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Jews promote non white invasion into white countries

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We the People are being exterminated and REPLACED by a flood of migrants - Interview with Michael Yon


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  Europe is rapidly changing demographically but Europeans are denied the right to fight this trend

Europe is rapidly changing demographically but Europeans are denied the right to fight this trend

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On March 8, a top German court in Cologne ruled that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party could be labelled a ‘suspected threat’ to Germany’s constitution. The verdict is arguably one of the most important court decisions in modern German history, effectively marking a major turning point in the country’s democracy. With the decision, the court effectively cancelled an entire political party with thousands of members and millions of votes from the political map.

A file picture was taken May 1, 2019, showing AfD supporters walking along with a party elections poster in Erfurt, Germany. German media outlets are reporting the country’s domestic intelligence agency has put the opposition Alternative for Germany party under observation under suspicion of extreme-right sympathies. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer, file)

The direct political consequences of the verdict cannot be understated. In short, it paves the way for every member and politician in the party to be actively surveyed by the German state. It will also permit law enforcement to use informants throughout the party. Germany’s powerful domestic intelligence agency, the Office of the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), will have nearly unlimited power to spy on and monitor the private life of nearly anyone who chooses to associate with the legitimate party, regardless of whether that person has been accused of any crime.

One of the key justifications offered was the judges’ claim that there were signs the AfD sought to reduce in number non-German ethnic groups in Germany. The law removed the ‘blood’ aspect of German citizenship and determined that two foreign parents born on German soil could have their child eligible for German citizenship as long as one parent has resided in Germany for at least eight years. Now, German judges are actually claiming anyone who says otherwise is a threat to that very constitution, which is the situation AfD currently finds itself in.

Can ethnic Europeans organize politically? Whether Wolf will change the thinking of a German political establishment increasingly dedicated to the idea of a multicultural, multi-ethnic nation, remains to be seen. The whole debate raises an important question: can ethnic Germans campaign to maintain their majority ethnic status in their own country, particularly in the form of a political party?

It is an important question. While many ethnic Germans reject the idea that they are even a group that needs any representation, most ethnic groups in the world view political representation as a key element of not only furthering their goals, security and interests on an individual level but also as a people.

Statistics show that at least one out of every eight Germans is a foreigner, and the country’s foreign population increases every year, while the share of ethnic Germans decreases in turn. At the same time, the current left-wing government appears set to dramatically accelerate mass immigration in the coming years.

Yet, Germany’s court system is effectively asserting that the largest party opposed to mass immigration, the AfD, is not permitted to lobby and fight for their constituents when it comes to this specific concern. They are now a ‘threat to democracy,’. A move to crush the AfD may be an attempt to pre-emptively snuff out democratic opposition to the German left’s increasingly aggressive immigration agenda.

Within Germany, minority ethnic blocs already exist and operate to maximize their interests. Nearly half of Germany’s Turks are still allowed to vote in Turkey, and they vote overwhelmingly for the country’s Islamic strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Erdoğan has long been active in Germany’s Turkish community, where he regularly campaigns for their votes and addresses them in speeches. ‘From here I say to my brothers and sisters in Europe, educate your children at better schools, make sure your family live in better areas, drive in the best cars, live in the best houses,’ said Erdoğan in 2017. ‘Have five children, not three. You are Europe’s future.’

Erdoğan’s rhetoric may be crude, but there is a simple logic to more Turkish immigrants and children in Germany and Europe. In a democracy, demographics matter. The case of France shows, that 85 percent of Muslims voted in favour of Emmanuel Macron in order to keep the anti-immigration Marine Le Pen out of office, numbers matter.

Whether Germans want to believe it or not, ethnic groups and foreign nations are playing a game that many Germans are totally unaware of. While ethnic Germans may reject the idea of lobbying for their interests as racist, that does not necessarily mean other groups will have the same scruples. In countries across the West, migrants and foreigners increasingly vote for pro-migration parties that represent their interests. In the Netherlands, for example, they have actually formed their own explicitly pro-migrant, pro-Islam party.

However, in most Western European countries, migrants do not need such parties, and already see their interests as being well-represented by a range of left-wing parties, which are nearly universally pro-migrant, with some notable exceptions. For migrants in Germany looking to bring their family members into the country, which is undoubtedly an interest of many ethnic blocs, they can choose from the Green Party, the Social Democrats (SPD)Die Linke, and even the Free Democrat Party (FDP). This illustrates the increasingly one-way street on the issue of migration in the West, in which minorities, foreigners and migrants are allowed a nearly unlimited capacity to lobby for their interests and to actively increase their share of the population, while natives of Western countries are consistently excluded from this process, and in the case of Germany, now simply labelled a ‘threat to democracy.’

Germany, along with the rest of Western Europe, is embarking on a venture, in which the majority ethnic groups willingly become the minority through mass immigration. Most such events in history occurred through conquest, and many of them feature unfortunate endings for those who were conquered.

This demographic transformation is a real worry of a large segment of Europe’s population. France, in particular, has taken the question of immigration to heart, with talk of the Great Replacement dominating the political discourse around April’s national election, including in the media and on the campaign trail. The fact that Le Pen scored nearly 42 per cent of the vote shows how fractured that country’s political landscape has become.

The issue of demographic replacement is not going away either, and this is because there is no amount of sugar-coating that can hide the reality that Europeans are being replaced by non-Europeans. It is a quantifiable phenomenon, and demographic data confirms it is taking place. Yet, conservative or even left-wing parties that discuss, debate or reject this trend may increasingly fall afoul of hate speech laws, court actions, and even physical threats.

If ethnic Germans or French become a minority, will a multicultural utopia follow? If history is any guide, it is unlikely. In Europe, areas, where different ethnicities and religions have lived in peaceful coexistence for centuries, have erupted in bloodshed under the right conditions. The Balkan countries are just one recent example, but there are countless others.

If German society becomes less comfortable or an internal or external shock occurs, such as a major food crisis, Germans could quickly turn on the liberal consensus. Of course, this dramatic change in thinking was greatly guided by the media. The media is unlikely to change its consensus attitude on the issue of immigration regardless of what occurs internationally or domestically. Yet, the threat is still there for every multicultural society: how do the different cultures and peoples react to one another should the ‘good times’ come to an end and competition for resources increases?

Historical grudges against White Europeans could become more manifest in a political environment where ethnic Europeans head towards minority status, as is the case involving Whites in America. Despite optimism about a diverse future, a potential shift in political power could be unfavourable to Whites in the form of discriminationreparations, and wealth and property taxes based on race, all of which sound alarmist, but all of which are current proposals growing in popularity in the U.S. and could easily be transferred to Europe in the future.

The classic argument is that White people do not need political representation, as they already represent the current ruling power. However, this power is in many ways illusory specifically because so many of the Whites in power in the West adhere to an anti-White ideology, and even those Whites who find this anti-White trend repugnant, many are deathly afraid of promoting anything that even comes close to the idea that their own group has its own interests.

The power that Whites think they hold in the West also looks increasingly tenuous over the long-term, and doubly so in countries like the United States, where anti-White rhetoric and even legislation are promoted more freely every year in tandem with White people’s approaching minority status.

For all the talk of White privilege, Whites in the U.S. are dying earlierfacing social deterioration, and also earn less than a range of other minority groups. 

Nevertheless, Whites are the only ethnic or racial group in the U.S. not permitted to explicitly lobby for their own interests. In Congress, for example, Black and Hispanic caucuses exist while a White caucus would be unheard of.

There are explicitly Black magazines, a Black Entertainment Television (BET) channel, and a Black Lives Matter movement, while any such attempts for Whites to organize in a similar manner would be treated as domestic extremism. Making any promises targeted to ‘White America’, which, as noted, is a demographic group also facing serious headwinds, would have made national headlines and virtually disqualified Trump despite Whites making up the vast majority of his supporters.

The U.S. is no exception, and statistics from Great Britain suggest a worrying picture there as well, with Whites dying earlier than any other ethnic group while at the same time, poor White males have the lowest educational achievement of any ethnic group in that class of people.

In Germany, White people are still the dominant group, yet, falling birth rates and mass immigration will lead eventually to the inevitable, and with that, ethnic Germans will likely see the same loss of political power as Whites as a group have seen in the United States.

While the AfD has effectively lost its ability to operate as a normal party or promote the interests of the majority ethnic group in the country, there is no reason to believe that the left-wing parties of Germany will stop working to promote the interests of other ethnic groups, offer foreigners more benefits, and even work towards making Germany’s main ethnic group a minority two to three generations.


The German political and judicial establishment no longer operates based on the principle of interests, but instead ardently follows the quasi-religious ideologies of human rights, multiculturalism, and liberal democracy. That is why the AfD cannot be allowed to represent the interests of what has traditionally constituted the ‘German people’ for centuries: ethnic Germans. Instead, Germany, along with the rest of the West, appears fervently determined to embark on an experiment that very well may end in tragedy.

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