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China's New Silk Road in Europe

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China's New Silk Road in Europe | DW DocumentaryDW Documentary4.45M subscribers

 uisburg is home to Europe's biggest inland port, and in 2014 was subject to a high-profile visit by Xi Jinping. Since then the German inland port city has most definitely been on the map in China - as the destination for an increasing number of freight trains from the country.

Duisburg is, together with the likes of Liège or Genoa, one of the revived Silk Road's gateways to Europe. The project is set to be completed in 2049, with the aim of consolidating China's status as a global economic and political player. The most immediate manifestation of Beijing's ambitions in Europe is the huge investment in logistics and infrastructure. The "Belt and Road" initiative incorporates a network of railway lines, airports and shipping routes - most of them either run or controlled by China. Supporters in Europe point to the economic growth potential, while critics warn of growing dependence on China.

The Silk Road project had been powering ahead in recent years - until a succession of pandemic-related lockdowns in China disrupted its international trade routes and supply chains. Both Beijing's plans and those of its partners are being compromised by COVID-19 coupled with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The gigantic investments in ports, container terminals, railways and logistics hubs for land, sea and air links constitute both a challenge and a hugely promising opportunity.

This documentary focuses on three key locations at the European end of the "21st century Silk Road": the inland port of Duisburg, Liège with one of the continent's biggest cargo airports and the new Alibaba logistics hub, and major Italian seaport Genoa. The film reveals the degree to which they are already integrated into the Chinese trade network, and examines the prospects of the "21st century Silk Road" in light of China's zero-COVID strategy and its partnership with Russia. A blessing or a curse for those hoping to benefit?

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Chinese Dragon wants Hegemony & world Dominance. Nothing else.
Isn't CCTV EVERYWHERE in Europe? Doesn't Europe have a background check for loans, jobs, renting, and those with low credit scores have limited purchasing power and mobility? The West likes to tout how free their people are when they aren't at all. And how many European states are still under a do nothing monarchy? I'm not advocating for Europe or anyone to take the loans, we all know the agenda behind them, but long has the West underpaid their workers and shipped their factories to China. I am quite surprised Europe, particularly Germany, are in the hole of need.
So Germany is becoming dependent on Chinese imports as well as Russian Oil? Can no one see a problem here? So Huawei Chinese 5G being used in construction. What could possibly go wrong?
Why you showing Chinese propaganda oh Yh Germany is under Chinese control that you even let them buy ports

Chinese can open up businesses all across Europe - hassle fee with no need to for them to have European partners. Yet for Europeans to open a business in China, it not only needs a local Chinese partner but the company also needs to have a Chinese communist party (CCP) member - not to mention that European company must also handover

Why would you allow Chinese companies to operate with Chinese rules when they operate outside of China.
China's first debt trap in Asia's different countries, then Africa's different countries, then in Latin America and now in Europe. USA's hegemony OUT. China IN. DW's analysis also very good.
Very low wages, 7 days work week...this is bad news for European workers
Trade is good, investments like they do in Africa, that is a trap. China is making a huge investment in African countries and if they can’t pay back on time, they take over their airports, for example.
Some people want to have access to the Chinese market but from my point of vew, I do not care. It is not because some few people want to have access, to damn the majority of the population ! I have never bought on Alibaba and only twice on Amazon. I do not buy Chinese product when I have the choice. My priority is made in France first and Europe second. Of course for the moment all products about new Tech are from Asia but my food, my clothes, my furnitures... are from Europe. I have only a computer, fridge, washing machine as new tech product. 38 years old and no mobile phone for 10 years.
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Walt Disney: A 33 degree Mason

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