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The critical race theory

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The Fightback Against Critical Race Theory


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Teachers against the CRT ( critical race theory, raciem against whites) & promoted mainly by

Jewish Communist Zionist Globalist and dumb gentile traitors.

  Virginia teacher resigns over critical race theory in emotional speech

 ‘The Madness of Crowds’ author questions why teachers can’t dissent against the ‘newly invented orthodoxy’ of CRT ( critical race theory, raciem against whites)) on ‘Fox & Friends.’ #FoxNews

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The Superintendent looks like he belongs on a 'woke' version of The Simpsons but this teacher is a true hero for taking a stand against the racism, bigotry and totalitarian attitudes of her blatantly Marxist former employers.
"You are not allowed to have a differing opinion, you are not allowed to voice descent, your not allowed to question your instructors, your not allowed to talk about this with people outside this group, your not allowed to share this with family members" ... this is LITERALLY what cult leaders tell their disciples when they first join!..
Grasshopper K
I could have sworn there was a part of the Constitution in the US about free speech? Like being able to criticise etc. I guess not if she's not allowed to say anything about her school in her private life?(!)
Craig Anthony
This school board needs to be fired and banned from holding any appointed or elected position in any office of public trust for a minimum of 10 years! Peace. Out.
Sandi Sheldon
My husband grew up in fascist Portugal - they were encouraged and often paid to snitch on neighbours with dissenting views. They had a revolution and got rid of these dictators - America needs to do the same black and white UNITE!!!
Daniel Vila
This sounds a lot like Communism. We MUST fight back or we WILL lose this great country.
Brian Willing
I wish she didn't quit but fought them tooth and nail. Quitting is what the left wants. Superintendent should be locked up.

 kevin sparks

She loved her job, loved the children. Her bravery will hopefully spark awareness, and stop this racist hatred.

 Mike Warner

EXREMELY IGNORANT BOARD to lose such a dedicated teacher.

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Jewish Seething Hatred for Germany The Shah of Iran on Jewish Media Control and the Jewish Lobby

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