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Weekly News Wrap Up: 1 December 2015

Here is a list of interesting articles we have uncovered in the last week that we wished to share with the community.

Muslim ‘refugees’ refuse boxes of aid because it has the Xtian Red Cross on it
Surely these famine stricken and impoverished immigrants from Syria really refusing food parcels delivered by the Red Cross because of the Christian symbol drawn on the boxes???

Dashcam Video Shows Hundreds of “Refugees” on European Highway
It appears to have been shot near the northern French city of Calais. All of the “refugees” are young males. Some attempt to board the trucks and others threaten the drivers.

17 Invader Centers Burned in Sweden
Swedish patriots have burned down no less than seventeen invader centers since the middle of September alone, a significant escalation in the ongoing war for Europe’s survival.

French Editor Fined for Naming Jewish Lobby
France has reinforced its position as one of Europe’s most totalitarian democracies by fining a small newspaper €10,000 just for mentioning the Jewish lobby’s influence in the country’s judicial system.

Whippings and Deportations: How a Nonwhite Country Deals with Illegal Invaders
A white nation daring to implement any such policy—and announce its intention of cutting crime and drugs—would instantly be labelled “racist” by the controlled media.

Putin grants Russian passport to US boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.
Prominent American sportsman Roy Jones Junior had his wish for a Russian passport come true, as Vladimir Putin granted citizenship to the champion of four weight classes, who was once called the world’s best boxer.

“Jewish State” to Evict 1000s of Arab-Israelis
The Jewish state is to forcibly evict thousands of Arab-Israeli citizens from their homes in the Negev desert region of Israel to make way for a large number of Jews-only settlements, it has been revealed.

Record Number Attacks by Swedish Patriots
Swedish patriots are burning down nonwhite invader centers at the rate of one every two days, forcing that country’s government to hide all invader housing addresses and to start police helicopter patrols in an attempt to halt the uprising.

German Court: Merkel Has Nullified Law
The German District Court in Passau has ruled that Angela Merkel has effectively nullified German law on illegal immigration by opening the country’s borders, and as a result ordered a people smuggler released with the lightest possible sentence.

New Hit Song from Britain Storms up Charts
A hit song from Britain which painfully–but accurately–describes the disaster of mass Third World immigration into that country–and Europe generally–is busy storming its way up the unofficial  charts after being revived on YouTube with new graphics.

Muslims Pouring into America in Green Card Storm
More Muslims have been given American “green cards”—or permanent residence—in the last five years than the entire population of Washington DC, and projections are that an equal number will be given that status over the next five years, Jeff Sessions, US Senator for Alabama, has announced.

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