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The British Constitution

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Daddy Dragon: The Full English Show

Daddy Dragon: The Full English Show

Take Back Control of our Lives, Our Freedom, Our Laws, Our Parliament, Our Borders, Our Jobs, Our Kids, Our Country.







The Police work for certain chosen groups, the left, and see the native British people as the enemy.

How the British Police Protect Child Rapists


I'm disgusted that Europeans are so fucking slow to wake up to the reality of what is happening!!!
this is a death sentence if it's not rapidly stopped asap.


Well, if the govs refuse to protect the citizens in WE, they must do it themselves.
2nd Amendment incl ACTIVE ARMED MILITIAS taking care of security in THEIR neighborhoods.
NO matter the price.

The UK Police are corrupt to the core, they enable pedophilia in the UK. They protect muslims rape gangs and also elite child pedophile networks in london. The MET have covered up this for decades and the "government" do nothing. The common man, woman and child mean fuck all to these parasites and it's about time we held these parasites to account. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

The British ((foreign)) government are guilty of vast filthy abuses & crimes against Children
Curious about 'foreign' aspect?..These ((filthy bastards)) are not part of our Culture or people.
But ((they)) are responsible for the flooding of Europe & Britain with scum Criminals ..They own Government


we will fight to the end no matter what...Sun Tzu - 'Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.' This is cos those that have no hope left can achieve incredible things and history is full of battles won due to this; we have nowhere to retreat to.


The British Police are a disgrace. They work for certain chosen groups, the left, and the rainbow people. They see the native British people as the enemy.

The British Police are quite clearly involved in a long term criminal conspiracy throughout the UK involving the most disgusting crimes - those against children; if we had US statues they could be jailed for the rest of their lives under the RICO statue but of course we don't have that and anyway there is NO ONE in this country to bring them to justice...

you know what the problem is in the UK and pretty much every western state? The rulers are NOT the ones you see on the telly our front making speeches running for office or preaching from the media or halls of academia. The Rulers are the ones calling the tune that all those others dance to. The REAL rulers are the ones that hold the power of the Pound the Dollar and the Euro. And the big problem is not just that they control the money which in itself is a disaster, it is that they are WILLFULLY EVIL. These people are SATANISTS. These people are all members of the familial based secret society that was formed of the union of the Rothschild Banking House, the Order of the Illuminati, and the Sabbatean-Frankist Luciferian Cult. They are willfully performing every action that every righteous man and woman on earth knows in their bones is diabolically Evil and a Sin before ANY GOD. These people worship a demon and they behave like demons. They cannot be reformed only exposed and destroyed. They are doing everything in their power to bring about the Armageddon of the Human Race as fast as they can and they are getting away with it.

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