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Adopting China’s Red/Yellow/Green Health Pass System

tracking by using red.yellow pass

 Western countries Adopting China's red/yellow/greeny travel pass 

Western Countries Adopting China’s Red/Yellow/Green Health Pass System — As Globalist Shills Turn US Into China

 The lockdown comes with a travel pass app identical to China’s and will transition to vaccine travel pass. Australia, Ireland, Wales — and being forced on the rest of Western Civilization by quisling traitors in our own governments.

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Screenshot 13 codes

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Screenshot 2amber

 Screenshot 2vaccine displayed

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Screenshot 13 colors


Malaysia has it own app passport which called MySejahtera its an app that you must scan every entry at shops, office, everything for so called "safety" I was once had used this before and I notice something is not right. Now I remove that app from my phone. Please don't do it or accept this.


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