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Mennonites Burning People

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Screenshot 7burning people

in Filadelfia - Paraguay


 The Mennonites religous group of Manitoba told the story of a German-speaking group of Dutch farmers from Russia who came in 1874 to the fertile land of Manitoba to create a new life practicing their traditional religion.

 The mennonites hundreds


History of Mennonites in Russian and how they converd the Russians to Christianity.


History of Mennonites in Russian and how they developed communities and teach the Russians about Christianity.

 This is Day 18 of a 5 week session on Anabaptist History. This message starts with a little tribute to Dirk Willems the famous Anabaptist Martyr that rescued his enemy from the ice only to be later burned at the stake. After that the decline of the Mennonite Church in Holland is discussed. Reflections of the church in America is suggested. Finally the Mennonites in Russia are introduced including their early mission emphasis, connection with the Moravians of Herrnhut and discussion about their early Revivals.

Anabaptist History (Day 18) The Dutch Decline and The Russian Mennonite Fire

  Mennonites and the Holocaust

 / Key Mennonite Institutions against Israel

The Mennonites of Belize 

Who Are The Mennonites? short version-English.mp4  


Helpful, thanks. Now if I could just figure out if there is a denomination distinction between liberal and conservative Mennonites (ala the Presbyterians)

Things Everyone Should Know about Mennonites and Their Beliefs

 The Mennonites of Manitoba told the story of a German-speaking group of Dutch farmers from Russia who came in 1874 to the fertile land of Manitoba to create a new life practicing their traditional religion. The documentary was awarded a bronze Telly Award and a Bronze Plaque Award at the Columbus Film and Television Festival.

The Mennonites of Manitoba

Menno Simmons had God's Mennonites are very lukewarm and dead.

Some congregations have veered into promoting the homosexual lifestyle and, in some cases, performed homosexual "marriages". To me, they have ceased to be Mennonites when they have participated in this.

This film only shows the liberal side of the Mennonite family. Where are the Old Colony and the Kleine Gemeinde? You might have mentioned and shown them but it seems the liberal side of the Mennonite tree is embarassed by their fellow Mennonites who have not departed from the original principles of the faith.

Remind me of what my mentor says. "They want to call themselves mennonite but they don't want to look or act mennonite"

If Mennonites are not willing to defend their nation and freedom with even weapons they will have to keep on running or secularizing. They are making the mistake to want to be exclusive, together with the Amish and the Hutterites. To be a good believer is not an end in itself, but only preparation for something better and higher; this time we have the Family Federation for Worldpeace and the UPF

Everything is still closed in Steinbach on Sundays and they just started selling liquor around 2 or 3 years ago. They actually got a Walmart and it's closed Sundays

Modern Mennonites are more boring than Baptists generally.

I just don´t see how anybody of intelligence can believe in religion
we have more mennonites in Africa then North America. as an AFRICAN ATHEIST LIVING IN MANITOBA I FIND THAT HIGHLY OFFENSIVE,

There is a very wonderful and encouraging breakout evangelical movement happening among the Amish in recent times. It is set to renew the extraordinary witness the anabaptists had back in central Europe back in the 1500’s. It is just a small remnant at present but growing. See this video, which is one of four. #2 A renewed Amish community.

Now this is how you do immigration! Not the irate crazy shit we are doing today to bring in the Trajan horse and feed it too!

Pretty old. Mennonites are in trouble today as they have become so generic they simply appear evangelical. 20 year old video.

Yes even in the Mennonite churches, you can be who you want to be. The ultimate form of rebellion, telling God that he made you wrong, in satan's church, gender identity is whatever you make it...


 It may seem bizarre to put the words “Mennonites” and “Drugs” in the same sentence, but for years some members of the God-fearing religious community has been smuggling narcotics from Mexico into the United States and Canada

The Mennonite Drug Connection - the fifth estate


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