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Exposing Criminal Prosecutions

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"Everyone has the right to enjoy freedom from persecution."

The United Nation law on persecution, I quote:

"Everyone has the right to enjoy freedom from persecution."

During history every race Blacks, Asians, Whites Gentiles and white Jews have been persecuted.

Exposing persecution of Brittany Sellners

BANNED & INVESTIGATED For Her Politics? Brittany Sellner Patriots Not Welcome Interview

 Brittany Sellner (Brittany Pettibone) joins us to discuss her new book, Patriots Not Welcome, chronicling her experience being banned from the UK, demonized by the media for her political views, and more.


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BASED Turkish Woman OPPOSES Forced DIVERSITY in the Media - LBC

I am Turkish and I live in England. I have light skin and look European and I completely agree with this based Turkish woman..... As Turks we would never tolerate the leftist pro-gay and pro-race-mixing agenda that you English people put up with.... Also I never watch TV because it is crap and advise everyone in the UK to boycott the TV licence.... Why would you watch TV when you have the internet?

Well non you say in your video the proper part of Turks are Caucasian, we all know the damages the khanates did but I’m not willing to shove of Anatolia and pretend it’s not European


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