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Australia is Globalist run.

Australia’s insane plan to green the Outback

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Our current incumbent government here in Australia is not known for its intelligence


The ord river system is a perfect example of how agriculture can be achieved in the outback. Lake Argyle is also impressive, as a man made lake created in the 70’s it now holds one third of all Australia’s bird species. So the environmental impacts might not be all terrible? I don’t know a whole heap about the environmental impacts though, I just know that marine and bird life flourish at Lake Argyle.

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I've been living in Cairns for 2 years and I think this would be a great idea. Especially when you think that 12 meters of rain falls in Tully and in a good year. The reason the vast majority of Australia is dry is because of the great dividing range causing a huge rain shadow. All we'd have to do is create a water course from Tully towards the interior. I don't think it has to involve dams.


Australia is NO LONGER the lucky country I can tell you that. When my parents and I arrived in the 90's it was, despite unemployment being 'high' it was the lucky country. Fuel - 40c per litre, Housing around 60k, full trolley of shopping <$50 and average salaries were 28k. Now fuel is almost $3, housing is average 800k in large cities, you buy 5 items and you'll be paying $50. Salaries are still high (60-80k) in world standards buy who cares when purchasing power hasn't really kept up. My father worked in manufacturing as an engineer and every large company that produced cars, planes and autos has offshored. The country is being flooded with non white migrants which regardless of what you think of them, the countries infrastructure and housing stock IS NOT keeping up. The life you could work towards in the 90s has now been replaced with an economy of haves and have nots, rich and poor and a fight for survival. It's still a paradise compared to much of the world, but the 90's were a paradise compared to now.


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  Why "Nobody" Lives On Australia's Big Island State: Tasmania

 Tasmania is a fascinating, if not often overlooked, state of Australia. But while it's small compared to Australia itself, the island is actually quite large! All told, Tasmania is roughly the same size as the island country of Sri Lanka or the U.S. state of Florida. Despite this size, however, it remains Australia's least populated state and is often forgotten about, even for many Australians. So why don't more people live in Tasmania, Australia's big, empty island?

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How Australia's Economy Got Rich and Is Getting Dumber | Economy of Australia | Econ

Australia is known for its prosperous economy, but beneath the surface, there are significant challenges and risks. ??? It has a unique economy, shaped by its geographic isolation, reliance on natural resources, and booming housing market. ?⛏️? Australia's population growth, driven by immigration, has fueled economic activity, and the mining boom has transformed the country. ??‍♂️ However, despite being the world's 13th largest economy, Australia's economic complexity has declined significantly. ?? In comparison to South Korea's transformation into a high-tech powerhouse, there is a clear need for a serious vision for Australia's future to ensure long-term competitiveness and stability. ??? #australia #australiaeconomy #economy #australiavscanada #geopolitics

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2 BILLION New Acres of Farmland

 Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys to Spain to film the epic work of Seawater Solutions, a European company that is pioneering a whole new form of agriculture: growing productive plants in saltwater. They estimate that using plants called perennial halophytes, they can turn 2 billion acres of salty wasteland into productive farmland. This changes everything!

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  The World's Largest Artificial Rivers Under Construction

 Today we explore the largest artificial rivers in the world, under construction in deserts, cities and across countries. We explore a number of these mega projects such as - The Kachi Canal project Pakistan, Great Man-Made River of Libya, Afghanistan's Kosh Tepa Canal, China's South-to-North Water Diversion Project, The artificial river of Saudia Arabia, New Delta Project OF EGYPT


Personally, I prefer DESALINATION SEA WATER instead of tapping underground water and ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR system for these DESERT COUNTRIES. ALSO, CHANNELING sea water go deep inland desert to COOL DOWN high desert temperature like what EGYPT is doing with it's depression land.

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Video showing most of the excavation phase of installing a automatic backup generator at a residential house. Burying the propane tank to hide it.

Burying a propane tank for a generator

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Digging a trench and installing a primary underground electric service for a new house.

Installing an underground electric service

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American Shorthorn Association | American Rancher

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What else do we do besides raise bison!? We have a cabin business as well!


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Bekaert Fence is now on the ranch and we get a chance to rebuild 600 feet of fence with woven wire, barbed and take a look at some great new tools and fencing techniques.

600 Feet of New Fence with Bekaert

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Finishing Up Fencing - Bekaert Wraps It Up!


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Beautiful Farm! You can see the attention to detail everywhere you look.

Touring Our Dairy Farm!

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How I Run Our Sheep Farm (SHEEP FARMING FAQS): Vlog 137

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HOW IT'S MADE! | Harvesting Haylage for Sheep Feed (2nd Cut Hay 2020 - Part 3) Vlog 320



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TODAY WE CIDR OUR FIRST GROUP OF EWES FOR OUT OF SEASON BREEDING! I will show you the tools I use, how to use them and why I even try to breed ewes out of season when it would be easier to breed them in the fall.

Will SHEEP breed in the SUMMER?? (Using CIDRS for OUT of SEASON breeding) Vlog 322

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CIDR Protocol For Breeding Sheep (PLANNING LAMBING GROUPS 2019): VLOG 138


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How we manage RAMS on our sheep farm. Vlog 226

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  Dingo Fencing Machine IV - early version

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One man fencing crew

Breaker Style post pounder with hydraulic wire tensioner

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Farm fencing at it's best! Learn fencing tips as we build 1 mile in a day!


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One man fencing crew Tips and Tricks Episode 2: Woven Wire Fence Gut Strain

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Fencing on STEEP HILLS! Day 2 Farm Fencing Competition!!


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The ACTUAL cost of 80 farm animals.


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Agroforestry Practices - Alley Cropping


Greg Judy of Green Pastures Farm, shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences grazing livestock in balance with nature. Learn how to turn unmanaged forests into silvopasture. Greg also shared a lot of great tips for managing rotational grazing, livestock, shiitake mushroom production, land access, and more!

Building quality deer habitat with mob grazing.

Building quality deer habitat with mob grazing. To learn more about managing your land for quality forage check out my book Comeback Farms on our website: A mob of ruminant animals is the most powerful economical tool that you can use to heal land.

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Earthern Dam and Saving water using the WaterShed basic Principles.

Nrega-MP--Earthern Dam-MGNREGA

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NREGA-MP--WaterShed Basic Principles-MGNREGA

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Big Pond Filled Up In One Day!

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1500’ Feet of Fedge (food/hedge, living fence). A Crater Garden bringing the growing zone up from 4 to 7. Four row tree belt to block wind, produce food and increase moisture.

THREE Permaculture Systems (You’ve NEVER Seen in Real LIFE)


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The Permaculture Orchard - For Anyone

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Joel Salatin - Polyface farm

Farmers are so knowledgeable I learned so much watching.

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 Robert Laing

More common sense information in this vid than a whole government dept could come up with in 10 years. Well done.

 Dipo Amin

Cows feed chickens using their manure filled with larvae.
Steve Adams
If you don't feed grain what do they eat in the winter? I am now 70 and farmed until I was 61 when I got injured and could no longer do the work. I just wish that I had known about a lot of these rotational ideas back then I had 600 acres and leased another 1000. We could only run 1 unit (cow & calf ) per every 8 acres. Of course I didn't know about you tube which is really helpful often. Thank you for the information and ideas.
Those are happy pigs !
Tanya Jenkins
Quite a chicken free range type yards.
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Learn more in the Pastured Profits Course - https://farm-business-essentials.teac... Greg Judy presents The Economics For Leasing Land. This presentation will cover the steps involved in finding land to lease, securing a lease, economics of leasing land and low input methods for developing the land. Learn more about livestock farming at Follow Diego on Instagram: My Podcasts: Farm Small, Farm Smart: Grass Fed Life: Support content I have created:
How Peter Andrews rejuvenates drought-struck land | Australian Story
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