Exploring Experimental Archaeology

 Primitive Atlatl Hunting Bison & Experimental Archaeology. In this first of its kind 47 minute documentary, Hunting the Ancient Bison, we get a glimpse back to 10,000 years ago. One scenario in which a small band of hunters would hunt, dispatch and process a bison with Atlatl, Spear point and stone knives. The hunt is lead by Professional Primitive Builder and Hunter, Ryan Gill.

Screenshot 1baking meat in mud


There are a number of European Caucasians who are finding bushcraft interesting and are now using it.  It should be taught in all European schools and throughout all European organizations because it allows you to connect back with nature and shows how your ancestors lived, what foods they ate, plants they used for medicines and how to make items and utensils to survive.  Bushcraft should be taught to all children to help them understand how their ancestors lived and to help build confidence, knowing how to be able to practice ancient crafts, such as making clay pots, baskets, stone spear heads and arrow points and to also make clothing, bow and arrows and bread making.


  Otzi the Iceman and Modern Survival


Screenshot 1firekit

How was fire started 5,300 years ago? Learn here!

Otzi the Iceman's Firekit


 Screenshot 1otzi shoe

Final assessment video submitted for ARCS2010 - Ancient Technologies at the University of Queensland, Australia

Otzi the Iceman Downunder Reproducing and testing the effectiveness of Otzi the Iceman's shoe


all the material was waterproofed with animal fat, which would help retain body heat. and his activity level, combined with better circulation (no offense intended), would cause him to have warmer feet, and less heat loss than you. good job trying out the ancient materials.

 Screenshot 1iceman downunder

Kev from Australian Survival Instructors re-creates and shows some of the famous Iceman's gear, and also shows some primitive arrow shafts, knapped primitive knives, after Otzi's design and also Mookaite Jasper stone etc

Otzi the Iceman Downunder

Australian Survival Instructors


" How to make linen from flax. A step by step demonstration of how linen is made using traditional Scotch Irish cottage industry methods. Flax and linen farming was one of County Donegal's biggest home industries for centuries."

LINEN - Making Linen Fabric from Flax Seed - Demonstration Of How Linen Is Made

Pinned by MonreaghCentre

Thank you for this video, it was informative. It fascinates me to think people did this from medieval times, up to the 19th century, mostly by hand, and it was considered a reasonably common skill.

I did this in school back in the late 80:s, when it was part of the corriculum in Swedish schools to teach traditional crafts/skills.



 You did not bring a compass, in order to find your way back to town you need to find North East South and West. This video  shows you how to find true North East South and West by using a primitive navigation method called " shadow stick method ".  The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West

Sun Compass Shadow Stick Method


 Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process. Remastered version from 16mm digital film scan. The film is filmed in Southeast Finland, in the village of Lyytikkälä in Suomenniemi in 1990.

Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process - 16mm Film Scan - English Version

I''m a spinner and weaver in Australia. Still have some hard to come by raw Flax ready for spinning. The method is quite different to spinning wool as the fibre is pretty coarse. My ancestors in eastern Europe used to grow flax, but also extra extracted oil from the seeds. I'm eating Linseeds when I have a twinge near my liver, which soon disappears like magic.

I love wearing Linen. I never knew how it was made Very interesting! Thank you!


Weaving Linen (1940-1949)


Eating BONE MARROW like CAVEMAN in the FOREST | 100-YEAR-OLD AXE!!! | Bow Drill Fire From Scratch


 The Wooded Beardsman

Not only will I cook bone marrow over an open fire, but I will also start the fire with a bow drill fire from scratch using materials in the woods around me with an axe I found.

  Eating BONE MARROW like CAVEMAN in the FOREST | 100-YEAR-OLD AXE!!! | Bow Drill Fire From Scrat


I will show you how to cook wild deer meat over an open fire in the woods using only natural materials like clay, burdock and tree bark. I use stone tools to infuse the meat with wild leek flavor.

  Baking Wild MEAT in MUD | Strange Ancient Cooking Technique! | Handdrill, Knotweed, Burdock, Leeks


Our annual spring tradition in Canada continues with MAPLE SYRUP production. We collect sap and boil our first run with a MASSIVE haul of 9 POUNDS of maple SUGAR! We do it on an open fire! UPDATE: I'm now up to over 25 lbs of SUGAR!

MILKING a TREE!?! | Maple SUGAR on OPEN FIRE | Home Made Evaporator, Wood Boiler, Chickens, Gardens


 My Self Reliance

Long term food storage for self reliance is one of my primary concerns at the off grid log cabin, and the DIY bushcraft woodworking projects I engage in this week help me achieve this. 

Long Term Food Storage for Self Reliance at the Off Grid Log Cabin


Solar Electricity for the Off Grid Log Cabin with Goal Zero Yeti Power Station


I knew it was coming soon, but not now! I have several things that need to be done before they're buried in snow and the ground freezes - finish the roof of the log cabin, build the outhouse, collect moss and clay for chinking, install the wood stove to heat the cabin, collect firewood.... 

Winter is Coming! Can I Finish the Log Cabin in Time? Roof, Stove and Outhouse


Insecurity at the Off Grid Cabin - Doors, Firewood and an Outhouse


Off Grid Cabin: A Visitor, a New Door and Wood Floor


 This is a quick and easy-to-build emergency shelter for surviving in the cold snowy enviroment. Often called a "snow trench shelter" or "snow trench cave".

Winter Survival - 15 minutes shelter



 Survival Lilly

Catch 'n' Cook - Land Crab

- A Fox ate my fish

Bug Out Vehicle - Prepared And Ready!

 Building A Survival Arrow

How To Carve A Survival Bow



Far North Bushcraft And Survival


How to make an Otzi the Iceman Arrow Quiver for primitive archrty hunting

Otzi the iceman arrow part 1,how to make 5000 year old primitive archery hunting arrows

Primitive Archery Copper Age Yew Longbow Part 1. Otzi the Iceman primitive hunting bow

  Log Cabin Wilderness Homestead, Maple Syrup, Wild Edibles, Primitive Skills


Ray Mear's Instructional Bushcraft Videos

The following videos give some good insight into how our ancestors lived.

Video 1

This video shows how our ancestors started a fire, making bow and arrows and how to skin deer using flint tools and other skills.  Near the end of the film, it shows some lovely cave paintings of European indigenous Caucasian ancestors.

Video 2

In this next video, Ray Mear shows how to make a birch bark bowl container from the birch tree.

Video 3

This video shows Ray Mear's world of survival in Siberia.  Ray visited a nomadic Asian family living off the land and their herd of reindeer.  We can learn from these educators how our ancestor lived.

Video 4

This video is one of 5 episodes showing how our hunter-gatherer ancestors used wild foods.

These videos are just a few examples of the wonderful documentaries created by Ray Mears.  Many of them can be watched in full on YouTube if you find this as fascinating as I do.

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