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African Common Market 30/5/2024

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ISRAEL will Join AFRICA UNION as AU Observer!, Africa Union Chairperson FAKI Shocks the World


If Israel is allowed as an observer, I wish African Union to be Fractured and disbanded.
If Israel is allowed as an observer, I wish African Union to be Fractured and disbanded



They (Jews) observe the E.U. Bricks, and the Americans not us.



This will be one of the worst mistakes in the history of Africa. Faki does not represent the aspirations of the people of Africa. So we don't need Israel Jews to observe us .
They shouldn't allow all this country to the African Union for observer's.


1 hour ago
All foreign founds will be banned from AU. That is the issue of Africa.

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Common Market

The Common Market is the second Regional Integration milestone of the East African Community (EAC), which has been in force since 2010, in line with the provisions of the EAC Treaty. It follows the Customs Union, which became fully-fledged in January 2010.

To accelerate economic growth and development, it means that the EAC Partner States maintain a liberal stance towards the four Freedoms of movement for all the factors of production and two Rights between themselves. These Freedoms and Rights include:

  • Free Movement of Goods
  • Free Movement of Persons
  • Free Movement of Labour / Workers
  • Right of Establishment
  • Right of Residence
  • Free Movement of Services
  • Free Movement of Capital

Underlying the EAC Common Market are operational principles of the Community, namely:

  • Non-discrimination of nationals of other Partner States on grounds of nationality;
  • Equal treatment to nationals of other Partner States;
  • Ensure transparency in matters concerning the other Partner States; and
  • Share information for the smooth implementation of the Protocol.


Key Initiatives under the Common Market:

African Growth Opportunity Act

EAC is benefiting from AGOA, the cornerstone of U.S. economic engagement with the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

European Union Everything But Arms

Four EAC Partner States receive full duty-free and quota-free access to the EU for all their exports with the exception of arms and armaments.
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