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Serbia & its people & History.


Serbia on high alert. UN peace summit, Russia not invited. Putin's plan to takeover Scotland. U/1

Serbia is in a difficult position, as the "collective West" demands from Serbia to abandon K&M. In my opinion, the current Serbian government, and the one before, are partially to blame, They wanted to join the EU, trusted to become "friends", played both sides, i.e West and Russia. That gave the EU opportunity to demand more and more concessions from Serbia. Serbia will lose, again, and this time, it will lose two regions as well, Sandzak in the South, and Vojvodina in the North. Your remarks on Orthodox religion are (in my opinion) correct. The "collective West" wants to destroy the Eastern Orthodox religion and Church. It was seen previously, people should read some history books.
During the war on the Balkans both regime in Bosnia dominated by muslim leader Izetbegovic and Crotiatn leader Tudjnan tried to create their ortodox church for the local Serbes.They failed.Of course the West was behind.They created their languages exactely like in Ukraine. These languages along with a newcomer Montenegrin language are very very similar dialects of the language that we called Serbo- Croatian. Now my kids in there cv write they speaks fluently four instead of one language.

Converting to Jewish faith.

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I read that when the Jews were asked: “where are all the mass graves, you’ve told us of and the bodies of dead Jews”? They said: “ah, well the Germans got the Jews to dig up all the graves, load the Jews onto carts and lorries and bring them back to be cremated”.
Yes, that’s what they said.
Only problem is that when a body, is cremated it leaves between 2-3lbs of ash behind. Therefore, with the Auschwitz death toll being some 4.5 million there should have been between 9 and 13.5 million lbs (4,082-6,123 tons) of ash on the grounds, around Auschwitz from the Chimney. And you’ve guessed it, none was found. And nope, they also dug extensively as well and still found no ash.

The whole holocaust narrative is instantly disproved, the minute you start thinking. However, society, as a whole believes in the holocaust. What does this prove? It proves the obvious – people are, today, incapable of thinking.
The sooner billions start taking the vaccination the better. The reason the world’s in the mess it’s in, is because these fools have allowed themselves to be heavily indoctrinated by their worst enemy. They are no longer Christians but Mammonites and followers of the Jew religion of talmudism. They won’t be missed. There far more of a hindrance to truth seekers than a help. And they are the very peoples who will become the snitches of the state, just as in East Germany, although unlike East Germany, it won’t be 2% of the population, but more like 80%. Well, that is those who survive the vaccination and aren’t turned into something from ’28 Days Later’ or a George A. Romero movie.


Rothschild plan to marry superfluous daughters into the families of influential Gentiles.


Cultural and Racial Organizations in Britain

Many cultural groups are proud of their organizations; however, people of European heritage are now labeled as 'racist' if they display similar pride.  Below is a list of organizations in Britain that represent different colored races, but do not represent British native Europeans.  When Europeans have created organizations to represent them, the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Britain has claimed it is practicing discrimination according to race and skin color.  For some reason, however, the organizations in Britain listed below are given a free pass as being perfectly acceptable!

  •  The Black Police Association

  •  Black and Asian Therapists Online
  •  BBC Asian Network
  •  Asian Radio
  •  Federation of Black Housing Organizations
  •  Asian Modelling Service
  • UK
  •  Society of Black and Asian Lawyers
  •  Black Lawyers
  •  Asian job UK
  •  Barnardos Chinese Lay Health Project
  •  Black UK
  •  Sussex Black Police Association
  •  Black Students Association
  •  UK Black Teachers Association
  •  Operations Black Vote
  •  UK Asian Business Directory


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