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Cleopatra Queen of Egypt

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 Boléro vs Cleopatra

Published on May 22, 2014

Music from BOLÉRO (by Maurice Ravel) combined with a scene of Cleopatra arriving to Rome from the movie CLEOPATRA (1963, dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz, (C) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

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What did Cleopatra Look Like? Facial Reconstructions Revealed, with History.

I'm an artist that uses photoshop to bring old images and statues into the modern day. Let’s talk about Cleopatra, one of the most enigmatic figures of ancient history. She was the first Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt to even speak the Egyptian language, and she routinely outwitted her foes. She seduced two powerful Romans. But what did she look like? What did she do? What ethnicity was Cleopatra? Let’s talk the history & appearance of Cleopatra, now.

I'm a Greek living in Greece all my life, and you made her look like someone I could've known. She looks super familiar to me, honestly maybe even too Greek lol. Myself, I have green eyes and light brown hair, and I'm happy you mentioned that not all of us have dark hair and eyes. Thank you for explaining the historical aspects as well, and not just show us the pictures.
Women have been coloring their hair with henna for thousands of years, so Cleopatra could have colored her brunette locks red on occasions. I agree with many other viewers that her redheaded depictions are stunning.

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Visited Alexandria, Egypt, last year and attended various museums, lectures, etc. regarding Cleopatra. For what it's worth, most of what I learned squared with your take on her, including skin color. The reddish hair, however, was news to me.
I like your work! Honest research, plausible conclusions, skilled modeling. You brought Cleopatra alive for us

Women have been coloring their hair with henna for thousands of years, so Cleopatra could have colored her brunette locks red on occasions. I agree with many other viewers that her redheaded depictions are stunning.

Henna to make your hair red is very common all over the Middle East (for beautiful temporary tatooing as well) and has existed for thousands of years (it is a plant dried and ground). So Cleopatra could have been dark haired with red overtones typically. The animation is brilliant to show how movement of face creates charm. You left her big nose consistent with the coins. There is a quote by 17th century French philosopher Blaise Pascal: "if Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the face of the world would have been very different". Trivial meaning: a woman can be beautiful with imperfections. Philosophical meaning: details can influence history. Love your work as a history teacher, I recommend it to my pupils !
On the topic of Cleopatra being red headed, I remember that she was also aligning herself with Aphrodite, the Greek equivalent of Venus. I remember that in a lot of paintings that Aphrodite (Or Venus) is usually depicted with red hair, so I wonder if that is also relevant.


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The most famous woman(Cleopatra) in Egyptian History, was actually descended from A GREEK DYNASTY, The Ptolemies ..." 00:58 - "...The First Ptolemy was the one of the Generals of Alexander the Great took power three hundred years before Cleopatra was born…" 01:06 - 
"... She encouraged scholarship and learning, wrote books and was the first Ptolemy of Pharaoh to speak Egyptian as well as GREEK ..." 01:27

No, Cleopatra was fully Greek-Macedonian, the daughter of Ptolemey XII and his sister/cousin Cleopatra V Tryphaena. They were direct descendants of Alexander the Great's general, Ptolemy I. Cleopatra's own father married her to her own brother, Ptolemy XIII to make them joint monarchs of Egypt. Cleopatra had a half-sister, Arsione, who had a different mother who was Egyptian.
  Cleopatra was the seventh woman of the Ptolemaic Dynasty to have that name, which was the name of Alexander the Great's SISTER. Cleopatra often cited her Greek ancestry going all the way back to Alexander the Great as a way of maintaining her power in Egypt. Her distinct NOSE and facial features were Greek. Anyone can wear corn rows, and like I said, ALL the Ptolemies wore Egyptian clothing and hairstyles while they ruled Egypt.
Historical accuracy is not whitewashing. After the death of Alexander the Great, Egypt was under the rule of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, who were Greek-Macedonian, and Cleopatra was a direct descendant of Ptolemy I. She was even named after Alexander's younger sister, Cleopatra I.
Oh, there were darker skinned Egyptians, but there were also the Nubians, who were at war with the Egyptians. Go look it up. Egyptians enslaved Nubians and Nubians later invaded Egypt and ruled over it, hence the 20 or so dark-skinned Egyptian Pharaohs mentioned by Herodotus. But you sound like the one who's desperate. Egyptians haven't changed much in 5000 years according to DNA testing. And Cleopatra was Greek-Macedonian, so deal with it.
No, YOU stop with the Afro-centric re-writing of history, read a history book and go look up ACTUAL history. Cleopatra was a direct descendant of Ptolemy I, Alexander the Great's general, who took over rule of Egypt after Alexander's death. The Greek-Macedonian Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt for over 300 years afterwards, and adopted Egyptian customs to better acclimate to their suroundings, incluing DRESSING like Egyptians and MARRYING WITHIN THIER OWN FAMILY!
Oh, and don't try to go into DNA. Look up the Journal Of American Biology and you'll see that scientists have already done tests on the DNA of Egyptian Y chromosomes and concluded that present-day Egyptains are not that much different than the Egyptians of 5000 years ago. And it's an historical FACT that the Ptolemies were of Greek ancestry and married withing their own family during their reign over Egypt, so Cleopatra was most defintiely GREEK MACEDONIAN, not African. THAT is in her DNA.
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Liz Taylor and Richard Burton Filmset Cleopatra 1961


 Taken from Stormfront, Cleopatra was white

According to the most reliable source Cleopatra was 3/4 Macedonian and possibley 1/4 Egyptian. Macedonians were a blond haired blue eyed people back then(I don't know about now). Alexander the Great had blond hair and blue eyes. If she was 1/4 Egyptian we don't know what that was but I doubt that it was black. There were many white Egyptians back then too. But anyway those that claim she was black are full of baloney.

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10 Strange Facts About Cleopatra Teachers Never Told You

ΚΛΕΟΠΑΤΡΑ= Ptolemeos dynasty = Ptolemeos= friend and one of Alexander the great officials= MAΚΕΔΝΟΙ / ΜΑCEDONIANS= DORIC TRIBE = one of the many arcaic Hellenic/ Greek tribes = EΛΛΗΝΕΣ και Ελληνίδα βασίλισσα της Αιγύπτου = Greek Queen of Egypt ?????????????????????


 Discover the true Cleopatra: A 90 minute documentary With Zahi Hawass, Kathleen Martinez and more...A Documentary by Curtis Ryan Woodside, Co-Produced by Sofia Aziz. Discover the REAL Cleopatra...A figure whose name and legacy is burned into the minds of billions. Coming from a tenacious Greek Macedonian family, she had to fight and even kill for her place on the throne, a noble attempt to save a failing Egypt. She left her mark during the final days of ancient egypt. Her story has been warped so much through out history, from biast opinions to praise, yet who was she really? Everyone thinks they know her, everyone has a different opinion, but most of those are modern, based on films and misinformed play-writes. How much do we really know about the true… Cleopatra.

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