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Elected Sheriffs

Militarized Police in the US

Sheriff’s (police) are elected by the people to protect them in the United States.

  Sheriff Mack Power of the County Sheriff Part 1

Power of the County Sheriff


If you watch a western movie you may have noticed that people appoint a sheriff and if the sheriff is not good the people get rid of them.  To many people, their first thoughts on Sheriffs are related to the story of Robin Hood who stole from the rich to give to the poor.  The Sheriff in this story is the villain and the position is portrayed as one of absolute power who terrorized the poor serfs by taking more and more taxes and deserving everything Robin Hood dishes out to him.   

There is growing evidence that we need to rethink our policing and law enforcement system because currently the police in Western Countries no longer represent the people, but instead, they are taking their orders from the New World Order Globalists who want to create a multicultural society and to genocide all of the racial groups.  The position of Sheriff in the United States is a good place to start.

Many policemen in the United States don't know the American constitution, and because of this, they abuse the laws which they are supposed to uphold.  It is time for people to start campaigning for sheriffs to be elected to represent and work for the people, as presently, the political crooks who run our countries currently have full control of them.  One of the glaring problems within the current system is, law enforcement agents are purposefully turning a blind eye to any crimes committed against Europeans by other groups.  

Some examples:

  • Grooming of British girls by Muslim men in Britain.  The police, politicians, and media have been turning a blind eye on this issue for many years.
  • Police in the United States have been turned into soldiers and told to dress and act like soldiers.  Some have become quite brutal and have been taught very bad attitudes including killing people with very little provocation.

History of the Police Sheriff

To understand the origin of Sheriffs, we must go back in time approximately 1000 years ago, in England, the term "reeve" referred to a chief of leader and the term "shire" described groups of hundreds of people banded together which is what we would call a county or town today.  So it makes sense that the leader of a shire was called the "shire reeve" who was appointed by noblemen and kings to maintain the peace and order of their community.  

This term in time evolved into the word "sheriff", and came into existence around the ninth century which makes the sheriff the oldest continuing non-military, law enforcement entity in world history.

United States

Sheriffs in UniformSheriffs in the United States have the same power and do the same job as the police, with the key difference being Sheriffs in the US are elected by the people in the majority of states.  Many Sheriffs stand up to the Federal Government on behalf of their state when they feel the politicians are passing laws which are in conflict with the US constitution.  In the US police, sheriffs and the military currently give an oath that they will abide and follow the constitution.

A Sheriff acts in a role similar to one of a police chief in a municipal department.  Deputies serve under the sheriff in a role similar to that of uniformed police officers.  The sheriff usually has jurisdiction over any unincorporated areas of his or her county.  Their duties include:

  •  Investigating complaints.
  •  Emergency response.
  •  Patrolling.
  •  Resolving disputes.
  •  Arresting suspects.
  •  Criminal investigation.
  •  Executing warrant.

 High Sheriffs of England

High Sheriffs of England

Originally Sheriffs wielded a large amount of power, however, this has been reduced over the centuries as new roles were created including the Exchequer, High Court Judges, and Coroner.  In the present day, the role is really more of a figurehead position and new High Sheriffs are appointed annually.  Appointees to the title of High Sheriff are usually held by individuals who are financially well off as there is absolutely no remuneration.  The responsibilities include:

  •  To uphold the ancient Office of High Sheriff and to make a contribution to the High Sheriff’s County during the term of office.
  •  Supporting the Constitution within their county including the Royal Family, the Judiciary, the Police and other law enforcement agencies.
  •  To ensure the welfare of visiting High Court Judges and the Lord-Lieutenant and to offer them hospitality when appropriate.
  •  Supporting and promoting the voluntary sector and giving all possible encouragement to the voluntary organizations within a County.


Historically the role of the Sheriff played a key part in law enforcement in Australia.  Records from 1824 show the role was responsible for many duties including:

  •  Execution of all judgments, decrees, and orders of the Supreme Court.
  •  Carry out any death sentences as well as all minor sentences passed by the Court.
  •  Discharge the duties of the Coroner and act as the Marshal of the Admiralty.
  •  Arrange for the transmission of prisoners, run the jails, and arrange the reception and disposal of prisoners returned from penal settlements.

Over time policies changed most notably, the abolition of the death penalty and the Sheriff position became less important within the Australian law enforcement system. The responsibilities of the Sheriff today are very different and include:

  •  Administration of the Sheriff’s Office.
  •  Serve enforcement orders, warrants and summons for the Supreme, District, and Local Courts.
  •  Serve and enforce orders on behalf of Commonwealth courts, including the High Court, Federal Court and the Family Court of Australia.
  •  Provide security for the Supreme Court, District Court, certain Local Courts and a range of tribunal.

Changing the Current System

Happy Police Officer

The current policing system is not working and in most western countries it is filled with corruption and political strangleholds.  It is vitally important that we create a system which represents "we the people" and this starts with each town or county voting in the leader of their law enforcement.  Like in the US, the people voted position of Sheriff can then work with local courts and lawyers to make appropriate laws that ensure the safety of citizens while still allowing them their civil liberties.  

By looking at people-based democratic systems, such as Switzerland's Direct Democracy, all members of the public can choose to oppose or approve the laws introduced by both the Sheriff and citizens.  The majority vote of a proposed law should then elect members of the community to work closely with the supreme court so this law can be brought into legislation.

The role of Sheriff should be a position of authority which also takes over the responsibility of the police force, and we recommend it be held by members who have a good background in law enforcement such as police officers.  When the Sheriff and police have the ability to bypass the government when they disagree with their policies via the direct democracy system, this empowers our citizens and law enforcement body ensuring the two have complete cooperation.

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