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High European Suicide Rate. 3.

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  More COVID Suicides Than COVID Deaths Among The Youth3,474 views·Mar 23, 2021

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The Epidemic of White Male Suicide


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United States help information.

Warrior Breed MC Ohio


"Where brotherhood and the mission continues!"

The Warrior Breed MC, is a non-profit, Veteran based, traditional motorcycle club, focusing on Veteran issues to include, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Veteran Suicide Prevention.

Warrior Breed MC Mission:

Our primary mission is to assist Military Veterans and service members having a TBI and/or PTSD, to aid in the prevention of Veteran Suicide, to assist those Veterans with combat and non-combat related special needs, and to provide needed education of the American public in these areas.


Membership eligibility within the Warrior Breed MC is possible to all male-Veterans, active, retired and honorably discharged servicemen regardless of combat experience, rank, or MOS.  Medically retired and Medical-General discharges are fully honored.  A cruiser or touring style/class motorcycle of 1000 cc's or more is required.  Prospecting tests commitment, patience and is required.  Full patch membership is earned.

Position on 1%ers:

The Warrior Breed MC is a non 1%er club.  The Warrior Breed MC follows MC protocol, fully understands MC tradition, and conduct ourselves accordingly.    The Warrior Breed MC is a neutral MC and treat all riders with equal respect.

Position on LEO:

The WBMC does not accept Law Enforcement Officers or Correctional Officers now or ever. Period.

Warrior Breed MC

Veterans Crisis Line

Confidential chat at:

1-800-273-8255 Press 1

Veterans Benefits Administration


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The Truth About America's Suicide Epidemic

This repord dated 9-2019

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We must become involved in reducing the high European Caucasian suicide rate and helping people overcome stressful situations.  This can be done through an all pro-European organization and we encourage everyone to help look out for all people in our community.  


The European suicide rate has greatly increased in the United States.  I have not researched it, but I do believe it is happening all over the world.  This is because of the attacks on whites through the ZioNazi Marxist Globalist media, and the massive immigration (invasion) into European countries, the demoralization of Europeans has led to people giving up and ultimately choosing to suicide.

"Does a decades-long rise in suicide among white Americans signal an emerging crisis for U.S. capitalism and democracy? Nobel prize-winning economist Angus Deaton, and his wife, fellow Princeton Prof. Anne Case, share their provocative theory with WSJ’s Jason Bellini in this episode of Moving Upstream."

Why ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Be a Warning Sign for America | Moving Upstream


I disagree with the reasons stated for the most part. The reason "whites" suicides are increasing is because we have had a all out war on whites for some time now. White male shaming.. Not being proud of our white heritage.. A world where everyone else thinks that we have it made because of "white" privilege.. Other races automatically thinking all whites are racist and or bigots etc. There is a war on straight white males because we are the ones who make a strong non controllable society. The media and entertainment is to blame for all of this and its the Zionist Jews in control of that. WAKE UP.

The sense of community has disappeared in the everyone for themselves age of Americans. How much of a rise do you see this in the Hispanic population? Close family and community ties. This country has turned into a shithole, where the value of fame via sports and Hollywood is greater than a teacher, public servant, etc.






In 2007, there were 34,598 suicides in America.  The breakdown is as follows:

  •  28,897 suicides were European, (White)
  •  2,394 suicides were Hispanic
  •  1,916 suicides were African-American
  •  1,248 suicides were other
  •  878 suicides were Asian
  •  370 suicides were Indian

This means that 83.5 percent of suicides in America is White.  Why?  Find out more by going here.

High White  Deaths from Despair

'Deaths of despair' are cutting life short for some white Americans

Why ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Be a Warning Sign for America | Moving Upstream

Middle class have no savings

Why so many Americans in the middle class have no savings


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