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George Galloway on Who funded the ANC

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George Galloway on Who funded the ANC

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Former MP George Galloway Confirms Anti-Apartheid Movement In South Africa Was Led Entirely By Jews



During a 2003 speech at Oxford Union, former Labour MP and out-spoken critic of Israel, George Galloway, was interrupted by Jewish protesters who waved the Israeli and accused him of “racism” against Jews — which prompted him to defend himself by revealing his activism in South Africa with the Jews who led the anti-Apartheid movement there:

I am one of the few people on the Left in Britain who traveled the length and breadth of Apartheid South Africa — as an underground agent of the African National Congress led by Nelson Mandela — then in Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town.

The subject of Apartheid is particularly important to me. The question of racism is particularly important to me. And in parenthesis let me tell you this — that throughout the entirely of my time underground in South Africa under Apartheid, every house I slept in, every dinner I ate, every car I drove in was provided by Jewish activists of the African National Congress. So Jews don’t have to be on the side of Apartheid. They don’t have to be on the side of racism.

Jewish heroes amongst my blood brotherhood, like Denis Goldberg, who served 27 years on Robben Island, in Pollsmoor Prison, but was never able to touch Mandela and his comrades because they were on one side of the Apartheid prison wall, and he and a few other Jewish heroes of the African National Congress were on the other. Denis Goldberg, Albie Sachs, Joe Slovo, Ruth First. Perhaps you’ve heard of these people — if you haven’t, look them up.

Jews don’t have to be on the side of Apartheid. They can stand up against it. And I say this to those who say they are friends of the state whose flag that was just waved in my face, turn away from the racist Apartheid ideology of Zionism. Turn back to where Jews were before the emergence and hegemony of Zionism.

The greatest people on the earth were Jews. The leaders of the socialist, communist, trade union — Liberal — Enlightenment — throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries were great Jews. Marx himself was a Jew. None of them believed as Jews they should go and take somebody’s else’s country and drive millions of them around the world as refugees. All of them would have turned their back against such an ideology.

But because of my experience in South Africa….because of the decades that I worked against Apartheid in South Africa, do you imagine that I would turn up at a university and debate Apartheid with a supporter from South Africa of the Apartheid system? I’d rather punch them in the face than debate with them. Why? Because Apartheid is a racist poison. It is the worst kind of fascism. And I would never debate, with any supporter of South African Apartheid. Why should I debate any supporter of Israeli Apartheid?

George Galloway is a textbook example of a “useful idiot” — a “gentile” who devotes his life to Jewish revolutionary causes only to find at the end of it that he’s no longer useful — and has actually become part of the problem.

Socialism and communism were the revolutionary mechanisms that Jews used to undermine, subvert and destroy White Christian nations — and deliver those nations into the hands of Jewish oligarchs who have become the new de facto aristocracy.

That Jewish aristocracy — contrary to what the dupe George Galloway naively believes — is inherently racist, and has always been racist.

Galloway sincerely believes that Karl Marx is “one of the greatest people on earth” — even though his ideology has led to the wholesale murder of over 100 million people in the last 100 years.

After all, another “great Jew” — Vladimir Lenin — once rationalized those murders in the cause of communism as — you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet — apparently, 100 million eggs and counting.

And no doubt George Galloway considers the mass murderer Leon Trotsky another “great” Jew — who would see Galloway not as a “brother in arms” but for what he really is — just another of the “white negroes” who will be the de facto slaves of the Jewish bankers who finance this ongoing revolution:

We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence.” (From the ‘Memoirs of Aron Simanovich’, quoted in The Nature of Zionism by Vladimir Stepin, Moscow, 1993, and translated from Russian into English by Clive Lindhurst.)

And that describes the world today — under the guise of a fake pandemic — White nations have indeed been “reduced to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence” — and it’s going to get a lot worse.

These Jewish oligarchs fully intend to treat White Christians they way they treated the vanquished Germans and Japanese after World War II.

Clearly, Galloway naively believes that communism and Zionism are two mutually exclusive ideologies — when, in fact, they are inextricable from each other — Galloway served the ultimate Zionist agenda by helping to destroy Apartheid in South Africa.

The anti-Apartheid Jews of South Africa like the late Denis Goldberg weren’t motivated by their love for Blacks but rather their hatred for White Christian nations — and White South Africa had to be destroyed less it be an example to other healthy White nations.

For proof of this we need to look no further than Kim Heller, a current Jewish leader of the South Africa ANC — she makes no attempt to hide her hatred of her “fellow” White people.

And now that Galloway has outlived his usefulness, he may very quickly find himself investigated by the police for “hate speech” — like fellow Zionist critic, Bristol University professor David Miller.

In fact, Oxford University — where Galloway gave this rousing anti-Zionist speech in 2003 — has adopted the new IHRA definition of “antisemitism” — which means Galloway would now be censored and possibly investigated for “inciting racial hatred” against Jews for this speech.

The Jewish oligarchs that own and run Facebook announced that they will be censoring the use of terms like “Zionism” — which they now consider a “dog whistle” for antisemitism.

And YouTube — also owned and controlled by the same pro-Zionist supremacists — are following suit and censoring “anti-Zionist” content — which will eventually include this Galloway speech from 2003.

All Jewish sensationalism aside, Hendrik Verwoerd — the former leader of South Africa who was murdered at the behest of the Jewish bankers — explains the simplicity of Apartheid — and why it was in everyone’s best interests — except for the Jews:


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  Hendrik Verwoerd Defines Apartheid


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