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The Destruction of Europe

Cartoon of European Invasion


Muslims Invade Europe

 European governments are actively destroying the White Europeans with third world immigrants. 

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Alex Jones break down what is behind Erdogan's latest call to invade Europe.

Learn The Truth Behind Erdogan's Call To Invade Europe

Dan Lyman of

Alex Jones break down what is behind Erdogan's latest call to invade Europe.

The Truth About Migrants (2018)



European governments are actively destroying the European Caucasian way of life by allowing large numbers of third world immigrants, most of whom are not genuine refugees into the continent.  The reality is that most of these "refugees" are strategically using the Syrian crisis as a way of sneaking in illegally, and have thrown away their passports and legal papers in order to get into Europe under false pretenses. 

Their reason for coming is simple.  They are primarily here for financial gain as most European countries have generous welfare and refugee benefits ensuring that they can be set up in a far superior lifestyle than one in the Middle East, and as an extra bonus, they do not even have to work for it!  These are illegal economic migrants, and instead of taking a hard line on this type of immigration, the European Governments are, for the most part, are letting them in with welcoming arms and little to no checking.  This is pure madness and will lead to the eventual destruction of the European civilization.

Immigration Crisis Europe Migrant Houses Being BurntSometime in the future, when the historians sit down and analyze the situation, they will print out history books that show the European leaders of today, committing democide against their own people. Democide is the term used when a government actively commits genocide on their own people.  Under United Nations law, this is a criminal offense and it is also a type of racism, (again not allowed under UN laws), by discriminating against their own people.


Merkel's right-wing opposition AfD Party in Germany says she belongs in court for the Non-European invasion into Europe.

Watch: Merkel’s Right-Wing Opposition Says She Belongs in Court

It is a clear example of political correctness gone mad, and anyone who dares so much as question the wisdom of this decision is attacked, persecuted and vilified.  The socialist controlled media labels these citizens as "racist, extremist, far right, islamophobes" just to name a few and the more they promote this image, the more other moderate Europeans shut off this type of thinking as they do not also want to attract this type of label. It's a brilliant strategy in order to clamp down any opposition before it takes root.

Thanks to the internet and the ease of social media and video sharing, the people of the world are really starting to realize that we do not have a government that looks after its people. More and more citizens of Europe are choosing to ignore government edict and choosing to empower themselves.  In France, it is presently against the law to protest against the influx of immigrants into the country, however, these protests are still happening and encouragingly growing in numbers.  Citizens are now taking matters into their own hand, with illegal migrant camps, and houses being attacked almost daily and some are even attacking the boats that are coming across from Turkey to Greece.

Propaganda of Syrian Refugee CrisisIf you look at mainstream media you will see beautiful, sorrowful images of families and young children crying tears of relief at landing in Europe and safety.  And right next to them you will see welcoming groups of Europeans smiling with open arms ready to help and accept them into Europe.  This image has been carefully imagined and is, quite frankly, nothing more than propaganda and in no way in alignment with the citizens of Europe.  The discrepancy of these two images is becoming so difficult to contain that even the mainstream news sites are now showing everyday footage of new protests happening in Europe and while they are still painting them as the minority, it's clear that their propaganda is starting to fail.

It is interesting to note, that the terrorist attack in Paris occurred on Thursday night, 13 November 2015.  This is being touted as a crazy conspiracy theory but you have to admit that the uncountable timing and location is just too staged.  For more details on this, see France Paris Terrorist Attack November, 13th, 2015

Violent Migrants in EuropeThe European governments the United Nations are breaking their own laws in broad daylight and we, as citizens of Europe, and the world is sitting by and letting it happen.  They do not represent our people at all and we must start building our own united organizations as a way forward in order to resist and ensure we remain represented. 

If we do not do this for ourselves and our children we simply have no future.  When we are protesting it is important to remember,  we are not just fighting for Europeans, we are the pathfinders fighting for everyone on this planet so it is people who can have self-determination and rights.

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