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Odinism for a Modern World

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God is the Creator of all of the universe and beyond. God created the the big bang that created the universe and the world we live on.  God created the Sun, the Moon and all the plants and beyond and where does the universe end, we will probably never know. His divine plan has placed us in the exact place to support our life and that of our world.

The different between paganism and customs

Before Christianity moved into Europe, the White Europeans followed customs and beliefs passed down through history from the dawn of their first Adam and Eve and may have been closer to God then we are today. They were closer to nature and followed the movement of the Sun, Stars, and Moon and had close relationship with trees and animals. Today Christians do not have the same relationship with nature which represents God their creator. Christians by going to Church building is not close to nature and therefore not close to God.


There is a growing number of European Caucasians who have become dissatisfied with the existing religions such as Christianity and Islam. They feel these religions do not fight for their racial rights and do not care about their ancestors or their indigenous rights to Europe and the Middle East.

Many also feel going to church is not close to nature and there for joining Odinism movement to be closer to nature and God

Christianity and Islam adopted the old Pagan beliefs to help legitimize their religion and gain power over the local populations. When we strip away the trappings of Christianity and Islam, we can still uncover the old beliefs of our ancestors to give us guidance today.  Please have a read and check out the links which will help you to uncover just how similar our modern religions are to the old Pagan ways.

Paganism was the dominant spiritual belief in Europe and the Middle East going back thousands of years, perhaps going back as far as the Ice Age.

The word pagan has been turned into a hate word just like racism, bigotry, and extremism used against people of the world today.  People in Europe before Christianity did not call themselves Pagans, they used other names to call their spiritual groups by.

Modern Odinism is based on beliefs and customs that Christianity historically destroyed or adopted.  In today's world most Christians believe their customs and practices are unique and special to their religion, however, you will see from the Odinist and Pagan examples below, that this is not completely true:

  •  The Norse gods and goddesses are multi-layered and have many purposes similar to the Hindu religion.
  •  The stories we tell our children of fairies, elves, throwing money into a wishing well all come from these pre-Christian beliefs.
  •  Married couples today wear a wedding ring, this custom was practiced long before Christianity.  
  •  Pre-Christian pagans were in tune with nature and had a good understanding of lunar movements and a close association with oak trees and mistletoe.

Odinic Rite LogoOdinists believe in the following:

  •  The belief that all nature is spirit
  •  Strong moral code
  •  Belief in gods and goddesses

Odinists take notice of the voice of the great nature spirit which is heard in the twittering of birds, thunderstorms, winds, the rippling of the waters and the smell of flowers.  

Odinists today follow the nine noble virtues and charges — courage, perseverance, hospitality, fidelity, industriousness, self-reliance, discipline, truth and honor.  While Odinists do not follow Christianity, many still love the idea of a Jesus concept and believe he would have made an excellent Odinist!

Sexuality and sensuous practices are not banned and are in fact considered gifts that should be cherished and celebrated.  Odinism believes that people are not perfect, but they must always strive to do their best to uphold honor and respect.

The Pre-Christian pagans did focus on the afterlife and their belief is that you attain immortality through deeds, doing what is best for the community, being there for their family and relations, and taking care of the elderly who always stayed with the family.  Our ancestors would be shocked to learn that our elderly today are placed in care homes, as in the past and in many cultures the elderly are welcomed into the family home and assist with the household management and child rearing while the parents are working, hunting, farming etc.

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Short video in time for Christmas about the origins of the Christmas tree.
Oh Christmas Tree From the Branches of a Windswept Evergreen
From the Branches of a Windswept Evergreen -

  They Could Never Fathom Our Reverence And Connection To Nature


Screenshot 7hole plants

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