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Screenshot 210 things i love about jews

 A few years ago, I made a satirical video called “10 Things I Hate About the Jews.” It was ultimately about self-hating Israelis who oppose their wall and despise Trump and don’t seem to get that Christians and Jews have the same end game.



A few things to not love about the Jews

The absurd notion that Jews were chosen by God.

The criminal state if Israel

The constant kvetching, about 'white privilege' and their holy holocaust religion

The constant censorship
The constant hypocrisy
The constant False Flags
The Goyim-gun control agenda
The transexual/sexual deviancy agenda

The constant meddling with demographics of Goyim nations
The constant subversion ofpolitics, culture and values of Goyim nations
The pushing of miscegenation in Goyim nations
The suppression of birthrates in Goyim nations

The Jews pushing for wars for profits

The wars waged for Israel

The Jew run fiat currency ponzi scheme
The parasitic Jew run Federal Reserve and International central banks impoverishing every Goyim nation with usury

The brainwashing and sordid filth pumped out by Jew run Media

The intent to turn all goyim into mindless slaves and/or genocide them

The persecution of Goyim and other Jews that stand in opposition to destructive Jewish power
The constant vilification of men throughout history, Jesus, Hitler etc, who stood in opposition to the Satanic Jew

The poisoning of the planet by Jews because their 'prophet' told them it's kosher and they will be given new flesh

The pandering to useful idiots, blacks, Muslims etc, who can be used against other Goyim

The over-representation of Jews in every crucial choke-point of Goyim society
The constant anti-white hate from Jews
The Talmud hate-literature

The 'hate-speech' legislation hypocritically used only against the Goyim

The constant promotion by Jews, of 'Marxism' 'Communism' 'feminism' 'progressivism' and 'liberalism' and other 'ism's'

The pornography industry

The constant promotion by Jews of abortion

The Satanist agenda pushed by Jews
The promotion by Jews of weaponized "equality" "diversity" immigration, forced integration, forced assimilation and snivel-rights

The Jews pathological hatred of Christianity

The Jews pathological intolerance

The absurd notion that the swindling, immoral, deceptive and vile Jews has anything good to teach their host cultures

The Jews superstitious belief in their "Messiah" who will arrive and exterminate the Goyim
The stereotypical ugly big noses and reptilian characteristics

The conspicuous greed
The constant corruption
The traumatic mutilation and sucking of baby penis

The conspicuous trail of corpses, lies, plunder and injustice left by Jews throughout history

The statistically high levels of mental illness found among Jews

The pathological Jewish agenda for world domination

The absurd Jewish belief that the world needs fixing and that they of all people are chosen to fix it.

The stupid hats
The constant rubbing of hands
The multi-billion dollar vaccine industry based only on fatally flawed 'science'

The use of the medical industry to systemically take away the wealth and lives of the Goyim

The open theft of Palestinian lands, the ghettoisation and persecution of non-Jews under Jewish power

The role of the Jew in the history of slavery

The historical poisoning of wells and spreading of devastating plagues among the Goyim

etc etc ...

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