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Jewish Ban on Intermarriage

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 Screenshot 3not eat at the table
 Screenshot 3evil culture
Screenshot 3light for gentiles
 Screenshot 3the master race
 Screenshot 3gentiles not human
 Screenshot 3human different from animal
Screenshot 3image on god
 Screenshot 3so he calls us human
 Screenshot 3non jews
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 Screenshot 3leading roll
Back to Israel
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Screenshot 3joe said
 Screenshot 3israel power
Screenshot 3no post
 Screenshot 3israel liberal
 Screenshot 3bds
Screenshot 3hate speach laws
 Screenshot 3daniel
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 Screenshot 3kill russians
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Screenshot 4rabbis want refugees
Screenshot 4do not sell to non jews
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Screenshot 460 days
Screenshot 4bombing iraq
 Screenshot 4bill kristol
Screenshot 4iraq war
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WHUAT 'accomplishments'?? They will all be FLIPPED by sELECTION THIEF #ChinaJOEmala! If Trump is too stupid to LET a STOLEN election stand, not even realize the PLENARY const. powers within specific arena, never exercised them when the Enemy cares about nothing, then he IS a CHUMP. He NEVER learned a single lesson from Ruskiegate Hoax, the STOLEN 2018 mid-term sElections & Big Tech censorship to put in preventive measures to do ANYTHING & literally paved the way for Vaccine Policestate normalizing martial law by INCENTIVIZING State govts giving them $100,000 to $300,000 PER 'COVID'1984 case, he is the biggest disaster. Y'all been HAD, by an incompetent BUFFOON. & AJ's personal fate has been so tied to Trump now, he's still rationalizing his support for this moron who illegally banned bumpfire stocks which AJ rationalized as some BS 9D chess, along with Vax CON, when Trump literally gave BILLIONS to Bill Gates GAVI NOT in 2019, but in JUNE of 2020. You have to come to terms with the fact that Trump made himself utterly irrelevant by appointing & keeping EVERY SINGLE DeepStater, Bilderberger/CFR terrorist who all leaked on him and back stabbed him, worse, KEPT pretty much EVERYONE of any significance from PREVIOUS POTUS REGIMES, like an idiot. His ego & arrogance was his undoing. And frankly AJ should've USED his connection to Stone & Trump to DIRECTLY CONTACT HIM MORE, to set him onto CORRECT course. But he NEVER did that, until it was too late. Now, EVERYTHING he may have done which was temporary will be flipped by #ChinaJOEmala, as if Trump has NEVER even been the POTUS for 4yrs. THIS, is what happens when a president cares nothing BUT being flattered: his speech pattern has all the hallmarks of an insecure boob. He ALWAYS describes himself in 3rd person & self-praises how OTHERS THINK of his speech, blah di fuwakety blah. If he was truly America 1ster? He would've consolidated GOP to INSTITUTIONALIZE changes in law & in political infrastructure.
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