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Antifa is a Jewish Militia

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  France - ANTIFA and race rioters in Nantes targeted Catholic bookstore

??France - ANTIFA and race rioters in Nantes targeted Catholic bookstore

The thugs claimed that the store was 'Fascist' for selling Catholic books and statues as they vandalized and destroyed it.


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Antifa is a communist globalist mainly Jewish run organization and financed.



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Antifa communist attacks on Americans.

The Left Began The Domestic Terror The Left Began The Domestic Terror


Antifa operates in predominantly white western countries; they call themselves communist, or socialist workers movement, and at times they call themselves Anti-Fascism league or Anti Nazis- group when campaigning against whites and other races. A growing number of people call Antifa Neo-Nazis because of their black outfits.

Antifa is the modern equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan that founded by the members of the United States demarcate party and their mission is to restrict free speech among blacks. Today Antifa continue to practice that same idealism to stop free speech but now targeting all people including Jews.

When whites are doing peaceful protesting the mainstream globalist racist media will promote them as causing trouble. When whites do peaceful rally the Antifa is sent in to attack them. The media will not tell this. ----

https://Antifa Tied to Communist Revolutionary Groups, Shows Documentary 

 Socialism and Communism are the same


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Multiple videos have surfaced showing members of Antifa destroy the windows of the local Democratic Party headquarters, with further videos showing police calmly asking them to stop the destruction. The video was captured on January 20, when Democrats should ostensibly be celebrating recapturing the White House

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ANTIFA: The truth behind the mask

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 Screenshot 3take their children away

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The Democrats are acting as if we are under an alien invasion. But it’s merely their constituents who have had enough of their rights being stripped, the corruption on parade, and our vote being compromised.

Instead of throwing a blanket of calm and unification over the raging fire of frustration. The Corpracratic Country Club responds with gasoline.

Amongst themselves, the left foments a dangerous communistic narrative deeming all conservatives as sub human trash. But they can't escape the facts. And it is as plain as day. The Left began the domestic terror.


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 Screenshot 1antifa

 Karl Marx was born Jewish though he renounced Judaism and on a whole appears to be quite anti-Semitic with much evidence to suggest that he did not care at all about true Jews or the Jewish faith. There was a series of letters between Karl Marx and Baruch Levy which has a highly interesting quote about the Jewish and the New World Order.

Baruch Levy in a letter to Karl Marx quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574

"The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the 'children of Israel', will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."    



 Dr. Duke Quotes Jewish Forward “Antifa Founded by Jewish Crime Bosses & ZioMilitia!”" data-mce-href="v"> Michael Savage reacts to Trump's ''Both sides to blame" commentMichael Savage reacts to Trump's ''Both sides to blame" comment

 Antifa students protesting Tommy Robinson don't know who he is. UKAgainstHate marc

Antifa students protesting Tommy Robinson dont know who he is ..

  Stefan Molyneux - The Left Want To Send Us To Camps! We Need To Stop Them!

  'George Orwell Would Have Supported Antifa'

Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out

winston churchill and socialism

Sebastian Gorka on Breitbart News Daily (9/4/2017)

UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed!

UNDERCOVER: Crashing College Socialist #SJW Protest



"Proud of Your Boy"


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Central Texas Proud Boys give pizza to homeless before rally.

The Proud Boys is Civil Rights organization which admits men as members and promotes free speech and rights for men and women. It is based in the United States and has a presence in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. All races can join the Proud Boys.

Founded: 2016
Named after: "Proud of Your Boy"
The Proud Boys, established in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes,The Proud Boys have rejected that classification of hate group.  They arguing that they’re a men’s organization “for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, aka Western Chauvinists.”
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Published on Jul 19, 2018
GUEST: Gavin McInnes, CRTV host | founder of Proud Boys. Happy White History Month! White people are under attack.
Gavin says whites may genetically like getting martyred and denigrated. He talks about pro-west Proud Boys fraternity, versus entitled, hateful Antifa who attack them. Was it a mistake for whites to let the people of color in? He mentions Muslims and culture. “What is a man?” They talk about western chauvinism. Whites should have babies. Gavin's show page Get Off My Lawn on CRTV #WhiteHistoryMonth #ProudBoys
  "Black pride!" (aww, that's great)... "Asian pride!" (aww, that's great)..."White pride!" (that's RACIST!!!!)
I celebrated white history month, by using an airplane, car, computer,phone and a train this month also just put in some drinks in my refridgator- thanks whitey!
The proud boys kicked out Klan members from their protest...
July is also when our tans look great. :) I disagree with Gavin. Whites are being persecuted because we are the only serious competition for (((them))). It isn't genetic, it's been socialized into us by the Left. I never understand why people claim to flee their counties because they are so desperate for our freedoms, and then proceed to recreate what they fled from.
Why was that great interview between Gavin and Jesse Lee taken down by YouTube? I loved that interview and watched it five times.
  The real reason they do this against whites is because whites in this country have been a large obstacle to tyranny. So whenever you hear "whiteness", remember it actually has a little to do with whiteness, it is mostly about your liberties and their desire to destroy them and make you into a slave of a tyrannical system of governance.
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Go to to donate to Proud Boys lawsuit against the SPLC

Subscribe to Proud Boys on telegram here

Subscribe to Proud Boys Canada on telegram here

Join at


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Who are the proud boy in 60 seconds


The basic tenet of the group is that we are “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” Like Archie Bunker, we long for the days when “girls were girls and men were men.” This wasn’t controversial even twenty years ago, but being proud of Western culture today is like being a crippled, black, lesbian communist in 1953.

The group started in the fall after congregating on Compound Media and laughing at the politically correct culture they insist we take seriously. What began as a few fans in a bar across the street from the studio singing “Proud of Your Boy” and laughing at the reparations videos of Gazi Kodzo soon became a bona fide men’s club with rituals, traditions, and even its own in-house court called “The Sharia.”

The Proud Boys confuse the media because the group is anti-SJW without being alt-right. “Western chauvinist” includes all races, religions, and sexual preferences.

Check the “Join Us” and “Follow Us” tabs to find a chapter near you or start your own with our help.

Our group is and will always be MEN ONLY(born with a penis if that wasn’t clear enough for you leftists)! If you are (and were born) a woman and you would like to be involved, there is a girls group. They call themselves Proud Boys’ Girls and they’re our second-biggest demographic.” It may seem counterintuitive that a men-only group would have such a big female following, but nobody wants men to be men more than the women who depend on them. “Proud Boys saved my marriage,” says PBG Gabriela Finch. “I was completely done with it, but he won me back and fought hard for it.” This group is full of all kinds of women. Wives, girlfriends and single girls are all welcome. Just like the mens group, the girls have no other requirements about race, religion or sexual preference.

The fact that this group has exploded so quickly is a testament to how completely finished young American men and women are with apology culture. Men have tried being ashamed of themselves and accepting blame for slavery, the wage gap, ableism, and some fag-bashing that went on two generations ago, but it didn’t work. So they’re going with their gut and indulging in the natural pride that comes from being part of the greatest culture in the world. It’s very freeing to finally admit the West is the best. That’s because it’s the truth.

Antifa Declares War Against Whites and Blacks.


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Jewish run Antifa use blacks against whites.

The Jews were the ones who trafficked you black people in slavery to the new world in the first place. They also introduced socialism which has made many African countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, and Ghana suffer immensely. We were the ones who stopped the slavery.

Antifa & BLM Clash With Patriots & Back The Blue Protest

Screenshot 1wake up

Wake up, Whiteman...

Wtf are you talking about?! Less than 2% of whites were owning slaves. Today's anti-white crime since the 80's have FAR outnumbered the violences did to blacks. Watch videos on internet. Only violence left in America is violence toward whites.

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Judea Declares War on White Nationalists

Screenshot 1nationaiish


Zionists and their False Flags are to Blame..
It's war against white people by God's chosen Victims & their media Lies.

That's true. Jews doesn't care for blacks because they don't see them as a threat, but if jews win, then we can expect that africans will be out from Africa because jews want only 500.000 million people in this world.


“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
-- Maurice Samuel

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This Group Seeks To Collapse Civilization



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