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  Alex Jones breaks down the list of governors who sent Covid-19 patients to nursing homes, then tried to blame the horrible decision on Trump. Meet the Governors that Sent Covid-19 Patients to Nursing Homes5,237 views·May 28, 2020 EPIC RANT: Watch Dem Governors Murder Old People In…
    Australia to Arrest 'Conspiracy Theorists' as Facebook Censors Chinese Virologist Whistleblower Head Forensic Medicine in Hamburg, Germany calls out COVID lies of Merkel & Trump on live TV. He analyzed EVERY “Coronavirus death” in Hamburg. Here’s what he found… German Forensic Professor Calls Out COVID…

Is Forced Vaccination Legal ?.

  • Monday, 18 May 2020 10:08
Epstein Defender Dershowitz Says Forced Vaccination is Legal

Opium War In China

  • Saturday, 29 October 2022 07:13
Why The British Got China Hooked On Opium | Time Travels | Absolute History Dex Wrex Money, thats why and when China banned opium, UK went to war with them. The Sassoons (Jewish) Use the British Army to Drug An Entire Nation. The Opium Wars - Part…
Coronavirus Linked To George Soros, Anthony Fauci & Linked To Gates!   Inane Mass 37712 No mention of Jews like Bill Gates hanging out with Epstein. View —