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Catholic Church Helps Illegal Immigrants into the U.S.

Screenshot 3federal crime
Smuggling illegal aliens is STILL a Federal crime.
Should charge ALL govt terrorists with "conspiracy to commit human smuggling" starting with Fake POTUS & his Willie Brown sucking whore Harris and their entire Dem party membership, along with RINOs who enable them, along with DHS & ICE/Border govt terrorists who literally take bribes from Mex Cartels and CATHOLIC/VATICAN 'charities' alike who complete the trafficking loop.
You can start making citizens arrest vs govt terrorists who violated their oaths and their own federal and state laws in aiding human smuggling and trafficking.
Until these govt terrorists and their corporatist terrorists get indicted/arrested/tried and are jailed, NONE of this will EVER EVER EVER change.
Mark Twain was quoted as saying, "It is easier to fool the people than to tell them the truth?" People love comfort, truth is not always comforting. I feel this every time I share with people to watch your reports. When in Rome do what the Romans do.
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It's unbelievable that illegals are being escorted into the US without any identification.
 Flood of migrant youth are being given to random strangers who signed up on-line to take them in and house them.
It's unbelievable that illegals (aka "migrant youth") are being escorted into the US without any identification and are given first class treatment paid for by US taxpayers? Puppet Biden's America? This is treasonous?
In the United States, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year. Wonder how many of these kids will go missing soon? And can someone explain too me how these kids will get ( Food - Home - Schooling - Work ) meanwhile 2.5 million children are now homeless each year in America.
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Owen uncovers a giant truck that is delivering food other boxes of items to NGO building that has been seen admitting illegal immigrants.
Question to person: how does it feel to be a part of America's largest illegal immigration pipeline ? ......... Answer from person: i'm going to disneyland !
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Revelations 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with the beasts of the earth

Alex Jones Live At The Georgia Guidestones: Birthplace Of The Great Reset

Screenshot 4alex stops smugglers
Alex Jones and the Infowars crew had been tracking the human smuggling operations of the Biden administration. Buses were recorded taking children from the dirt floor child camp under the International Bridge in McAllen to a processing camp in Donna TX. Then moved to a COVID processing center in downtown McAllen from there, they are processed at a Christian Charity, where they are given bus or airplane tickets and moved to the airport or bus station. When the crew was walking to the Christian Charity center near the bus station, they witnessed five children and an adult exiting the center and being loaded in a hatch back car. Three of these children were loaded into the luggage compartment where no seat belts were present. This video picks up where the crew sprung into action.
"Christian Charity"? NO, that is "Catholic Charities". Nothing "Christian" about that Catholic organization. Biden is a professed Catholic.
I've dealt with Catholic Charities in the past on homeless issues, and I can say they weren't very charitable.
Its the catholic church. The devils are devouring children. Time to destroy the Vatican
This is so surreal, the worst part is probably that he is indeed smuggling these kids and there seem to be no incentive for the cops to do anything about it.
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 Screenshot 3invasion c
I hope this does happen most stupid Americans don’t deserve this nice country and they could care less, that will change quickly, just watch fools!
Expose the crime, religious institutions especially the corrupt Catholic Church of Satan!!!
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Christian Churches Helping the non white invasion Into White Countries
Screenshot 1blacks in c
Several Dutch churches have decided that to protect illegal Muslim invaders from legal deportation.

Christianity helping illegals. 


In the past, the Christian churches fought against Muslim's invasion into Europe and were able to repeal them, but, in the process, many White indigenous European Christians lost their lives, and many were severely injured. 

Today, the Christian Church is helping the Muslim invasion into Europe, and these so-called Christian leaders have no regard for the indigenous White Europeans.

The Christians Churches are helping the invasion into the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland, and soon White Europeans will have no country to call home.

Many leaders of the Christian churches do not recognize different racial groups and believe we are all the same when it comes to white people and their rights. When it comes to other races, then they recognize their differences. The Christian church is committing genocide against whites and has done this in the past against other racial groups worldwide.



 Muslim invasion of Europe (Gates of Vienna 1683)

This article is about inspiring people, including Christians; to get up and start fighting against the Globalist. The Globalist is the ones solely responsible regarding the invasion of non Whites and Muslims into western countries. As part of that agenda they have been introducing multiculturalism in replacing the White Europeans along with destroying their history and culture.

Muslim invasion of Europe (Gates of Vienna 1683)

The video:  Minister opening speech

"My brothers, remember my words, you're fighting not only to defend Vienna but also to defend your faith and your traditions, you're defending your wives and children, your sisters, your brothers, mothers and fathers, because if Vienna falls, Rome will fall and if Rome falls holy mother church will fall, defend your faith, so that your children may be free to worship god."

Today Europe faces a different kind of threat. The enemy is already far past our gates and you made think that they are of the Islamic faith or that they are Muslim but they are not. Europe's greatest enemy are those that have assumed positions of power and dictate law in our nation's. Islam is only the symptom of the big problem that Europe has today but it's those that allow them in those South appointed bureaucrats in the European Union they are the real enemy and they are those that we should be fighting in the near future and most likely will be fighting in the near future.

GERMAN_Death_Camps_Remember Edited

Great great grandfather fought against Islam invasion and I'm very proud of my ancestor's wake up Europe before it's too late

 Screenshot 2inasd

Monsignor Raffaele Nogaro, the bishop emeritus of Caserta, claims that he is ready to “turn all the churches into mosques if it were useful to the cause and if it allowed us to save the lives of men and women.”

And so the Catholic Church continues on its path of aiding and abetting Europe’s civilizational and cultural suicide — not unwittingly, but with its eyes open. As I show in my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the Catholic Church was once one of the foremost bulwarks of defense in the jihad against Europe. But those days are long gone, to the degree that those who call attention to the fact that Europe faces a resurgence today of the same threat that it faced for centuries are ruthlessly harassed and silenced by Catholic authorities.”

Hundreds of Christian churches have been converted into mosques across Europe and America, and this is only the beginning. This Bishop is merely promising what is already occurring – and he promises it, knowing full-well that these Black invaders have no intention of becoming Catholics.

Despite being murdered wholesale by communists during the Spanish Civil War, a majority of priests today support socialism and communism.

It’s hard not to conclude that the Catholic Church is no longer Christian because it’s no longer White.

Also on Christians for Truth:


Screenshot 1pro invadion

The fanatically pro-Third World invasion Christian churches in Germany—both Catholic and Protestant—have experienced a nearly half-million drop in officially registered members in 2018, the largest in recorded history.

Germany: Pro-Third World Invasion Christian Churches Face Half-Million Loss in Members



British Police Threaten To Arrest Christian Cafe Owner For Displaying ‘Offensive’ Bible Ver


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