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European Sabbath

european family gathering The Jewish community believes in unity and over time, they have developed organizations to cater for their communities.  They have the most successful organizations in the world.  Gentile Europeans need to build community-based organizations to create unity and bring people together to teach, meet new friends, find partners and to strengthen by increasing the size of their organizations and using what we refer to as the European Sabbath. 

The European Sabbath can be used to promote Christianity and to teach their members about family history, tribal history, Ice age ancestry.  The Globalist Establishment want to destroy our Christianity.  The European Sabbath is open to all Caucasians, religious or non-religious, so if you wish to start building a worldwide community we suggest you start your Sabbath gatherings and spread the idea amongst your friends and other organizations.  Please contact the Coveners League and keep us informed about your European Sabbath gatherings, and if the idea flourishes, we will set up a website where people can contact each other in any part of the world.

The seventh day, Saturday is the Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10; Mark 2:28; Isaiah 58:13; Exodus 20:10)  Sunday is the beginning of the week and Saturday is the last day of the week.

He taught His disciples that they should do nothing upon the Sabbath day but what was "lawful,"  (Matthew 12:12).

The Sabbath is mentioned in the New Testament fifty-nine times, and always with respect by bearing the same title it had in the Old Testament, "the Sabbath day."    

Jewish founders created the website - in order to bring Jews together worldwide as an easy way to promote and strengthen the Jewish culture, community, and togetherness.  It is the world's largest Jewish social network and allows people to connect and meet in a safe and friendly environment to have fun and to create unity.  This site celebrates the essence of Jewish culture - the observance of Shabbat and sharing a meal.  It has members in over 70 countries and hosts events in most cities around the globe.  Aside from the fun aspects of a lovely evening and making new friends, this site is also pitched to help you form romantic relationships and promote career networks.

The Jewish community is very conscious about Jews marrying non-Jewish people.  The majority of their organizations and functions are set up in a way to stop those of the Jewish Diaspora from marrying non-Jews.  Through their sites, it is irrelevant if you are religious or non-religious.  Their functions can be described as both religious and/or cultural in nature.  The functions main aims are to ensure that Jewish individuals socially meet other Jews, which ensures a greater likelihood of marriage within the Jewish community keeping the family lines strong.   

If you look at Shabbat videos online, you will see the majority of Jews are European Caucasians, and it has been like this for thousands of years until recent times.  One of the main reasons for setting up a similar celebration and function for the European community is to ensure that we have good social opportunities to meet and form relationships with fellow Europeans.

The European population worldwide needs to learn from the European Jewish communities by setting up a community like this, which allows people to meet and enjoy the company of others with the same heritage.  We could go a long way towards increasing the European birth rate around the world if this idea was implicated.  We need to develop a European culture that embraces and welcomes fellow Europeans.  The benefits are great to those who are willing to put themselves out there and try something a bit different.

Some of the Benefits are:

•  Meet your future partner and provide safe dating opportunities among a group of like-minded individuals.
•  Make new friends and further social opportunities while hosting or attending a dinner.
•  Promote Career Networks.

Video Examples

Have a look at some of these great events.  We can adopt these ideas in a way that embraces our European culture.

What is

Most Beautiful Shabbat Video Ever

How We See European Sabbath Working

Your event could take place on a Friday night to celebrate the end of a successful week, and to get ready to embrace a new week which starts on Sunday.  We stress this is not a party style event where you drink copious amounts of alcohol, it is more about family and friends togetherness.  A glass of wine is fine but out of respect to your host, alcohol intake should most definitely be limited and in moderation.

Structure of the Event

The evening consists of four main parts:

Introduction and Greeting:  Lighting of Candles and formal start to the event.

The Jewish Ceremony starts with the lighting of the candles, hands over your eyes and includes a prayer.  The whole idea of having a ceremony with the European Sabbath is not so much a religious approach but you are welcome to incorporate your religion into your evening.  This simple ritual beginning is really more a way to be mindful of your wishes and goals and to focus on what you plan on achieving during the Sabbath event.  An example is:

"I say this with the aims of having a successful eventful night, to bring unity and happiness to my family and others.  To create new friends and learn new things as a group throughout the evening over good food and laughter."

Dinner:  Dinner is really at the discretion of the host.  You could either ask everyone to bring a plate to share or if you prefer to do all the cooking yourself, ask people to help offset the costs of the food and beverages.  

A simple BBQ or roast dinner is fine - whatever works for you.

Discussion section:  Host could choose a topic for discussion varying from week to week.  We envision that this part of the evening would be about 30mins and topics would include such things as current political climate, our culture, our history, relationships and religious points of view, or anything of your choice.  We encourage you to make use of media resources such as videos and images you have discovered to help drive your discussions.  Both the host and guests should be informative and respectful of differing opinions.  This part of the evening is also a great time to talk about upcoming community events.

Entertainment section:  Come up with some family friendly entertainment.  Whether it be some European music on the stereo or something fun like Karaoke, its completely up to you.  If any of your guests are musicians, encourage them to bring along their guitar or instrument and play for the group.

Host Responsibilities
•   Provides the location for the event.
•   All or some food and drink to share with guests, and charge a small fee to cover your costs.
•   Start the night by greeting and hugging each guest, then having everyone introduce themselves and their families.
•   Encouraging your guests to eat and join in the dinner conversation.
•   Lead and direct the discussion topics about the community and what's happening in the world.
•   Entertainment - singing, dancing and enjoying each other's company.

We have a full document of tips and ideas created here.

Guest Responsibilities
Bring some food to share or pay a small financial donation to the host as a thank you.

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