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White Genocide

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Planned Genocide of the White Race and the White Nations by Satan and His Followers Using The Way Of Baalam Tactics


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White genocide

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"Anti-racist" is just a codeword for racist hate against Whites

When people call you names...

When people call you names, don't be defensive, don't explain yourself, call them out!

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Harrison discusses shocking stories about hate against the Uyghurs and Irish people.
Harrison, thank you for talking about the problem of non-White immigration into Ireland. Whites are only 8% of the population of the world, but they are constantly being told by the NWO they must accept non-Whites into their ancestral homelands. There are cities in Europe that are now minority White. There are schools in Europe that are now minority White. This is anti-White and attempted genocide by the NWO.
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Dr. David Duke, he exposes the Genocidal policies of Nicolas Sarkozy Jewish. He graphically shows that while Sarkozy works to destroy the European people, at the same time he actively works for the Jewish Supremacist State of Israel. While he says in a recent speech that European Frenchmen must intermarry with Africans, he chooses to marry his own. And while he does nothing to stop the complete destruction of the French people, he supports Israel as a “Jewish State.” While he tells French men and women to intermarry, he supports Jewish organizations that have programs to prevent Jews from intermarrying. While he wants the French to intermarry, he supports Israel that outlaws intermarriage between a Jew and a Gentile.




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