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Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed ‘Cloud People’ Built Pyramids


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‘Divine Race’ Of Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed ‘Cloud People’ Built The Pyramids Of South America

‘Divine Race’ Of Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed ‘Cloud People’ Built The Pyramids Of South America

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‘Divine Race’ Of Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed ‘Cloud People’ Built The Pyramids Of South America



Historian, anthropologist, and archeologist Robert Sepehr has written extensively about the Chachapoyas — The Cloud People — an ancient Aryan people who built great civilizations — which featured massive pyramids and mummies — in Central and South America long before the Incas and Aztecs — and their civilization even pre-dates the Egyptians by almost 2,000 years.

But as Sepehr points out, this early model of civilization — with a white elite ruling over non-white native races — has been found worldwide — from Africa, India, Egypt and Asia.

And wherever these civilizations have occurred, they have ended the same way — the natives eventually take over and the white elite leave, die off, or become absorbed into the greater population, creating a hybrid, racial caste system — like in India — with the whitest of the hybrid race at the apex — and who live on top of the ruins of the original civilization — and take credit for it.

We have transcribed Sepehr’s narration of his short documentary (watch below) on the Chachapoyas here:

Archeologists have discovered Los Pinchudos, a forgotten city deep within the Amazon rain forest of the long-lost tribe of white-skinned, blonde-haired people the Inca referred to as the Cloud People, or the cloud warriors.

Los Pinchudos is an elaborate tomb complex perched into the high rock cliff in one of Peru’s northern Andean cloud forests. It’s a natural and World Heritage Site — and features clay and stone tombs with wooden grooves. The six unusual large statues with large phalluses are what gave the site its name — Los Pinchudos — translates to “the big penises.”

So little is known about these people who carved these settlements out of the dense foliage, but the Inca civilization called them “the Cloud People” or Chachapoyas, which is named after the cloud forest they inhabited in what is now northern Peru.

Although they left no written language, they did leave scores of stone ruins and mummies. For many centuries, the Cloud People cut farm terraces and villages into these steep slopes, and raised llamas and guinea pigs — until around 1470 when they were finally overwhelmed by the Inca who conquered the region. And when the Spaniards arrived in 1535, the surviving joined them to subdue the Inca. The Europeans were very impressed with their skill, courage, and battle prowess, but by the 1700s, smallpox drove them to extinction.

The Chachapoyas did leave mummies — and archeologists have discovered an underground burial vault inside a cave. The Spanish conquistador, Pedro Cesar de Leon, wrote of the tribe, “They are the whitest and most handsome people that I have seen. And their wives were so beautiful that, because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Inca’s wives and also to be taken to the Sun Temple.”

The oldest mummies in the world are the Chinchorra mummies from Chili and southern Peru — while the earliest Egyptian mummified remains date around 3,000 BC, the earliest Chinchorra mummified remains date to 5,000 BC. The Chinchorran culture was the only Andean culture that performed mummification on all members of the society, while all other Andean cultures only the elite were mummified.

The Chinchorro mummies have caucasoid hair and features — and only Chinchorran culture existed exclusively of caucasoids. All other Andean cultures were comprised of a Caucasoid elite ruling over another racial group.

A major burial site of the Nasca culture was the Chauchilla cemetery, established 200 AD, used for about six or seven hundred years — and the hair of the mummies is obviously caucasoid hair, and they were all wearing long robes. The ceramic vessels were produced by the Mochi culture, from around 1 AD to 800 AD, and they all have beards — facial features are caucasoid, and all wearing long robes.

The Wari civilizations was a pre-Inca population who inhabited the area that now known as Lima in Peru. They left blue-eyed decorated mummies. 2,000 years ago, a mysterious and little-known civilization — the blue-eyed elite ruled the northern coast of Peru — these people were called the Moche — they built huge pyramids that still dominate the surrounding countryside — some were well over 100 feet tall.

The Lord of Sipan tomb is held by some archeologists as one of the most important archeological discoveries in this region — and in the world — in the last 30 years. The main tomb was found intact, untouched by thieves. The Spanish explorer, Pizzaro, asked the Inca who these light-skinned blondes and red heads were — and the Inca Indians replied that they were the last descendants of the Viracochas — Viracochas, they said, were a divine race of white-skinned men with beards. And they were so like the Spanish that the Europeans were called “Viracochas” from the moment they came to the Inca empire. And the Incas thought that the Viracochas would come sailing back across the Pacific.

So all over the world we find legends such as the Viracochas — they all share similar themes of being visited in the distant past by a race which seems to have been deified.

According to the principal Inca legend, before the reign of the first Inca, the Son god — Kon Tiki Viracocha — had taken leave of his kingdom in present day Peru, and sailed off into the Pacific with all of his subjects.

It’s interesting to note that in Africa, there’s a gentleman by the name of Credo Mutwa — he’s a 94 year old shaman living in South Africa — and he claims that tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed people had been seen by black African tribes throughout the continent long before the white Europeans arrived. Credo is a very respected historian of the Zulu nation — and he said when the Europeans first came, the black Africans thought it was the return of these same white gods which they had called Mzungu. And as a result, they called the European settlers by the same name, which is still used today.

This is very much the same reaction as the Central American people had when Cortez and his Spanish invasion party arrived in 1519, and they thought that this was the returning Quetzalcoatl.




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US Jews Slam Trump over New “Refugee Checks”

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society—America’s largest Jewish organization working full time to import hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees into the US—has slammed the latest “refugee” screening announcement by Donald Trump—while at the same time backing the state of Israel, which refuses to take in a single “refugee.”

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) was originally founded in the late 1890 to help funnel Jews into the US, but, has since the end of the Cold War, focussed mainly on bringing nonwhite “refugees” into America, and has official status with the US government.

HIAS was also behind the February 2017 legal challenge against Trump’s executive order entitled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

According to a new statement on the HIAS website titled “Why This Refugee Ban is Just as Bad as the First Two,” Trump’s “original executive order banning refugees on January 27” caused “chaos and the cruelty was palpable.”

“In the weeks and months since, the Trump Administration has continued to relentlessly craft, implement and defend policies that slam the door on refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, though often times done so away from the spotlight,” the HIAS statement continued.

“Similarly, the new ‘enhanced vetting procedures’ announced on October 24 might appear on the surface to be more benign than the first two executive orders, but these new rules will prevent already-vetted refugees from finding safety here in the near future, or at all.”

HIAS said the 90 day ban for refugees from 11 countries “will mean more confusion and heartbreak for thousands stuck in limbo,” and that the “11 countries—Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen—accounted for nearly half of all refugee admissions in Fiscal Year 2017.”

HIAS’ president and CEO Mark Hetfield said that the “U.S. is decimating the refugee resettlement program at a time of unprecedented global need.”

“In response, HIAS and other advocacy groups are now calling on Congress to step in and reassert America’s humanitarian leadership. For HIAS’ supporters in the American Jewish community, the call to welcome remains paramount. 380 congregations have joined the HIAS Welcome Campaign, a national network of local communities advocating for, and directly assisting in, refugee resettlement,” the HIAS statement concluded.

The actual regulations announced by Trump, as detailed in a statement on the Department of Homeland Security’s website, are “designed to intensify screening in order to keep nefarious and fraudulent actors from exploiting the refugee process to enter the United States,” and not to halt the refugee program at all.

“The security of the American people is this administration’s highest priority, and these improved vetting measures are essential for American security,” said Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke.

“These new, standardized screening measures provide an opportunity for the United States to welcome those in need into our country, while ensuring a safer, more secure homeland.”

The new measures entail “increased data collection to more thoroughly investigate applicants, better information sharing between agencies to identify threat actors, and new training procedures to strengthen screener ability to detect fraud and deception.”

The DHS statement added that “Following the implementation of these improved measures, the administration will recommence refugee resettlement processing.”

In other words, Trump has actually agreed to continue the nonwhite invasion of the US by these fake refugees. All are fake because none are fleeing for their lives, and all have crossed numerous “safe” countries before coming to the US—both these stipulations being outlined in international law as prerequisites for recognition as refugees.

In October 2014, HIAS demanded that the US take in even more Syrians (“A Call for the U.S. to Resettle More Syrians as Part of Multifaith Effort,” OCT.  29, 2014).

HIAS is also an official member of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations”—which is one of the state of Israel’s most powerful lobby in America.

For example, as recently as September 19, 2017, the “Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations applauded the establishment of the first permanent U.S. military base in Israel in which Israel Defense Forces and U.S. military personnel will work together on a day-to-day basis to enhance Israel’s defensive capabilities.”

Yet, as is now well-known, Israel has refused to take in a single “Syrian” refugee and continues to actively deport all African and other non-Jewish invaders out of Israel.

HIAS’s latest attacks on Trump are therefore, just more blatant hypocrisy and double standards—demanding that white Americans accept hordes of fake refugees, while supporting Israel, which has the exact opposite policy.

It is the old rule at work once again: one law for the Jews, another for the Gentiles.

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